first trip to italy

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first trip to italy

Its our first trip to italy and we begin our planning. Cities that are on our wish list are Venice, Florence, Rome, Assis. The other cities and area include Amalfi cost, naples, sorrento.
We have two weeks in May and looking to make it a special trip.
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This might work as an itinerary (flying into one city and leaving another)-
Fly into Venice
Day 1: Get settled
Day 2-3 in Venice
Day 4 Early Morning train to Florence- make reservations in advance for Accademia to see David and Uffizi
Day 5 Florence
Day 6 Florence (option - with side trip to Siena or San Gimignano)or South
Day 7-10 Sorrento or somewhere on Amalfi coast for 3 nights - visit Pompeii, if weather is good take a ferry to Capri for the day
Day 10 - 14 Spend your last 4-5 days in Rome and fly out of Rome.
You could cut out the south and stay in Rome longer with a day trip to Assissi. But there is so much to see in Rome. I did a similar trip in closer to three weeks a few years back. Travel on the Eurostar is very easy and fast. Just have to be organized and plan your days in cities according to when museums or sites that you want to visit are open. Get a guidebook now so you can use it to help plan your itinerary.
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risab, great info, thank you. When you did this similar trip, did you feel rushed or just needed to stay organized and planned well. Thanks
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I would urge against relegating Assisi to a "day trip from Rome". Merits an overnight; works particularly well to arrive there at night and stay two nights.

Best wishes,

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Well, we didn't feel rushed because we were there for close for a nice amount of time. I also lived in Rome as a college student and so I was familiar with Rome and Florence and the language so I didn't need to figure out the Italian groove. I don't like to take in too many places when we travel, I really like to settle in for a few days in one locale if possible to get the feeling of the place. Especially because you loose days with travel so you need to really see how accessible each place is. I found it was necessary to be organized because I wanted to take my family to certain museums and I wanted to make sure that the days we traveled they were open (Mondays is usually a day when museums are closed.) In Rome we stayed with my friend so it allowed us to settle in and live Italian style for a week.
I am going to Rome next month and staying a week with my family - we're renting an apartment and just doing one day trip to Orvieto (we haven't been there).
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Honestly, it sounds similiar to what I have planned for my own trip to Europe this February (6 countries, Italy is only one of them). I'm into what Rick Steeve calls 'speed-travelling'. But I treat this as as an appetizer to what's to come. I'm definitely coming back to Italy again

Anyay, my initiary sounds like

flight from Geneva in Campiano airport, Rome, spend a few days
day trip from Rome to Pompeii and Sorrento by Cicumvesuvia rain system
Then From Rome, ashort day trip to Pisa to see the leaning tower,
then florence
then Venice

Then I'll continue my journey to Salzburg in Austria

Have you left to Italy yet?
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Thanks for the reply guys. I haven't been to italy yet the Trip is May 9th.
I like your idea Rex of arriving in Assi at night and stay two nights. Thanks.
Also risab, I started planning my itenary with your recommendation to settle into a place to get the feel of it. We are looking to see were we should reduce time so we don't feel hurried but have time to enjoy and experience the sites.
Itenarary so far:
Day 1-3 Rome - looking for an appt for 3 days, any ideas?
Day 4-6 - Naples, pompeii, Sorrento, Positano
Day 7 - Assissi
Day 8-10 - Florence
11-13 - Bologna
14-16 - Venice
17-18 - MIlan - Leave day 18 from Milan
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Oh You must go to Cinque De Terre. It is the Italian Rivieria and it is absolutely DIVINE. Stay @ the Hotel Via Steno. Oh in Florence eat lots of Gelato. May is a wonderful time to go we went and it was memorable. After being in Florence for 3 days and seeing the incredible sights there we went to Sorrento. We could have saved the trip. It is nice but compared to Florence.......
Bring lovely scarves to wear you will fit in better. Ahh Florence I am jealous jt
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sorry it was Sienna not Sorrento
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check out www.sleepinitaly for apartment rentals - I am using them for our trip in February or rome rentals...check out for apartment reviews and recommendations. It might be difficult to get an apartment for less than a week in the high season.
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risab, thanks for links they will be really helpful to get a feel of appts, price are areas. I appreciate it.
HIsfollower, I can't wait to experience florence and your post makes me even more excited. Italy seems to have so much to see and experience, I can't wait.
Thahnks all.
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Make sure you give enough time for Rome. It is magnificent and if you are willing to spend 300 euro's/night stay at the del Senato overlooking the Pantheon.
Should be a good time to go to Florence b4 it gets too hot. Siena is a must see as is San Gimigiano
I'd skip Venice and Assisi for another trip and go instead to Amalfi. Skip Naples and go to Capri for a couple nights. Then to Positano via Sorrento. Stay at the Poseiden in Positano. Take a day trip via ferry to Amalfi and go up to Ravello for lunch via cab. Make sure you see the monastary gardens and go to the edge with the breathtaking views once in Ravello.
Have a fabulous trip! You'll adore Italy.
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Thanks for the tip on the starwood package. Its a bit pricey for our trip but a great idea and beautiful hotels. Have to think about that. Right now we're looking at renting apts, town house in the mid range 100-160 Euro, I'm not sure how reasonible that is but we're starting there and seeing what's available at each part of our itenarary.
SF Trvlr - I like your idea of adding Capri, its sounds relaxing. I think we're planning a day in Naples. We wanted to see pompei but seeing positano and Sorrento may push us of the day limit. May be you have a point about skiping Naples.
Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate..
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we revamp our trip
Fly into Rome - 4 days
Naples - 1 day
Pompeii - 1 day
Positano and Sorrento 3 days
Florence - 3 days - day trip to Siena
Bologna - 2 days
Venice - 2 day
Fly from Milan 2 days
Any experience with Naples and the Almfi cost. Is Naples good for 1 day? If any one is awary of Apt. or hotel rooms for rent in Sorrento, I would appreciate it.. Thanks.
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I hate to jump in after you've received so much input, but I've been away and only now have seen your original post. For what it's worth, I don't like your most recent itinerary. Too much moving around, too many one-nighters for a 2-week, first-time trip to Italy. (Your original post mentioned 2 weeks, but your latest itinerary covers 18 days. Which is it?)

I don't think anyone has pointed out how much time is lost moving from place to place, checking in and out of hotels, but factor in a minimum of a half day lost every time you check out, travel, and check in. Also, I like to factor in time for lunch. Part of the enjoyment of visiting Italy is slowing down and appreciating the wonderful food, even if it's just a selection of take-away food you eat while sitting on a park bench. If you don't factor in the time, you'll be rushed and feel compelled to eat quick but mediocre.

Other comments: I'd leave Bologna for another trip. One full, well-planned day in Milan is enough. Siena can be done as a day trip from Florence, but Assisi from Rome would be very difficult unless you're only interested in seeing the basilica. Don't underestimate how much there is to see everywhere.
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Jean - thanks for the advice. We've been discussing, the goal of enjoying Italy. You highlighted something we're just now looking at, travel time from one location to another. I appreciate the advice, thank you..
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