First Trip to Italy

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First Trip to Italy

My husband and I are planning our first trip to Italy in September. We fly into Milan and we were planning on staying one night there, five nights in Venice, three nights in Florence, and six nights in Rome. Based on things I've read maybe we should not stay in Milan but instead spend a day at Lake Como. Can you take a train from Lake Como to Venice? Also, we were going to plan a day trip while in Rome to Naples and Pompeii. Do you also suggest the train to Naples? We haven't booked our hotels and are planning on doing that over the internet. Any suggestions on our current agenda and what hotels and the best way to book? I have lots of questions!!
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I was with a tour group that went the reverse direction bu bus. We started out in Rome and went north to Milano. Our last, but only one night, stay in Lake Como was wonderful. Stayed at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo from which the views were breathtaking. Milano is only about a 2 hour drive to Lake Como so if you have to choose between the two cities, I'd choose Lake Como. Five nights in Venice - I'm jealous! I only had two nights - one full day - but it was much more than I expected. Have fun planning it and relax once you are there!
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Budget B&B Rome
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About tour to Pompei or Capri and sorrento is a good idea.
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Geez! Talk about Fred.

Shelly just ignore that advertizing and do a search. You'll find answers to all your questions on this site. Just enter Eg. hotels Rome, train to Naples, Pompeii etc. and all sorts of stuff will come up. Then you can ask specific questions if you need/want to. Looks like you've allowed enough to do your trip right.

Have fun planning your trip.

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Thanks Carolynn and Gerry! I appreciate your help. I am new to this online chatting. I have learned so much from reading all of these topics. I'm glad I stumbled onto this site!
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I have been to Italy a few times and have swithched from traditional booking to internet reservations as you can do this at home in peace and look at all the hotels you want. I have come accross some intresting sites but
are all good sites as they give you lots of photographs. They give you all the information you need on the site in their frequently asked question section but as you write directly to the hotel they answer all your questions before you make a reservation. Don'skip Milan altogether though!
Have a nice holiday
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Are you sure you want to spend 6 nights in Rome? We just returned from 4 nights there (before we headed off to Florence and Vecnie), and we would have cut our trip their short if we could have. It is worth going once to see the sights, but I probably wouldn't go back. 6 nights just seems like a long time.

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I made several hotel reservations last fall with no problem using either or Good Luck.
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Responding to Shannon's comment, if you feel that 6 days in Rome is too much (I don't), there are plenty of day trips to take--Pompeii and Tivoli, to mention just two.
Personally, I could have spent two weeks in Rome when I first went there!
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Shelly, I think your itinerary is great. I agree with Howard, I was in Rome for a week and it wasn't long enough for me. Especiallyif you are taking side trips. There is such a variety of historical areas and the people are great. Three days is plenty in Florence. Venice takes some time to get into the rhythm of the city. It seems so tourist ridden at first. I would like to spend more time there and I didn't feel that way when I had first arrived.
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My partner and I spent two nights in Lake Como in early March. We actually took the train to Como from Venice (via Milan) and their airport bus backto Malpensa. The bus ride from Como to Malpensa was less an hour and very reasonably priced. If you skip the trip to Milan, I suggest the bus to Como. Malpensa is 45 minutes by train to the middle of Milan. By the way, this stop is not Central Station. You would need to take the Metro to Central Station.

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