First time to Europe

Mar 29th, 1999, 05:21 AM
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First time to Europe

My husband and I are planning to go to Europe for our 10-year anniversary (in a couple of years-need time to save up!). Neither of us have been to Europe before. He has travelled widely in Central American and I've been to a couple of different Asian countries. Any suggestions on good places for "Europe-beginners"? We enjoy small towns to really get the feel of a country. I'm open for suggestion plus places to avoid!
Mar 29th, 1999, 07:00 AM
Bob Brown
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You pose a very difficult question to answer. European nations are so different in their culture; there are even big differences between provinces within the same region. I think you need to decide which aspect of Europe you want to see. Trying to recommend Norway over Spain or Spain over The Czech Republic is like recommending food. Everybody has his or her own favorites. Some people suggest getting a wide variety on the first trip. Others say pick an area and learn about it.
For example, my ambition for several years had been to see the Alps of Switzerland. After talking it over with my travelling companion (wife), we selected as our goal the mountains and valleys of central and southern Switzerland. So we rented apartments in Lauterbrunnen and Saas Grund -- one week in each place. We decided that we would not spend our time travelling from one big city to another. (A trip that scheduled 10 cities in 14 days was ruled out immediately.) One consideration here is that we also anticipated that last summer's trip would be the first of many. So this year we have a slightly different agenda. I suggest that you select a region or two that meets your preset criteria. Knowing a little of the local language is helpful, particularly if you are off the beaten tourist track and want to get to know the area. If your husband is familiar with Spanish, perhaps Spain has some regions that would be great.
Mar 29th, 1999, 09:08 AM
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I am turning into a personal travel service for Scotland here; but I would recommend a trip.

We speak the language (well, nearly) but it's all very different. Even our capital city has a population under 1m; and there are lots of beautiful towns and villages with lots of different cultures in one country. But if you feel the need to see another, there are three more in the British Isles alone; Each unique and different from the others.

What do you like to do? That would help in making other recommendations.
Apr 1st, 1999, 07:48 PM
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Hi Michelle, we were first timers last year at this time and decided to go places where we thought we would have minimal problems. It worked, so well in fact that wqe are now planning our second trip and are planning a more challenging adventure. We were in Europe for 15 days and started in London. It was a breeze and a great time. Paris was our next stop followed by Amsterdam and Brussels. This was a good mix of different types of places, different demands on time ie. seeing things in London and Paris vs. just hanging out as in Amsterdam. I don't know your general interests but this approach worked well for us. I think you will find that the whole proposition is really quite easy. Plan well and do it. Write if I can help, or listed to the other people on this board. They know lots more than we do!
Apr 2nd, 1999, 02:03 PM
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Hi Michelle: I am planning a trip to Europe 6 months from now and just purchased Rick Steve's "Europe through the Backdoor". It has been very helpful and for basic planning; packing, transportation, accomadations, etc. It also gives a pretty good overview of major country areas and some out of the places.

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