Fiesole Hotels?

Old Jun 28th, 2001, 12:38 PM
erin callahan
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Fiesole Hotels?

I have seen a few folks mention that the bus ride from Florence to Fiesole is short and beautiful? Can anyone recommend hotels in Fiesole - and the difficulty of getting in and out of Florence?
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We just returned from Fiesole, it's wonderful! We stayed at Pensione Bencista, it was fabulous and my favorite part of the trip. There is also Villa Fiesole, Villa San Michelle. All three are located within a short walk to the bus stop. The walk from Bencista to the bus stop was about 5 minutes uphill FYI (if that is an issue) up a beautiful stone-walled pathway. Whereas the others are a bit closer and not as steep.

Fiesole is about a 15-minute bus ride into Florence. It is absolutely not an issue as the bus runs all the time. It is so nice to leave the city into the countryside and besides, the bus ride is scenic itself. The actually town of Fiesole is one more stop up from the one I described, and it has some great little restaurants/shops. We preferred going there in the evenings. I believe you can also stay at the Hotel Aurora and several smaller places right at the square in Fiesole. Another huge plus about Fiesole is that it's much cooler up in the hills. I cannot say enough good things about it!

P.S. For a picture only of Pensione Bencista check out:
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Book Chick
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Hi Erin,
Yes, the view is beyond splendid, it simply cannot be described & must be experienced.

List of Fiesole Accomodations:

Villa San Michle (pricey, but anticipates & fulfills your every need)

Villa Bonelli Hotel

Villa Fiesole Hotel

Hotel Villa Baccano (no credit cards accepted)

Villa Aurora Hotel

Hotel Dino

Hotel Bencista

Villino Margherita B & B

As stated by Lori, no problem getting in & out of Fiesole & to Florence at all. Fiesole is one of the lovliest towns I've ever visited in my life. (But I was living in Florence when I went there!)
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Are there bus 2 stops in Fiesole? I was there a few years ago and there wasn't much at the one stop, but I didn't know there was a second one. Did I miss something?
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OK, let's play pronounce-it-right: How do you pronounce Fiesole? My experience last month was than whatever my best guess would be was usually pretty far off! We Americans also put the accent on the wrong syl-LA-ble too. I'd guess Fee-ah-so-la but that the la is likely to be more of a leh?
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Book Chick
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Pretty close.

Fee ay so lay

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I'd say more like Fee-EH-zo-leh.
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Yes, it's Fee-eh-so-lay. As for the bus stops... I just meant that there is a bus stop at the top of the hill right after the sharp left curve, and there is nothing really there except Villa Fiesole, Villa San Michelle and Pensione Bencista. The next stop is the last stop 2 more minutes up the hill, in the actual "square" of Fiesole. This stops right in front of Hotel Aurora, various restaurants, etc. Then the bus turns around and heads back to Florence.
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does anyone have a website address for pensione bencista? it sounds ideal, yet my search for it has yielded 0 results? i/ve tried venere, initaly, etc. Thanks!
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m kane
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Also, does anyone know how late the buses back into Florence run? We're thinking of having dinner in Fiesole and then we would need to take the bus back into Florence.
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Pensione Bencista doesn't have a website. I don't think they even take credit cards. I'm sorry, I couldn't find the info in my file,s but if you do a search you'll find the telephone and fax numbers here. I've read many nice things about it - it's supposed to be a lot like the pensione in the moive of A Room With a View
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You'll find a description and telephone number at
Owner: Simone Simoni
50014 Fiesole (FI), Italy
Tel & fax: (055) 59 163
44 rooms, Double: ?176*
* Includes breakfast & dinner"

Also try a search on the Fodor's postings. It has often been mentioned, and it is an absolutely lovely place to stay, to have the Florence and Tuscany views and to retreat from busy days in the airpolluted and noisy Florence.

Bjorn, Oslo
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We are visiting Florence in mid May and want to go to Fiesole for lunch or dinner, and return to Florence within 3-4 hours time. Can anyone provide a reasonably priced restaurant in Fiesole for lunch/dinner? Mark
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Dora - check out: - you'll find Pensione Bencista under the link for hotels. (it looks beautiful!)

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