Ferries - Cyclades

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Ferries - Cyclades

Hello All,

Do we need to reserve a place on the ferries from Mykonos (to Paros) to Naxos and Naxos to Santorini? Or are the ferries just first come, first serve?

What types of ferries have people traveled on? We hear there are hydrofoils and catamarans? Waht do you recommend?

Thanks for all your help!

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No way to answer if one doesn't know if this is in high season or otherwise
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Sorry - This would be during the low season - May 25th through June 3rd.

Any help you could provide would be much appreciated. From the research I've done, it seems as though you cannot plan a trip based on ferries during the low season. They either don't go at all or don't go with enough reliability to allow for advance booking of hotels, etc.

We're in a bit of a quandary as we don't want to spend the whole vacation shuttling to and from Athens on small turbo props to get from island to island, but don't see a way to go via ferry during this low season, either.

Are my assumptions way off?!!

Thanks for all your help!
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According to the info available on the GTP site now, you're itinerary would be somewhat awkward:

ferry to Naxos (no problems)
ferry to Santorini (no problems)
ferry to Tinos on Friday, May 31st (leaving at 11:55pm, arriving at 5am)
take the first connecting ferry to Mykonos (probably at 11am, arriving 15 min later)
return to Piraeus

This would give too little time in Mykonos.

Or, ferry to Mykonos
ferry to Syros in the early morning on May 28th (ugh! 2am!)
catch the the 11am ferry to Naxos (arriving at 12:30pm)
ferry to Santorini
ferry or fly back to Piraeus/Athens

But I'm sure that this picture is going to improve dramatically in the weeks to come as GPT uptades the site with info concerning May travel.

Maintain your flexibility. One shouldn't make fixed plans when dealing with Greek islands. Play each day as it comes. No need whatsoever to reserve hotels. No need buy ferry tickets in advance.
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One way to look at it is that the ferries are the bus service for people living on the islands. So, unless the weather is really really bad, there will be ferries--just fewer in winter when there are fewer tourists. You're going in a shoulder season so shouldn't have a problem. As for hydrofoils, they do not go when the waves are high--but you shouldn't be running into bad seas in the spring.
The bad news is, they aren't luxurious. The good news is, you're traveling with the people and can learn a lot. Like why do all older Greek women get seasick the minute they get on the water??

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