Feeling so grateful....

Aug 12th, 2008, 05:50 AM
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Thank you all for your sweet comments and support. Wish I could take all of you with me!
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Aug 12th, 2008, 06:17 AM
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I think we all need to be more sappy, and the world would be a sweeter place. Good for you! I also feel blessed that I can do all I do.
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Aug 12th, 2008, 06:32 AM
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I wholeheartedly understand what you are saying because I get the same way. I have always longed to travel and see the world, but I grew up in a working class family with three other siblings. My parents simply could not afford anything more than the annual camping trip we took to the Missouri Ozarks (I'm from the St. Louis area).

I took my first trip abroad to London in 02, when I was 24. I was smitten and have been traveling abroad once or twice a year since. I feel so incredibly priveledged and blessed to be able to travel, and I am amazed by some of the sights I have experienced.

Have a wonderful time in Russia! I have always found Russia to be fascinating and hope to one day visit.

Best wishes,
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Aug 12th, 2008, 09:13 AM
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Thanks for posting this sallyjane. It's great how one point of gratitude can lead to another. Your post reminded me to be grateful for the trips that my husband and I have taken, then be grateful for such a great travel partner, all the nice people we've met along the way, the cool places we've been, the friends and neighbors who have pet sitted for us etc etc.

May you be blessed. Sappily yours,
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Aug 12th, 2008, 04:17 PM
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I have frequently winced as I have read some of the curt, tart remarks on these forums, so I was a tad hesitant to post my feelings. Thank y'all for renewing my deep abiding faith in mankind with these wonderful responses. AND...

Gotta tell you: Of all the things I thought I might pick up from Fodorites, I never imagined it'd be a new parting phrase!

Sappily yours,
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Aug 12th, 2008, 07:59 PM
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lol, glad you like it!
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Aug 13th, 2008, 01:45 AM
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Hi Sally and everyone else,

Thanks for sharing what you're grateful for about travel, etc.

I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to live in Europe and see so much of it this past 18 months.

2 years ago I wouldn't even have imagined I'd be doing something like this, and it sure has been an experience of a lifetime.

When I found out we were moving to Switzerland, a friend said to me, "you're having a grand adventure at a time in your life when most people are done having them." I think of that at least once a week because it feels so true - especially for me, since I'm kind of boring - don't like to fly, a real planner, pack for every possibility... I'm learning to be A LOT more spontaneous and to bring a lot less along on the journey of life.

As the time here winds down, I feel a need to drink up every bit so I don't have any regrets later.

Thanks for letting me share.

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