Feedback on itinerary

Jun 22nd, 2003, 05:13 AM
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Feedback on itinerary

We are travelling Sept/Oct from Aust. and would love feedback on our proposed trip. Travelling Perth to London. London 3 nights then flying to Rome for 4 nights. Amalfi Coast for 4 nights and then time with family in Pescara for 5/6 days. Want to ferry to Dubrovnik from Bari or Ancona and spend 3 days and then to Venice for 3 days. Train to Paris and spending 3 days. Flying to London and then home. There are four of us - 2 adults and 2 children (9 and 11). We have a month to spend away. Any advice, hints, suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Jun 22nd, 2003, 06:52 AM
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I've done month-long trips like this myself. You will be blasted by some for doing too much in too little time. If this is your prefrence, so be it--I would do it again myself even though such trips are a real grind.

Begin your physical strength training now by walking for 45 minutes daily. Break your walking shoes in now.

Travel light--one small roller bag per person, adult or child. Pack light and plan to do laundry every 5th day. This can take a day. Do not plan to leave your clothes unattended because they could be stolen. Laundrymats are hot year round.

Dress with respect for your hosts: cover up in churches, nice slacks for special nites, but otherwise casual attire works. Most important: good walking shoes. Pack moleskin tape and bandages.

One for all, all for one: when it comes to lifting bags onto the trains or ferry, and carrying them up steps, you each carry what you brought.

To keep the kids engaged, assign each research and planning for alternating destinations. One does London, next does Rome and so on through your itinerary.

Buy a digital camera (2.3 megapixels or better) and add a 512MB chip so you can hold hundreds (thousands?) of photos without film worries. You can buy batteries along the way if you don't want the weight of lugging a boxful.

Ship what you buy; don't buy expensive or fragile items--not worth the aggravation for a trip like this. You don't want the weight of carrying it and you can't secure valuables anyway as you leave the goods in your room.

Carry a long, lightweight metal-wrapped-in-plastic bicycle cable lock. Use it on trains to lock all of your bags together and linked to a pole.

Kids who travel with me paint their roller bag with fabric paint to make it easy to identify.

Plan for easygoing days because you will be tired every few days.

So much togetherness makes people testy. Where possible, upgrade to at least a family suite.

Have a separation plan for each destination. For us, everyone carries a "secret stash" of cash used only for emergency. Everyone carries the hotel's business card with cash tucked into an under-the-clothing security wallet. Don't dig cash out of it in public.

Carry reduced photocopies of your passports: you can do 2 per side, all four on one double-sided sheet of paper. Make 12 copies: each person carries one in their "secret stash" (this is hidden under clothing). Each suitcase gets a copy. Leave a copy or two for your housesitter or emergency contact.

Cash: one parent carries VISA, other carries MasterCard or whatever you have--use two different credit cards. Same thing for ATM or cash cards. Computer systems reject your request for no logical reason, so be prepared. Notify credit and bankcards of your travel plans.

I've gone beyond itinerary, sorry, but as you visit so many places in so many days, you have so many chances of encountering snarls.

If you haven't booked the trip yet, can you do open jaw--why return to London if you don't have to?
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Jun 22nd, 2003, 07:00 AM
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Great advice from Invisible. You might want to purchase a dual voltage battery charger for the batteries in your digitl camera.

They are small and light.
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Jun 22nd, 2003, 07:45 PM
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Thanks for that - will probably not do the Croatia "bit" and spend more time in some other areas. Any thoughts on where extra time could be useful
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Jun 22nd, 2003, 10:24 PM
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Hi ro, Do your kids enjoy lots of cathedrals with religious art? If only in small doses, maybe do a search here on things for kids to do in those cities. Plenty of interesting things on Amalfi. The bus rides alone are a fantastic amusement ride! Ferries to Capri or Amalfi/Positano/Sorrento. Take a guided half day tour of Pompeii, go on some of the smaller walks around Amalfi/Positano. Go to a concert in Ravello, or walk around it anyway. Swim in the icebergs of the sea - it may have warmed up a bit since I was there in Late May, but as you're from perth, you're probably used to swimming with icebergs!
Venice is pretty interesting just watching all the water traffic for the kids.
Invisible trav gave pretty good advice - paint your bags, each carry a different credit card - check with your bank re fees - the National was cheaper then the Commonwealth. Kids carry their own gear.
Re trains - put your bags above you if you can, otherwise stack them in the luggage racks (usually near the door) and stand next to them whenever the train stops. You don't really need the lock. (weighs too much). Battery re-charger good especially if kids take cd player and for camera. Make them keep a small diary of the trip - occupies them briefly, and gives years of memories and laughter! Take a small folding umbrella. Have FUN!
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