Fear of flying?

Old Oct 9th, 2000, 12:21 PM
sam ludu
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Fear of flying?

If you’re at all anxious, upset, or downright scared about flying abroad, how do you cope with it (or overcome it) before and/or during the flight?
Old Oct 9th, 2000, 12:31 PM
Diane Moll
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I am always anxious when flying and I have thousands of miles under my belt. For years I only dreamed about going to faraway dream places and I finally made up my mind that if I ever wanted to see them in person, I needed to get a grip! Takeoffs I'm o.k., turbulance I'm not o.k. as well as landings, but I usually just squeeze my husband's hand, lucky him, until it's all over. On one trip, when flying alone, the man next to me was kind enough to let me squeeze his arm, somehow that seemed to help. It is all worthwhile when we land safely and you are at the beginning of a wonderful experience. I don't think about flying anymore during my trip until I get to the airport for departure. Then I concentrate on going home.
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Sam, <BR> <BR>I'm not so scared of flying, it's when the plane stops flying that makes me a little crazy! (Sorry for the levity...) <BR> <BR>My fear levels vary from time to time - lately they've been low. I always try to remember a few things: <BR> <BR>1) A friend of mine who is a pilot impressed on me that planes are DESIGNED to fly like a bird. So if you imagine a bird flying - going up and down, etc., what seems unnatural and scary becomes easier to understand and, in fact, to accept and enjoy. <BR> <BR>2) I've learned to play the odds in just about everything I do these days - so what are the chances, etc. etc... I always think of the thousands and thousands of flights every day and they're fine. Actually, given that, I have a tougher time with NYC cab rides to the airport. <BR> <BR>3) When we get nervous, we stop breathing. I concentrate on my breathing, particularly on take off and landing, and it really works to calm me down. <BR> <BR>4) Last resort is to share my anxiety with the stranger next to me. Often we feel the same way or they have some other words of wisdom that helps. <BR> <BR>Good luck - and just remember the goal of getting there! <BR> <BR>Dona <BR>
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Brian Kilgore
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For some fearful souls, actully thinking rationally doesn't work, but for those who can think and react, sometimes just having knowledge of what's going on helps. <BR> <BR>First, those strange noises you hear are supposed to be there. Wheels go up and down, a takeoff is sort of like flooring your accelerator when the light turns green (you probably don't do this much, but planes do it on most takeoffs) and yes, the engines are supposed to get quieter from time to time. It does not mean they are broken. <BR> <BR>Yes, the plane is supposed to tip when it turns, and yes, those bells going off mean something, but it isn't anything bad. <BR> <BR>And, every day, the crew, who know an awful lot about airplanes, cheerfully come to work, knowing they'll be safe all day. <BR> <BR>For some people, sitting by the window helps, because they can see what's going on. For others, an inside seat is the key. Plane size matters, too. For most, bigger is better. (I've got a friend who hates riding in a car, and will take to subway across town to the same spot her family is headed for in the car. They dropher at the subway stop in the east end and pick her up in the west end. <BR> <BR>For some travellers, blocking out sounds helps, so they wear headphones the whole trip. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps.BAK <BR> <BR>
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I found myself smiling as Brians answer covered just about all the things I worry about. <BR>I do usually put earplugs in as I don't like to worry about the changes in the engine noise, especially when they quieten down. Also I don't want to hear the little bells even though I know it is just the steward/esses communicating with each other or travellers requesting their help. <BR>I find take off the worst as after many trips I still doubt the plane can get into the air! Once that is over I relax somewhat. I don't mind a little turbulance as I then feel I am "on something" if that makes sense. Heavy turbulance I do not like. I am a terrible travelling companion as if there is bad turbulance I cover myself fully with a blanket and I just want to stay quiet. <BR>I can't concentrate on reading while flying but usually like to watch the activity around me as I assume if the stewardesses look happy everything is going fine. I don't drink alcohol or take any medication, herbal remedies may help me relax, or lavender but I've never tried. It does seem better to stay alert. <BR>I enjoy landing for obvious reasons. <BR> <BR>Post flight I always think back with enjoyment as in reality it is so exciting, the power of the engines and the feeling of release when taking off, but I can't enjoy it at the time. And I love the buzz of the airport and watching the other planes. On the ground I am totally rational about flying but as said before it all goes out the window when in the air. <BR> <BR>ps. Another thing I do which I think is so mean of me is looking at my fellow passengers and occassionally worrying that one or another might look "a bit dodgy" and that of course is another reason to worry on the flight about a hijack! Maybe I should wear an eyemask as well. <BR>Angela

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