family of 5 travelling London to Vienna

Mar 28th, 2015, 11:28 PM
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family of 5 travelling London to Vienna

I have to visit a friend in Oberfeistritz, Veinna, Austria .

I would like to know the cheapest scenic route by coach and by trains.

I plan to travel 23/05/2015-28/05/2015.

I also need a *** bed & breakfast for all 5.
I have a tight budget of £1000 Max. My children are aged 9,11,14 &18.

When, where and how should I travel to make the most of this trip?
We love scenic routes, halal or vege food and sightseeing.

Sincere thanks to contributors.
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Mar 28th, 2015, 11:57 PM
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Hi Rehana,

In order to give you some proper input, I think we need to be sure about your final destination first.
The only Oberfeistritz I can find is located some 30 or so kms Northeast of Graz, so not exactly near Vienna.
Is this where you plan to go??

And is there a reason you wish to travel by train or coach only? Do you not wish to fly?
And would be a rental car (for the final leg of your trip) an option, or do you not wish to drive?
If you just have 5 days - how long to you want to stay with your friend?

In general, long distance train (and coach) routes do not necessarily use the scenic route but the fastest. While the main railway line from Vienna to Graz is indeed scenic, others that have to cross the Alps stay on the valleys' bottoms and go through tunnels.
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Mar 29th, 2015, 12:29 AM
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Thanks Mr. Cowboy1968 for ur reply.

My final destination should be based in Vienna because I must be able to do a return journey to London/ Leicester via train, plane or coach.

My friend, is in Oberfeistritz. Yes,it is located some 30 or so kms Northeast of Graz, so not exactly near Vienna.

We can either go to meet him or he can travel to us, whichever is easier and economical.

The reason I wish to travel by train or coach only is my children have never been to Europe and they would like to do some scenic route( may be a one way via train only)

Perhaps a return cheapest flight from any accessible airport in Austria from my base.
My son has just passed driving,so would it be advisable to trust him behind the wheel in a rental car for the final leg of our journey ?

The time available for the complete trip is from 6.00 p.m on 22 May till 30 May, leaving some resting before we are all back to work & school on the following Monday.

With my friend, we can stay from just 1 hour to 2 full days.

I will definitely like to visit vienna and also include travel by the main railway line from Vienna to Graz as scenic route is my main focus.
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Mar 29th, 2015, 12:41 AM
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When I say, "we can either go to meet him or he can travel to us, whichever is easier and economical." I mean he can travel to Vienna or nearby city, whichever is easy and economic for I am on a tight budget. I have to include a 3* B & B' fast as well.
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Mar 29th, 2015, 02:30 AM
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With your limited time budget I think there will always be a trade-off between time available to spend in Vienna and with your friend and for rail travel.

I cannot assess the driving abilities of your son, but I would not know if I wanted a rookie driver behind the wheel on the "wrong" side of the road (assuming you reside in the UK) in Austria or elsewhere.
In addition, rental car companies usually charge an extra fee for under 21 or under 25 yo drivers.

For starters, I think you should explore possible cheap airfares for London-Vienna at
Ryanair also serves that region but flies to nearby Bratislava with a cheap bus connection to Vienna.

For super-long-distance rail travel you will find a load of tips and advice on how to book at the website of Man in Seat 61 which is
Just be aware that it takes some extra planning to see the scenic legs of a London-Vienna railway journey at daylight - so you can actually see them.

For example the upper Rhine valley is very scenic also by rail, but the new highspeed line between Cologne and Frankfurt on which most long-distance trains run uses a different route,mostly through tunnels.
Munich-Vienna has some good and frequent rail service, but is only scenic for a relatively small part around Salzburg.
So a good deal of the London-Vienna rail journey will be going through some only mildly interesting countryside.

The option to maximize your time in Vienna and get a bit of scenic railway travel would be to fly London-Vienna, and train Vienna-Graz to see your friend.
For more time on the train, you could fly Easyjet to Munich, and take the train from there
- either to Vienna direct (which would make you complete your journey in one day if you have a flight in the AM hours from London to Munich)
- or via Klagenfurt to Graz (for a stopover to meet your friend). And continue late next day to Vienna.
And fly back from Vienna. This route would take you through the Alps and while lots of that main line has to use tunnels will offer more mountain vistas than the direct Munich-Salzburg-Vienna line.

Another plane/train combination could be via Innsbruck - but I have not checked if there are nonstop flights from London. And train again either direct via Salzburg to Vienna, or with the detour via Klagenfurt/Graz.

Fares for rail travel from Germany to Austria can be checked and booked at
For intra-Austrian rail travel you can use

Don't know anything about B&Bs in Vienna other than it's not always a less pricey option and by far not as ubiquitous as in the UK. If you stay 3-4 nights, an apartment could be a cheaper option than a hotel and you could accomodate your whole family in one place. Otherwise, any hotel search engine like booking,, trivago and such will show you what costs you have to expect.
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Mar 29th, 2015, 03:05 AM
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Thank you so much
I appreciate your time to post a personalised reply to my port
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Mar 29th, 2015, 05:12 AM
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A few hours can be nice, but that is such a long, long trip by bus, train or car, it can get boring and miserable. IMHO, the kids would get more out it by spending what time you have doing a bit of sight seeing, walking etc. Vienna is a pretty city and Salzburg is not far away. Perhaps a day trip to Melk.

Different companies have different age limits for renting/driving, but there is usually a $15.00 to $40.00 per day surcharge if a young driver will be using the car. Would you really feel safe to have your 18 year old driving on unfamiliar roads with all the younger children in the car?

Fly from London to Vienna.
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Apr 18th, 2015, 11:59 AM
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Hi all.

Using the and ryanair, I have just managed booking tickets for two legs of my journey for My family.

1. London Stansted - Ryanair- Memmingen (Munich West) for £185.50

2. Memmingen(allgau airport) -
Zell am see ( eurocamp- sport woflgurt) via buchloe, Munich, Salzburg and reaching zell am See( train station)

I will try to blog the journey daily and updated it here each day.

I thank all the Fodorites for giving me hints and tips before I started my search for the trip.

I am nervous...but "Nothing ventured nothing gained." Its the first time we are travelling to Europe and so I welcome any advice that will enrich our experiences with cherishable memories.

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Apr 18th, 2015, 02:55 PM
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Zell is an incredibly cute town on a lovely lake - I walked around the lake on footpaths but boats float around it too.

From Zell the Krimmle Bahn is a scenic train into the mountains

You could go west from Zell to Salzburg - then bus post bus thru the lovely Lake District (a k a Sound of Music area where much of the film was shot - over to Bad Ischl for a train to Hallstatt - an incredibly cute Alpine town in as awesome alpine area.

then take the train south from Bad Ischl to connect with Austria's most scenic rail line many say over to Graz.

That is if you have 5 days to go between Zell and Graz - that would be the most scenic way and hitting some of the most popular places in Austria.
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Apr 27th, 2015, 07:40 PM
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I am a mother travelling from 22/05-31/05 with children, son aged 18 & daughters aged 14, 11 & 9.I have used this forum extensively and booked the following.

My travel dates are:


Leicester- London


London Stansted- Memmingen

Memmingen Allgau- city centre

Memmingen city centre- memmingen train St.

Memmingen- Zell am See( arriving @18.45)

Zell am See - Bruck- Sport Wofurlgut camp)** ?? ( Looking for info.about transfer)

Stay @ the camp till 29/05


Zell am see - Buchs SG


Buchs SG- Zurich


Zurich- Tirano



Tirano- Karlshune

14:00- 23:00


Karlshune- London Stansted

13.05- 13.35

London Stansted- Leicester

14.00- 18:00

It is my first time on train and first time to eastern European destinations.

I greatly appreciate any advice that will help me for this journey.

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Apr 27th, 2015, 07:46 PM
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Having posted the above details,

I would like to know which tickets can be purchased online and which can be bought only at stations, alongside the correct names of each station, for e.g. Zurich or Zurich Main station or Zurich HB.

Time permitting,can I visit Vaduz and is it really worth?
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