Expedia & Travelocity - Observations

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Expedia & Travelocity - Observations

I've been using both to search out flights to Greece this August, I have some comments:

* Travelocity shows flights that Expedia does NOT, and vice versa, even when I type in identical desired dates & times! One needs to search both so as not miss any flights.

* When flights are shown on both (probably 80-90% are), Travelocity fares are about $25-50 less than Expedia (out of a typical $1200-1300 fare).

Spot checking against British Air's flights on their website, their prices ranged from same as Travelocity, to around $25 less.

Expedia & Travelocity are MUCH easier to navigate than the airlines own sites, but don't automatically assume you're getting the best price!
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Tahiti Bob
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www.tiss.com is also supposed to give good results.
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I just posted this opinion on another message (travel agents...) but beware of Travelocity!!! They have the worst customer service if something goes wrong. They tickets they sent me had the wrong return airport and they expected me to either pay the $15 to fed-ex them back to them to fix it or drive the 100 miles to the nearest British Airways terminal. British Airways told me not to worry about it (hey if I'm stranded, I'm stranded in Italy...) since the flight #'s are the same. Everytime I called them I was put on hold for atleast 10 minutes. It pays to pay a little more and buy the tickets from the airlines (though BA was $200 more a ticket for me because they ended their sale while Travelocity still honored it...$375 inc. taxes roundtrip from NYC to Italy in June...not bad)
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I previously posated a testimonial about www.eurotrip.com - - for a while I would see postings about their ability to help find low fares, and I was very skeptical - - thought I knew it all! But indeed, I find some useful suggestions that can result in the capability to "squeeze" low fares out of Expedia - - even when it will not find them for you on its own.

One recent example that I found very interesting is using FinnAir to get to/from Eastern Central Europe.

Enter the following as a "multiple destination search":

Day of departure: NYC-desired destination, for example, VIE or BUD, just to use two examples.

Day before desired return: Return gateway-HEL (i.e., VIE-HEL, for example)

Day OF desired return: HEL-NYC

This will give you a mandatory stopover in Helsinki, but it will price it like there is NO stopover - - because they cannot connect you on the same day from VIE to NYC. Moreover, FinnAir will pay for your lodging, meals and transfer - - provding you a free glimpse at Finland (and when are you going to get to Finland, otherwise?)

The point is, if you just entered NYC-VIE roudtrip, or even open jaw with BUD, you will not get this routing (nor the incredibly low fare).

So, the point is, there ARE tricks and strategies for finding low fares ON Expedia, and my hat is off to www.eurotrip.com for knowing a lot of different ways to skin the cat.

For what it's worth, my (real flesh'n'blood) travel agent was able to book this fare also, after I had found it and printed it out on Expedia. I'd rather she get the commission (she's earned it many times over through help on other trips) than Bill Gates and company.

I suppose that using Expedia as a reference engine, and never buying anything (though I have bought SOME tickets and hotel rooms there) is somewhat like those who switch long distance carriers to rack up FF miles, but I don't feel very guilty about it.
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I have had really good luck with flifo.com - the site lets you search for multistop tickets and also will search for the cheapest flights within a certain number of days (e.g. cheapest leaving up to 1, 2, etc. days earlier or later). I find it to be the easiest to navigate and haven't had any problem with getting tickets from them. I have heard good things about cheaptickets.com - but haven't used them myself. Recently when I checked flights on flifo, but called the airline, they told me that often they can not match the fare offered by the internet companies (travelocity, et. al)....
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A problem I have noted with Travelocity is that travelocity may indicate that the lowest fare for a certain itinerary is "x" amount when using the "give me the lowest fare" option, yet I have been able to find lower fares using Travelocity's "let me choose my own flights" option. I have saved hundreds of dollars. It pays to take the time to research alternative schedules on your own.

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