Exchange money

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Exchange money

I posted this question on the site and can't find it. Does anyone know where a good place in NYC to exchange money is for a trip to Europe?
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Wait until you get to Europe to exchange your US dollars for the currency of the country you're entering. Use your ATM just like in the US. They're everywhere (just like in the US). Before you leave, make sure your ATM card is connected to your checking account and that you have enough $$ in there to cover your needs for your trip. Also you will need a four-digit PIN; if you don't have one, phone or visit you bank and they'll fix you up. Hop off your plane and look around.
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Oops, my finger hit the "post my reply" button before I had finished. Hop off your plane and look around for the nearest ATM where you can withdraw the currency of the country where you just landed. In addition, use a credit card at every opportunity for the best exchange rate. Exchanging your money in the US will give you the worst exchange rate.
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Not from New York but:
Cooks, American Express, Large Banks. Or look in the yellow pages of your phone book.
I usually take some local money with me to hold me over until I can get to an ATM.
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Shelley: XXX has the "scoop" on the money thing. We also used our debit card directly for purchases and got vary favorable rates! Enjoy
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Perhaps there is a good reason for you to exchange money in NYC, but generally that is not the best way to get foreign money. I always get cash from am ATM at the airport, $100-200 depending on how long I intend to stay in the city. A list of airport ATM's can be located at You can even get a map of the airport showing where the ATM is.
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To the top, please.
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Go to They have a "currency-to-go" service. You can order foreign currency on line and have it delivered the next day. They also have a phone number -- maybe 888-CHASE-88 (check the phone number on the web site).

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