Europe's Most Iconic Sights...???????

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In the US (have only visited some of the States, and not, for example, AK and HI)
Not necessarily in a strict order:

Monument Valley
The Golden Gate (and the bridge)
Most of the National Parks in UT, AZ
DC, the monuments & national museums
Key West (and the drive from Miami)
Las Vegas (yes, I hear the sighs)
Great Smokey Mountains
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Anyone mention German beer. Or Belgium beer. Or Czech beer. What a sight.
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If I were to list just one place, it would be Paris, the whole of it. Anytime anyone says I'm going on my honeymoon and have never been to Europe, I always respond you MUST go to Paris as a first-timer. All other places are secondary.
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Oh, yes, would be fascinated to know what US sights are on foreigners wish list. Struck up a conversation with a young German student tonight- she's going on the Harry Potter tour tomorrow and when I mentioned to her that I had been to the Universal parks she said longingly "it's so far away". So funny.

You left off Yosemite, Palenq! That always seems to be the spark that starts the fire in the US forums. Unless of course it's fisherman's wharf. Oddly I have difficult time convincing people to visit Chicago, which I love. Cape Cod, Vermont, Maine are usual suspects. DC shows up more frequently than either Boston or Philly which is a bit odd when you consider their comparative ages. Dude ranches show up often enough although usually the people posting about those seem to only have a very vague idea about what they are looking for. Rodeos and Powwows as well.

Although I think a lot of foreigners have a really strange view of the general size of the US. They usually seem surprised when I point out that it's a pretty long trip for me to go to the east coast as well. And I still haven't been to the southwest. Just a lot of ground to cover in the west alone.

I don't agree with the whole off the beaten path thing, Bedar. Those are the threads that I love and that's generally why I ask questions here. some of the best stuff doesn't show up in guidebooks and I wouldn't know to look for it before someone mentions it. And I honestly think most places aren't in danger of being mobbed- tourists have to put in effort to see the obscure stuff usually, and if it's not something they are genuinely intrigued by, they won't go through with it.
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The ONE place in the U.S. ?
Probably Niagara Falls - and yes Canadian side.
The second would be Las Vegas not because it is nice but because it concentrates the essence of US : the best and the worst in the same place the money everywhere the hope and the despair mixed with alcohol and prostitutes. Damn they would stick ads in my hand when I was walking 4 meters behind my wife holding my 6 years old son by the other hand.

Maybe I am the exception but I love Europe more than the other places I have been to. So much to see here.
Right now been waked up by loud US tourists in a nice 2 stars hotel in Paris.

Would be better at home !

Glad someone talked about Belgian beer - I had to fight the urge to do it.
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Woken up would be more like English I guess.
Je me disais aussi que ça sonnait bizarre à l'oreille.
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Woin if Las Vegas is concentrated essence of US that is one stinky perfume!!
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Yes I not only forgot Las Vegas from U.S. must places but also Yosemite - Rocky Mountains in general.
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Add AK-Denali,Glaxier Bay. Hawaii, Diamond Head
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