Eating in Spain

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Eating in Spain

We are so excited to be spending 2 weeks plus in Spain, starting with Madrid and Toledo and Segovia and then Andalusia (Granada, Malaga, and Seville) and, with no longer being used to travel with lock downs etc, need some help with where to eat: any recommendations appreciated. Thanks
PS - also have my own thoughts and am happy to interact
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We are leaving in ten days for a month in Spain and Tenerife. I have done so much research and watched so many videos my Google Maps is a wall of Want To Go green flags in Madrid and other cities. Whether I get to any of these places or not remains to e seen but we may wing it a lot and just drop in to any place that looks appealing when we want to eat. Churros at Chocolat in Madrid may likely be the first breakfast though.
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If this is your first visit to Spain, be prepared to eat late. Full-service restaurants will just be setting up at 8 pm. You can still find places catering to tourists accustomed to sitting down two hours earlier, maybe in big hotels for instance. The locals are still nibbling on tapas with pre-meal wine at that hour.
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This Google map with landmarks in the center of Madrid may be useful to you.
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What are your preferences and likes? what are your dislikes?
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This is a bit of a difficult question to answer.
Food types price, time of day etc are not given to us.
Just use this website
Also try a menu del dia. Not usually available in the more touristy restaurants.
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When we visited Seville in 2019 we ate at La Azotea twice, based on a recommendation from Ekscrunchy. Food was delicious and servers were personable and helpful. Have a great trip!
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We were just in Segovia and had a great dinner at Restaurante Asador Maribel. Near the aqueduct but up a road leading away so didn't feel touristy (or at least they were all Spanish tourists). The suckling pig (cochinillo) was great. I did prefer the judiones de la granja we had at lunch at Restaurante La Codorniz though (also a nice option for lunch or tapas). And we had a very good but offbeat dinner at Asador David Guijarro. Our waiter was drinking and was quite the comedian (not that we could really understand what he was saying most of the time but all the Spanish patrons around us were laughing). We asked for our water three times and when he finally brought them he delivered them to the wrong table. There was a lot of that with the food too -wandering around trying to remember who ordered what. On the plus side he brought out bottles of digestifs for everyone and then left them there telling everyone to take what they wanted. And because they only do a set menu the bill was super affordable (under 60 euros for appetizers, entrees, a bottle of wine, bottles of water, desert & digestifs). So a good cheap meal and a story to remember! All of these had outside seating if that matters.

It's been a while but in Seville we love Eslava and Las Golondrinas II. We found this site very helpful when researching Seville -
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Maribel will give you great info about all things Spain.

Another poster mentioned ekscruncky who has great food recommendations where she travels. I also used her recs for Sevilla!
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We were in Madrid on business and were picked up from our hotel by a colleague to go to dinner at 10:30pm.
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I remember discussing Christmas time dining with you in Seville on a previous planning thread. While those restaurants open during the holidays I listed are fine, they aren't my favorites (or my friend Azahar's, with whom I always agree!)

For Seville casual tapas dining, my favorites (receiving Azahar's 4 and 5 oranges rating) are:
Eslava (a must!), La Azotea (the one on Conde de Barajas, which Ekscrunchy and I both like very much), La Casa del Tigre & Petit Comité (same owners), Bodeguita Romero, Casa Morales (a "time warp" in a very good way and gentle on the wallet), Tradevo Centro and for seafood (although on the pricey side), La Barra de Cañabota.

You can read Azahar's reviews of the above and see their locations (scattered all over the city but walkable from the cathedral) here-

For Madrid, I do recall that you aren't a first time visitor. I could list dozens of recommendations, but not knowing where the area where you're staying, you food preferences or what your dining budget looks like, I would use Revulgo's terrific and very handy dining list. Many of his favorites are also mine, especially those fantastic tapas bars in the Retiro district, where you'll receive a fine price to quality ratio with some of the city's best gastro bars or "neo tabernas".
If you're staying in the Huertas (aka Letras, Cortes) area, near the Art Triangle, my favorites are Triciclo and its little tapas bar sibling, Taberna La Elisa on Calle Santa Maria, Vinoteca Moratín on Moratín, La Caníbal for excellent wines by the glass and Galician fare near the Reina Sofía Museum, Casa Mortero near the Museo Thyssen for classic comfort food, Askuabarra for superb red meats, Casa González for excellent cheese and charcuterie platters and wines by the glass on León (gently priced) .

For Segovia, of all the one Repsol sun-awarded roasting taverns ("hornos de asar"), my personal favorite is José María off the Plaza Mayor, which has a more varied menu for those who don't want to partake of the classic meal of roast suckling pig, although they do this dish extremely well. While Mesón de Cándido has more internationally recognition and those great aqueduct views, it does get inundated with tourists. Asador Maribel is on my list to try for my next visit, as it's a member of the Association of the Asadores de Lechazo de Castilla y León, usually always a good sign.

For Toledo, I can recommend La Orza, near the El Greco Museum and Taberna Botero, both Repsol guide recommended.

For Granada, the city of the complimentary tapa, if you're a wine lover, Taberna la Tana is unmissable, If you love seafood, the smaller branch of Los Diamantes, near la Tana on Calle Rosario is also great and reasonably priced. The cultish Bar FM is a seafood lovers' Mecca and Spain gourmet critics' favorite but it can get VERY pricey. St Germain near the cathedral for tapas and Carmen de Aben Humeya for sit down dining in the Albaicín with stunning full frontal Alhambra views. For sit down dining on the charming Plaza Bib Rambla there's Los Manueles.

For Málaga, my favorite for seafood, sitting at the bar and filled with in-the-know locals is Refectorium Cathedral (there's another near the bullring, Refectorium Malagueta). For tapas, Taberna Uvedoble (very well priced), Casa Lola on Strachan and the brand new La Cosmo. For Andalusian wines and excellent small plates, Araboka and Anyway Wine Bar. For higher end sit down dining, La Cosmopolita by Dani Carnero (owner of his new informal venture, La Cosmo). El Pimpi is a Málaga institution (and partly owned by Banderas) but it can be a zoo at peak hours, has hugely expanded and always heaving with tourists. But many feel it's a first time visitor's "must do" experience.
I love walking through the Atarazanas market and noshing at the Bar Atarazanas at the front end.

Hope this helps.
The Fork is handy fine for making reservations but not for searching for great dining, Instead I rely on the Repsol guide for each city at
You can also follow the Spain food chat (with some high end dining recs) on The Hungry Onion at

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Maribel Thank you so much and so sorry for the delay in replying, I have not been checking mail as frequently while travelling. I have been using your guides for Toledo (I loved El Botero and Ludena) and Granada (Los Diamantes and Oliver, among others) so far and am heading to Malaga today, and will definitely check out the places you recommend here as well as in Seville afterwards. Thank you again!
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Try the famous "croquetas" ! They are delicious !
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Glad you enjoyed them and have fun in Málaga and Sevilla! And if you get a chance, try the famous pringá sandwich at Sevilla's Bodeguita Romero! Here's my friend Azahar's review-
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