e-mail pickup

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e-mail pickup

We need to be able to be reached by our kids while travelling in Europe for 2 weeks by car without a definite itenary. How can we get our e-mail while moving around-Bacharach, Reims, Paris, Auxerre, Northern Switzerland and Austria to Munich.
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Set up a free web based account with any one of a number of companies (talk21 or hotmail or yahoo to name a few).

Make sure they have the new address.

Check your email from any internet cafe on your visit, just log onto the appropriate website, enter your new email address and passwords and read and write away...

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Thanks. Are ther plenty of internet cafes?
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Yes. Here's a good place to start:


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Oh, and also... I'm not sure you need a new e-mail account with a web-based system, because I think you already have that. Juno USED to have a proprietary e-mail system, but I think this is no longer true. I take it that www.juno.com is both your ISP and your e-mail. Go to the library, or any other place that has some other non-Juno internet access and see if you can get your e-mail. If so, then you can get it from any cybercafe world-wide.
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Chessi, There is an alternative to the free email address idea suggested above.
Friends who were in Europe recently used 'Pocket mail'. (We are talking Australia here but I'm sure the US would have something similar.) This is a pocket sized device the allows one to type up and send email via an International enabled mobile, hotel phone or even via a public phone. Device cost $AU99 and was $AU20/month fee while connected.
This permitted them to type up their emails anytime - I got one while they were in the Sistine chapel queue-then send at their convenience. I received and sent emails to them every day or two.
Handier than chasing internet cafes. International roaming is pricey but gave them peace of mind with their kids back home and was a great communication tool with friends.
You could use it for local applications when travelling at home too. Check it out at your mobile shop.
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Good suggestions about e-mail. Let me add that it is now possible to rent a cell phone that can be used worldwide. I have never done it, but I've seen them advertised through the car rental companies, and I've traveled with someone who used it frequently - to call from France to the USA, to Isreal, and throughout France. It might give you some added peace of mind.
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When are you going to be in Europe? I was there once around the end of March, and I *think* March 20 or 21 is the "birthday" of the Internet in France. At that time, many of the Internet cafes were offering free computer time as a special promotion.

And yes, Internet Cafes (or Cybercafes) are everywhere. They are more prevalent in some countries and less in others, but almost every city must have one by now. Heck, if remote tribes in Africa can get Web access via sattelite, Europeans have no excuse!!

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