Jul 26th, 1998, 11:09 PM
Mike Coleman
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Are you from Duncan? or do you know of Duncan? to prove it tell me the name of the street that the Duncan Mall is on,
Jul 27th, 1998, 05:56 PM
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The mall is right on the highway upisland.Are you talking about the one with hte Superstore in it?
Jul 27th, 1998, 07:04 PM
Jen Z
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The City of Totems? Why are you in the Europe board for this? Anyway...I lived in Nanaimo, just north of Duncan for seven years, up until just six months ago. Did you have a question? They have the biggest hockey stick and puck in the world, or they did, anyway, from Expo 86, in Duncan -- which is about the only claim to fame the town has. Countryside is beautiful, though. Never bothered with the mall (better shopping in Nanaimo and Victoria) but basically EVERYTHING is on the highway...the town is a big strip along the Island Highway. WHY?!
Jul 27th, 1998, 11:50 PM
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Duncan is alot more than a strip along the highway, one could say that about Naniamo and Victoria, and any other city that the highway goes through Duncan Mall is close to the highway, but is not on the highway. Niether is the Superstore. What did you mean "City of Totems?" it's a more appropriate nickname than Naniamo's (Bathtub capital of the world) I won't give away the answer to Mike's question because I have a feeling he was hoping to get responses from places other than BC like perhaps Europe! and answering that question would show they new something about the area, am I right ? Mike.
Jul 29th, 1998, 01:18 AM
Jen Z
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By mentioning that Duncan is called the 'City of Totems' I was merely demonstrating that I know the place, just as Nanaimo is the "Hub City" and Chemainus is the "City of Murals" and Armstrong is "The Home of Armstrong Cheese"... and I'm well aware that Nanaimo is also a strip along the highway (I wouldn't say Victoria is though), and their claims to fame are a stupid bathtub race and dessert bars that probably weren't invented there as they claim... And the guy did ask "Are you from Duncan?" so I thought I was sort of qualified to answer. Relax!!!

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