Does this trip itinerary work?

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Does this trip itinerary work?

We have 10 days end of October and are thinking of flying into Dubrovnik and flying out of Split. This is our first time in Croatia and definitely plan to be back to enjoy the northern part. Please give me your feedback about this itinerary. after reading several websites and forums, I have left out the islands. Sounds like most of the establishments in the islands will be closed due to off season.

We will be renting a car.

Day 1 - arrive in Dubrovnik mid afternoon. Spend night in Dubrovnik.
Day 2 - Sightsee in Dubrovnik and spend a 2nd night
Day 3 - Drive to Mostar or Cavtat - we know they are in 2 different directions and completely different experiences. Both look interesting and can't decide. Please help.
Day 4 - Drive to Split and spend night
Day 5 - Sightsee in Split and spend 2 night
Day 6 - Drive to Trogir and spend night
Day 7 - Drive to Zadar and spend night
Day 8 - Spend day in Zadar, Drive to Plitvice Lakes NP in the evening and spend night
Day 9 - See Plitvice Lakes NP. Drive back towards Split and spend night in a cute small town
Day 10 - not sure what to do on this day but need to end up near Split airport
Day 11 - fly out early morning from Split

We could also reverse the trip by flying into Split and flying out of Dubrovnik but this seems less of backtracking.

Thank you in advance! Appreciate the feedback from this great site,
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Should be a great trip!

FWIW, you might consider using public transportation for everything BUT the trip to Plitvice Lakes (for which you could rent a car in Zadar and return it to Split). The buses that serve the cities you plan to visit are comfortable and convenient, and will allow ALL of you to see some absolutely stunning scenery on roads that often require a driver’s full attention. If you rent a car, make sure you know what you are going to do with it while in Split, Trogir, and Zadar.

I didn’t visit Cavtat, but adored Mostar, particularly in the evening. I’m not sure what Cavtat would be like in October as that’s a bit late in the season; Mostar should be fine.

Trogir is about a ½ hour bus ride from Split. I’m glad I spent a night there, but you really don’t need to change locations unless you want to.

With your “free” day, you have a lot of options – it really depends on what you want to see and experience. If you haven’t done so, please consult one of the more comprehensive guidebooks, like the Rough Guide (by far, the best of the half-dozen or so I used when planning my time in the area).

Hope that helps!
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Try to avoid having the car in Dubrovnik - pick it up when you leave town (or if you reverse, drop the car when you get to Dubrovnik at the end), because it's a pain to park a car near the old town.

I would stay in either Trogir or Split, not both. Trogir is much smaller but more "charming" in the tiny old walled city. Split is more of a substantial city and more interesting, even though I kind of preferred Trogir for the ambiance. I'd probably have two days in Split and visit Trogir as a day trip or on the way north to Zadar.

You could stop in the little town of Sibenik between Split and Zadar and also visit nearby Krka National Park. Not sure if you will catch the fall colors but if you do, should be some amazing scenery (in both parks).

You could fly out of Zagreb instead of Split, unless Split is a requirement. If you don't want to stay in the big city, stay in the cute town of Samobor west of Zagreb.

If you want to push it a little, you could squeeze in a night down in Montenegro. I'd do that at the beginning of the trip; Dubrovnik airport is south of town on the way to Montenegro. It would be easier to get down there if you rent the car immediately (despite what I said above about not wanting the car in Dubrovnik) or just take a shuttle from Dubrovnik airport to Montenegro, then a bus back to Dubrovnik the next day I guess.
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Thank you so much kja. This is a big help. Is there one central bus company that operates in these areas? Do you need to reserve in advance?
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I agree that Sibenik and the Krka National Park are among the MANY options you have for filling in your extra time. You can get more information on each by using the search box on this forum, or (as noted above) by checking a decent guidebook.

If there is any chance that you will have jet lag, do not rent a car until you've had a least a day or so to acclimate. Although many people don't realize it, there is mounting evidence that driving with jet lag is just as dangerous -- to yourselves and others -- as driving drunk. The apparent cause -- microsleeps -- are so short that you might not realize you are experiencing them, and there is, unfortunately, absolutely nothing you can do to prevent them.

If you decide to fly out of Zagreb rather than Split, try to give yourselves some time for that delightful city. Since you plan to return to Croatia to visit the north, I'm not sure switching to a flight out of Zagreb makes sense unless it is much more cost effective.
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At the time of year you are traveling, I wouldn't think you would need to reserve in advance -- no guarantees, though! Once you book, you might ask the people who run your lodging, and plan to buy your departure ticket (and confirm the schedule) when you arrive somewhere.

I don't remember the name of the bus company or companies, but you should be able to get some information on -- it's not an authoritative site, but it should be close enough to the truth to get you started.
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Re: 2 to 11th nov trip to Croatia

I NEED HELP IN planning it out, i will fly into zagreb but dont intend on spending time there. below are things i need to see:

1. plitvice lakes

2. krka lake (does this have to be done if i have done number 1)

3 zadar sea organ,

4. hvar day trip

5 split- green blue caves

6 dubrovnik 2 days

i think best thing to do would be drive around, but i cant make up my mind how to go ahead from zagreb, should i take a flight to dubrovnik and start upwards.

i need suggestions from all you wonderfull ppl here, what are your suggestions?
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You are dealing with the Croatian problem: too many natural wonders and too many cultural wonders, especially in a short trip.

Renting a car for the Zagreb through National Parks section of your trip makes sense. Go to Split and drop the car. Visit Zadar and Hvar as day trips.

Both Zadar and Split have important Roman ruins. People continue to live in Diocletian's Palace, and the local cathedral is a former Roman tomb. You should see these. There is nothing else like them.

The other culture that is important is Venetian. Both Hvar and Dubrovnik have strong Venetian connections that are important historically and artistically. There is a tiny Venetian theater in Hvar town, for example, that is unique.

Take the bus from Split to Dubrovnik. The road is gorgeous but much of it runs along a sea cliff, and the driver will be too busy to be able to see any of it. Dubrovnik is a walked city, a car will be a hindrance.

If I has an extra day, I would take a tour by bus from Dubrovnik to Kotor in Montenegro. The town is historically interesting and has a spectacular setting.

Can you fly to your destination or transfer point from Dubrovnik rather than returning to Zagreb?
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To the OP:

I'd plan one whole day in Plitvice, not a partial day.

Trogir is very near Split's airport, so it would make a good stop before your flight home.

What you're missing on your itinerary is a visit to one or more of the islands. I'm only familiar with Hvar and Korcula, but loved the latter. We took a boat from Dubrovnik to Korcula, then a catamaran to Split and rented a car for Plitvice.

Our trip was a while back so I'm not up to date on the ferry routes. It's very important to read the ferry schedules closely.

You could add an island from Split. Then on Day 7 drive to Zadar and spend the night. See Zadar the next day, then drive to Plitvice in the late afternoon/evening. Spend 2 nights at Plitvice for Day 9. Drive to Trogir on Day 10.

We loved Croatia, hope you will too.
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I could be wrong, but I don't think Korcula would be a particularly good destination for a trip in late Oct. -- I think it would be too late in the season. (And I say that as someone who loved Korcula.)
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