Do USA ATM cards work in Spain ?

Old Nov 16th, 2002, 08:16 AM
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Do USA ATM cards work in Spain ?

Hi,<BR><BR>Whats the best way to obtain cash while travelling in Spain, specifically in Barcelona. I will be carrying some traveller's checks and credit cards, but in case I run out of traveller's checks and need cash, how do I go about it ?<BR><BR>Would my bank ATM card work there ? My bank is Fleet Boston Bank.<BR><BR>Thanks ! <BR>Peter
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forget about the travelers checks. make sure that you have an atm card with plus or cirrus on the back that uses a four digit pin-numbers only and only four. a visa atm card works anywhere and terminals (telebanco) are everywhere. I would use Banco Popular terminals by choice.
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Your card should work there if it's on the same system as the ATM's you use in Spain. Your card should have logos of what system is accessible-Plus, Cirrus, etc. If the ATM you plan to use has these logos on it then there shouldn't be any problem.<BR><BR>
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yes.<BR><BR>unless your bank is still in the 1950's, you will be able to use it. this is a good plan as you get the best exchange rates this way. <BR><BR>forget about traveler's checks. what a pain.<BR><BR>i always take some cash and my atm card, and i am good to go.
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Thanks everyone.<BR><BR>Is it true that ATMs in Spain only work with a 4 digit pin. If so, I am screwed coz my bank requires a minimum length of 6 digits.<BR><BR>Any tips on what to do ?<BR><BR>Thanks !
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Peter:<BR><BR>This is a subject that comes up frequently. A couple of years ago, it was a given that European ATM's insisted upon a 4 digit PIN. That does not seem to be the case anymore as many have reported they have few problems using a six-digit PIN and I have not read of anybody complaining that their 6 digit PIN did not work.<BR><BR>However...<BR><BR>to be on the safe side, if I were you, I would ask my bank to switch my PIN to a 4 digit PIN which will always work.
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Peter - it's definately not true that Spanish ATMs require a 4-digit PIN. I have a Wells Fargo ATM card (STAR &amp; CIRRUS networks) with a 5-digit PIN, and it worked fine all over Spain last summer (I usually only tried to use it in major cities, though). I occasionally had problems with machines being out of order or out of cash or not on the appropriate network, but never with the length of the PIN. <BR><BR>Unfortunately, I have no experience with a 6-digit PIN - hope someone can post here who does. If you are worried, and your bank definately can't change your PIN, one thing you could do is get a PIN assigned to your credit card(s) as well, so you can access cash that way in an emergency. <BR><BR>Also - some banks now allow you to buy a temporary credit card, where you pay cash up front and that value is assigned to the card for you to withdraw over time, using the card like a debit/ATM card with a temporary PIN assigned. I haven't tried this myself, but I think Chase Manhattan has one. That would certainly be easier than getting a second card.
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Another suggestion,use the ATMs early in the day and especially have enough cash for the weekend.Not only in Spain but also in Italy and France,the machines run out of money.Europeans have fallen in love with ATMs!
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