Dining in versus take out

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Dining in versus take out

We are traveling to Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice) for the first time in 3 weeks. I have heard that they charge you more if you sit down at an eatery versus take out. Is this true?

Also, anyone stay at the Carlton Executive in Venice and Visconti Roma in Rome? Are the decent hotels?

We also have an 8 hour layover in Vienna Austria on the way out. How long is it from Airport to downtown Austria?

Thanks for the input.

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Yes, it's true, if you sit you do pay more. However lots of places will have a counter along the wall where you can stand and eat or stand further along the serving bar. it's the sitting you are paying for! And sometimes it is worth it after a long walk because you can sit there as long as you like..no one will rush you out.
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Couple of things working here: the TAX on eating in is higher than taking out (if the tax guy catches a restaurant not charging the eat-in tax when it should, the restaurant pays huge fines); many restaurants have a "cover charge".
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I may be wrong, but I think that the price difference is for drinks. It's cheaper if you drink standing up rather than taking a table.
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Downtown Austria?? Where exactly is that?
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Paul: Vienna Airport is some 17 kms out of the city center. Roughly 10 miles.
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Dear Perplexed, I feel sorry for you. Too bad you are so stupid that you were unable to figure out that it was a simple typo that should have said downtown Vienna. Any person with an IQ over 20 should have been able to realize that from the post. How do you survive in the real world???
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Paul, re take-out food in Italy: I recall that at places where you are likely to take the food off the premises, as in a tavola calda (translation: hot table), there is no price difference. You stand in line to select and then take it either to a table or out.
The price difference is at bars where you could have a cup of espresso and a roll standing up for less than you would pay for the same at a table, and prices may be higher yet for a table outside than for an inside table.
I do not know anything about taking out food from restaurants in Italy where there is table service, the way we get take-out from Chinese restaurants in the US.
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I don't know about take out but in bars and cafes (places where you may just have a drink or a sandwich) you can sit and be served (which is more) or stand at the serving bar (as mentioned and is less). In regular restaurants, when you eating an actual meal, it's all sitdown. You can also pickup food at a local grocer and eat anywhere you want.
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Thanks for the replies (all but one)!
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