Deleting threads under our name?

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Deleting threads under our name?

Is this possible? I apologize if this seems like a dumb question. As I get closer and closer to my trip I find myself having to go through tons of threads that I've either created or posted on in order to find the 'important' travel ones pertaining to my trip. It's of course not a big deal and I'm sure there are tons of other ways to go about saving threads as favorites ... but was just curious if there was a way to delete a thread that shows up under your screen name.

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If you e-mail Fodor's about an offensive thread, they delete it. Would they do it otherwise, I doubt.
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I create a Word file for specific trips and cut and paste pertinent info from each thread into that dedicated file.
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I don't understand. Do you want to delete your thread, find it, or save it?

You can narrow your search for a specific thread by using the search box with words which are specific to your thread.

For instance, putting 'delete' and 'apologize' in the search box brings up only 3 posts.
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agree with ellenem - copy and paste important bits into appropriately labelled word documents. Then you don't need to sift through the irrelevant info.
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If you have posted to it it will show up under your name. It sounds like you have "bookmarked" tons of threads to follow up on - and now find you have over done it.

The answer isn't to have Fodors delete your threads (which they wouldn't) but to either save useful info to a Word document, or bookmark/add the threads to your "favorites" on you own browser where you can add/delete to your hearts content.
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I think katzen just doesn't want all the threads he/she has posted under to be listed when clicking on your name. There is not way to do that, other than to delete your own particular contribution to the thread. YOu can't do that nor ask Fodors to do that just because you posted on too many threads and now are sorry.

It sounds like you just put nothing in a lot of these threads, just a word or so becuase you wanted it to show up when you clicked on your name. I've seen other people do this and understand how that is seen as easier than maybe keeping track of URLs, but now I guess you can see why you have to be judicious in doing that and not just "mark" or put ttt or whatever in tons of them. LIve and learn.

This does bring up a feature I wish they did have -- I wish you could do a search on your own threads, similar to a search on a country -- in order to narrow your own list. Some search engines easily can do this (primary then secondary search limited to those results).

One solution is to search for your screenname within a country, for example. It didn't used to be that your posts would show up by searching name, I don't think, but now they do. At least you have a unique name. There are always some other Christinas on here, though, who may sign their posts that way even if it's not their screenname so that isn't foolproof for me, but pretty good.

However, if you just have tons of posts marked within one country that you want to get rid of, that won't work for you, either.
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Christina, Google is your friend. Just type this in the search blank:

"Author: Christina" fondue and all the fondue threads you contributed to will be returned. Note the use of the quotation marks to indicate that the enquoted string is taken as a single search term.
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