day trips out of Rome

Feb 11th, 2000, 06:34 PM
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day trips out of Rome

My husband and I were interested in finding out whether it was worth taking a day trip outside Rome, despite the fact that we are in Rome for only five days. Any thoughts on a location, best method of transporation, is it worth it, or should we make the most of our time in Rome?
Feb 12th, 2000, 04:17 AM
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With that short a time in Rome we would probably not make a day trip.

If you're worried you will run out of things to do for five days you'll find some detailed suggestions for half day self-tours at

These will use up half that time skimming most of the more important sights ... leaving much undone. You'll find there suggestions for filling in the gaps with what you missed.

If you're interested in ancient Rome a full or half-day to Ostia Antica is rewarding, only 30 minutes outside Rome. Info at

On the same page you'll find thumbnail info on excursions to Florence, Pompeii, Orvieto, Assisi and Perugia as well.

Again, though, with just five days in a city that takes about a month to cover thoroughly we'd spend all of that time in Rome.

Feb 12th, 2000, 07:06 PM
Jim Freyvogel
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Ed is correct. The only day trip worth while is Ostia Antica. You could spend 5 weeks in Rome and not see it all but you will need a break from the frantic, and I do mean frantic, pace of the city. I would plan on the third or forth day.
Feb 12th, 2000, 07:38 PM
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We enjoyed going on a half day tour to Tivoli which is about twenty miles outside of Rome. There you can see Villa d'Este with fountains more beautiful than Versailles, and Hadrian's Villa which gives you a good idea of how things looked during Roman times.Seeing this small town was a nice change of pace from Rome, just for a morning.
Feb 13th, 2000, 07:16 AM
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Have been to Rome twice, the first for 4 days, the second for 6 and still can't say that I've seen it all.

However, I can say this, Rome is one busy, hectic city and on each trip we went for a little rest and respite to Orvieto.

It is about an hour train ride, but about 10,000 years different in terms of pace from Rome. It is a beautiful little wine growing hill city famous for three things: pottery, the cathedral and the Orvietto Classico wine.

You can visit this place and not see two hundred people in a day. Try the Trattoria Etruscan and be certain to have the wild boar and pasta along with a caraffe of the local wine. The cathedral's exterior is incredible, the museum on the Etruscans is interesting, but the true benefit to Orivetto is that it is not Rome. You will enjoy a break from people, taxis, vespas, noise and art, believe me.
Feb 13th, 2000, 07:38 AM
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Spend five days in Rome, wouldn't had missed Pompeii for the world. A while back there was a post comparing both sites, Pompeii and Ostia Antica. Although there were glowing reviews for both, Pompeii was a clear favorite. Doable day trip, it does not preclude doing some Rome sightseeing afterwards. Lots of detailed info have been posted on how to do it by train.
Feb 14th, 2000, 07:06 AM
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Another vote for Tivoli. But a suggestion for Rome also. Last year we spent 5 days in Rome as you will and were lucky to find the "Scala Reale" walking tours of the city. We took 2 (halfday) tours our first day with Tom Rankin (owner). What a great introduction to this city. Tom is an American transplant, and an architect. His love of the place and it's history are apparent. With that wonderful introduction to Rome, we enjoyed a much richer stay for the time there.
Back to Tivoli! We found a great B&B just outside Tivoli at Hadrians Villa called La Ristaurante Adriana. Amazing food and it's 100 paces from the entrance to Hadrian's Estate. There are 2 other worthwhile Villa attractions in Tivoli proper, so we spent 2 nights there. You can easily rent a car for the half hour drive. (sorry can't spell)
Feb 14th, 2000, 08:34 AM
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Ellie - You shouldn't leave the city with only 5 days. If you're going for art, make a list of where every work of art you want to see is located, then you can hunt for them in sections of the city. Walking is wonderful, even this time of year, but cabs are cheap - and with the great exchange rate right now, it should be even better. The best I've ever gotten was 1700 lira to the dollar.With five days you'll be surprised how fast the time will fly.Without a perfect street map, it's easy to get turned around, so you'll spend a good deal of time keeping your bearings.But there's no place on earth like it!!!!How I envy you--I can't go back till next year.
Feb 20th, 2000, 04:17 PM
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ellie -
i am procrastinating from writing an essay about rome for my english class and look what i ended up doing. rome is INCREDIBLE and there is SO much to see in every corner of the city, you could easily spend 5 very full days there. but, i also have to recommend tivoli, especially if you feel you will grow tired of the city and the crowds. the villa d'este - especially the water gardens! and hadrian's villa are both fascinating, less crowded, fairly relaxing, and well worth the trip!
Feb 21st, 2000, 05:57 AM
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If this is your first trip and if you are curious you could take a whirlwind tour of Florence in one day. We took the express train from Rome--was there in about an hour and a half. Walked and saw the major sites, then express trained back to Rome later in the evening, after dinner. Wonderful overview, but you should hope to return to both for more.

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