Amsterdam - Sights to see

Feb 15th, 2000, 06:22 PM
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Amsterdam - Sights to see

We have 3 nights in Amsterdam...what should
we see during these days? What are great
souvenirs to buy in Amsterdam?
Feb 15th, 2000, 07:04 PM
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It would help greatly if you would tell us something about yourself. There's so much to see: the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum for the Dutch masters, the red light district. You could take some time to wander through Vondelpark which is their version of NY's Central Park. Just wander the streets and admire the wonderful architecture. There are great day trips to Aalsmeer for the morning flower market, Alkmaar, Volendam and Marken.

I bought "The Diary of Anne Frank" and a kitchen magnet of Dutch shoes.
Feb 15th, 2000, 09:42 PM
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I wouldn't miss the Van Gogh Museum (my favourite) and the Rijksmuseum. Taking a canal trip is an easy, quick and relaxing way to orient yourselves to the city.

Things to buy: chocolate, cheese and cheese knives, those quirky brightly coloured plastic utensils, little 'canal house' boxes with candies inside.
Feb 16th, 2000, 04:33 AM
wes fowler
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For some interesting background reading on the Netherlands and the
character of its people, you might want to look for "The Embarassment of
Riches" by Simon Schama. It's a history of 16th and 17th century
Netherlands that addresses the tremendous impact the untold wealth
materializing from the Dutch merchant navy had upon the Calvinist ethos of
the Dutch. A fascinating, but heavy read.

Consider Aalsmeer. It's a town about 9 miles from
Amsterdam where every morning millions and millions of cut flowers are
trucked into a mammoth warehouse and auction rooms, auctioned off, then
shipped all over Europe for sale the same day. You can tour the whole
proceedings on a catwalk high above the warehouse floor and look down upon
millions of cut flowers arrayed in two tiers on carts that are pulled into
the auction rooms then linked to other carts and trucked to loading docks.
The colors are overwhelming and the fragrances are truly breathtaking.
It's an early morning event but well worth every minute of the experience.

In Amsterdam, take a stroll along the Herrengracht. It's the canal between the Singel and
the Keizersgracht and has the most notable collection of Amsterdam's
impressive canal houses. You'll obviously note the varied and distinctive
gables of the houses, but keep your eyes open, too, for the cartouches on
many of them. There are fascinating details by and over doors and windows
that are too frequently overlooked by sightseers. It will only take a few
minutes walking for your curiosity to be aroused about what the innards of
one of these houses are like. At 605 Herrengracht at the canal's eastern
end near the Amstel is the Willet-Holthuysen museum, a furnished
three-story home dating from the late 17th century. The museum also has a
fine collection of silverware, glass and ceramics. As a bonus, there's a
garden in the French style! If you want to pass up the museum, the garden
is visible from the Amstelstraat, the street on the banks of the Amstel

Since most of Amsterdam's museums are closed on Monday, you might want to
look into the Van Loon museum, another late 17th century home with a lovely
formal garden, which is only open on Monday. It's at 672-674
Keizersgracht, the canal just south of Herrengracht. On your way you might
want to stop in at the Six collection. Another house dating from the late
17th century it houses a number of 17th century paintings including a
number of Rembrandts (Six was his patron). For admission, you need a card
of introduction available from the information desk of the Rijksmuseum on
presentation of your passport.

If an early morning trip to Aalsmeer is out of the question since you
really should be there long before 9AM, look into the Bloemenmarkt, a
retail flower market held on a dozen or so canal boats by the Mint Tower.
The flowers and bulbs come from the tulip fields around Haarlem and from
the Aalsmeer auction house.

Feb 18th, 2000, 04:10 AM
Mary Ann
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The above is correct, there is so much it all depends on your interests. You can take a canal cruise, very informative about architecture, etc. There are also Heineken Brewery tours, really neat if it is your birthday, but always fun (free beer at the end). There are the touristy Diamond tours, which are interesting, shopping, casinos, cafes, and all the other stuff mentioned above. It is a great city.
Feb 18th, 2000, 04:26 PM
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I agree with the above post, but I would definitel add the Begijnhof to your list. It is a quiet secluded area that is very peaceful and beautiful.
I'd also take a nighttime wine and cheese canal cruise. If you get a chance take a 15 minute train trip to Zaandam and visit Zaanse Schanse. It's a great place to take a stroll, see windmills, buy gifts, eat cheese, etc. etc. You could easily spend an entire day there.
Feb 21st, 2000, 06:23 AM
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You have given us so many wonderful
suggestions...thanks for all your help

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