Day Trips from Perth

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Day Trips from Perth

Can anyone suggest day trips from Perth. I plan to stay 5 or 6 days before returning to London. I have an 8 day BrilRail pass for myself and my Granddaughter. I am looking for a good B&B in Perth--any suggestions? Thanks!
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Can you tell me what transport you will be using. Will it all be rail?

There's lots of place to do, bu your mode of transport will be the limiting factor.

I'll ask my Dad, who is resident, for a B&B recommendation.
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8 day rail pass. I am planning Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness. I have 5 nights reserved at Achnacarry Guest House at 3 Pitcullen Cresent, Perth, Perthshire, PH2, 7HT. It looks like a nice place. Does you Dad know anything about it. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated, Did I say I was leaving this Thursday? A little late to be still planning!
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Comments on B&B to ollow ( since you've booked it fairly redundant, but if he knows I'll pass it on. Certainly it's about 20 minutes walk from the town centre and 20 minutes walk from the station (without luggage) Might be a good idea to get a cab up _is_ uphill.

Day trips on the train..perth is a former major route junction for the trains, and you will find lines from there to Edinburgh, Glasgow, via Stirling, Dundee and then Aberdeen, Inverness and all points between.

If you haven't "done" Stiling from Edinburgh or Glasgow, I would suggest a day there would be a good use of your time. The only problem is, it's a bit spread out, so you might need to use cabs a lot. Great castle; Wallace Monument, Bannockburn; good shopping.

Another thought would be Pitlochry then back to Dunkeld (Actually on checking my giude I see that some (not all, so be careful) trains stop at Blair Atholl.On second thoughts miss out Pitlochry which is an overrated tourist trap, and go on to Blair Atholl)Blair Atholl is a planned village and is very pretty in a slightly twee Victorian style, and it houses Blair castle, home of the Dukes of Atholl and the Atholl Highlanders. V Impressive in the grand style. I have no idea how you get from the station to the castle but it's only a mile.

On the way back south plan to stop at Dunkeld- station is Birnam, again about a mile from Dunkeld proper.

The Cathedral is special, but so is the square with its National Trust houses. Good book shop and some very good antique shops ( never pay what they are asking)

Birnam is, of course, famous as being the place fromm which the wood came to Dunsinane in Macbeth. Dunsinane is just north of Perth on the Aberdeen Road.

OK, Now for Perth itself- (why did you choose it, just for nosiness?)

Most of Perth's interest lies in its history- ancient capital of Scotland- and in its place in Scottish literature. Just north of Perth, 2 miles or so, is Scone Palace, worth a visit itself, which was the site where the kings and queens of scotland were crowned, seated on the Stone of Destiny, (a good fake of)which you will no doubt have seen when you visited Edinburgh castle.

The town's 12th century Church, St John's is worth a visit. It contains the remains of an Earl of Perth who is supposed to have told the town's baillies "If you give me six feet, I'll give you twa Inches"- a reference to the two parks on either side of the Old town, the North and South Inches (from the Gaelic Innis meaning meadow). In addition it is where John Knox preached the detsuction of the monasteries at the start of the Scottish reformation

Sir Walter Scott wrote a novel called "the Fair Maid of Perth" and her house and that of Hal o' the Wynd, can both be visited. This will tell you all about Clan Chattan and Clan kay and the battle they fought (staged?) on the North Inch. Next to Hal o' the Wynd's house is the City Mills which has a restored oatmeal and some nice craft shops. The City Mills Hotel, which I think is now called the Stakis, is another converted Mill, done so the lade can be seen flowing underneath.

If you walk along the Tay, you can see where the houses in the Watergate had their gardens which led down to the river, wher Kate Barlass held of the soldiers come to capture and kill the king.

The town has really good shopping centered around the High street and Old High Street. On the north edge of the town is the caithness Glass factory where you can see the glass being made and, of course, buy from the factory shop.

There are a lot of nice walks.. along the river and through the North Inch, through the Norie Millar gardens on the north side of the river, Branklyn gardens on the North side of the river, Kinnoull hill with its folly, and, near where you are staying, Buckie Braes and Callerfountain.

Places to eat- Let's Eat, is without doubt the best place in town, but Timothy's is quite good too. There's a bistro I can't remember the name of behind the Sherriff Court ( which is on Tay Street), called something like "Patrick's" which is quite good, and Littlejohns, Paco's and and the Filling station, are all cheap and cheerful. You're staying near the Loval which does good pub meals.

The Willows tea room in st John's Square is very good for coffee/ tea and cakes and things.

If you want more send details.

A third trip would be to go up the coast as far as Arbroath, which is a traditional fishing town, famous for its "smokies", and its cathedral which is where the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. "For so long as a hundred of us remain alive, we will yield in no least way to English dominion" and all that.

Stop ( if you want) at Carnoustie a coulpe of miles down the coast.. smaller and more of a 1920s tourist place, but famous for its golf, especially this week.

If you are rash enough to get off the train in Dundee ( armpit of the Universe; am I making myself plain?) there's not much of quality to see or do. There is a very good visitor centre (the Discovery Centre)near the station which interprets Captain Scott's voyages to the Antartic, and his ship, the Discovery is moored alongside so you can visit. Nearby is the Unicorn, a Dundee Whaler, which is also open to the public. there are people who actually like Dundee but they are few and far between.

As an alternative to going up the coast from Dundee, you could change here and get the train to Leuchars, 6 miles from St Andrews. Buses leave Leuchars for St Andrews every half hour ( not Sundays)

St andrews with its ancient university, its cathedral ( we do have a lot of them, don't we?) and the home of golf, the Royal and Ancient is seriously wortha visit. It has one of the best beaches in the world- the west sands- shme about the weather and one of the best ice craem shops in the world (Jannetta's) apart from being a lovely little town.

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Half of what I posted earlier has gone missing.. and it took hours!

My Dad says he'll check up on your B&B and phone me tomorrow morning. I'll post from work so you'll get it before you go.

I've just read it again. It is all there. It's just that the middle got moved to the end. I hope it makes sense.

The other thing I was going to add is the guest house isn't where I thought it was. it's a bit further from the town centre and the station than I said, (25mins, not 20) but less up hill and it's no-where near the last two walks, but much nearer the first three

Have a great trip
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Thanks for the information. I'm checking out Blair Atholl and Stirling. Adding those 2 locations will complete my schedule.

Why Perth? Well, my planning didn't start off with Perth. Originally, I was going to spend 3 days in London, catch a train to Glasgow, stay a couple of days, then continue on to Oban, Skye, and Inverness staying 1 night in each. My last stop was to be Edinburgh, where I would stay for 2 nights then finally back to London for my return flight home.

I started checking for places to stay. Needless to say, I should have begun this process months ago, but I didn't. I couldn't get the B&Bs I wanted for the dates I wanted. I was changing my dates, changing my route and starting to change my mind. But this trip is a special gift for a special Granddaughter, so not going was not an option.

I remembered the things she talked about wanting to do: see castles, ride a horse in the Highlands, and go swimming in Loch Ness. She will go to the museums, cathedrals (yes, you have many!) and shopping so I won't whine. So I looked at a map, checked my travel books, and searched the web sites. Guess what I found--Perth!

Attractions in and around Perth
Scone Palace
Highland Games (Perth)
Caithness Glass
Burrell Collection (40.4 Miles S)
Edinburgh (31.1 Miles S)
Edinburgh Tattoo (31.1 Miles S)
Glasgow (43.5 Miles S)
Gleneagles (18.6 Miles S)
Loch Ness (43.5 Miles N)
St. Andrews (31.1 Miles E)

Another great advantage to staying in one place--I don't have to take luggage with me each time I go to a different location!

Do you know if swimming is allowed at Loch Ness? I can almost hear myself explaining to my son how I allowed his daughter to be eaten my a monster that does not exist--right?
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I'm only nosy because I was born and brought up there and my family are all still there.

Did I misunderstand. are you planning to do all of your trip based in Perth? With day trips to Edinburgh and Glasgow and Inverness?

A few things on your list. You know the Burrell is in Glasgow?

You know you are too early for the Tattoo?

I don't think there are Highland Games in Perth this week. When I finish this post I'll check. There's a very good web site which lists the games chronologically.

You _may_ swim in Loch Ness. Whether or not it is sensible is another question. Scottish Lochs are _very _ cold even in the height of summer, and I really would find it hard to recommend.

The day you go to stirling, go a bit earlier and get off the train at Gleneagles on the way back ( checking that the train does stop there, and that there is a later one for you to catch back) That assumes you want to visit rather than play golf. Go up to the Hotel- you may have to organise a taxi in advance- it's about a mile or so, but the Perth yellow pages should sort you out- and have afternoon tea, either in the hotel or the Dormie House.

I'd be inclined to suggest you stay at least one night in Inverness to fit in what you want to do. From Inverness there are bus tours down the Loch and boat trips down the Loch. I will not be home again before you leave but I've posted details before. A search should find them.

Lastly do the pony trekking from Pitlochry, Blair Atholl or Inverness if your grand-daughter wants to be in the Highlands. You can trek from Perth but it's very tame.

And who says the monster doesn't exist? Of course it does!
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These are the Games taking place in the next 10 days


R-H-LF-SP-TW/8-HD Commences 12.30 p.m.

Great Location- very highland. Might be an issue how you get there. Probably buses from Perth or Glasgow. It's not on the rail line


R-C-H-TW/8-SP-HD Commences 1.00 P.M.

If you're going to St Andrews anyway, why not kill two birds with one stone?

July 29 (Thursday) - AMBLESIDE LAKELAND SPORTS- In England- fake- too far away

July 30 (Friday) - DURNESS HIGHLAND GATHERING- far north of Scotland. Can't be done

July 30 (Friday) - LANGHOLM COMMON RIDING- not Highland Games. Quite a spectacle. but it's in the Borders so a long way south. And no trains to get there

July 31 (Saturday) - DUFFTOWN HIGHLAND GAMES- if you're still here, it could be done. Train to Aberdeen then Keith then bus to Dufftown. But it's at the end of your trip and probably leaves you miles from anywhere you want to be.

Hope this helps
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My octogenarian father went and knocked on the door of the guesthouse this morning!!! And came back with only good vibes.

He says it's very nice, andthe lady who owns it is nice. All rooms are en suite and it has 4 tourist board crowns ( which is a very high rating).

Sorry he went a bit further than I expected. He probably has the lady's geneaology back five generations as well. Perth's like that! (He doesn't know your know, so if you're embarrassed, you can just deny all knowledge)

Have great time
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I'm enjoying reading about this area so much -- we were there last year in July. When you mentioned swimming I gasped . . . we packed in backpacks for the first time and had little room, although enough for two pair of shorts (in other words, you treasure clean clothes!). We didn't wear the shorts at all!! It was just too cold -- yes July. We had a marvelous trip, but pack accordingly. Be sure to have a windslicker -- keeps you dry and out of the wind and wads up very small in luggage -- take it with everyday. Inverness was our favorite spot. The River Ness(?) runs through it and it is so clear and pretty -- You can even keep us posted on your trip as there is a coffee bar with internet access - on the main drag in Inverness -- thought that was kind of fun.

Have a great trip.
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Sheila, I have read these last posts but haven't had time to digest all the information. I feel I may take your suggestion about spending the night in Inverness. I have read your previous posts, so I have plenty of details. I afraid I'm not known for being sensible. If Gena wants to go swimming, I'll let her. I'll take a change of clothing, have hot tea afterwards, and she'll have memories that will be forever.

So, I'm printing your posts and taking them with me. I'll finish my planning on the flight over. Thanks so much for the great information. Tell your Father I said thank you. He has confirmed my thoughts that I had chosen well.

Julie, I am taking windslickers and only long pants (no shorts). Gena insists on shorts so she will learn the hard way. She'll end up buying clothes with her spending money. I'll post if I can on my trip but will be sure to do so after I return.

I'm famous for getting lost. I took another Granddaughter to Germany two years ago and some of our greatest memories were the things we discovered while lost. At least in Scotland, I'll be able to communicate better, or at least I hope so (I'm from East Tennessee).

So, Gena and I are off on our great adventure tomorrow. Alex is next, she wants to go to Paris--ever been there Sheila?

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Yes, once, for three days, with my parents in law (horror) and British airways lost my father-in-law's wheelchair. But that's another story!

Ceud Mile Failte

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