Dangerous to Stay Near Embassies?

Jun 29th, 1999, 11:28 PM
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Dangerous to Stay Near Embassies?

I'm planning on staying at a hotel in London that is in close proximity to all the embassies. I'm a little nervous about this because of previous violence associated with embassies. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Jun 30th, 1999, 03:09 PM
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If you are this nervous I would not leave home ! The dangers of involvement in any terrorist problems in London are so ludicrously small they can be totally discounted. It is not something people who live and work in London give any thought to whatsoever.
Jun 30th, 1999, 09:55 PM
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I haven't stayed in that neighborhood but in Paris noticed the security is huge. The sight of all of those uniforms, guns, tanks and armour would give me the creeps before I've had my coffee.
Jul 2nd, 1999, 01:12 PM
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I just returned from London where I stayed at the Marriott on Grovesnor Square, which is next to the US Embassy. No problems, pickets, etc., but I did make a point of skirting some embassy(s) who are involved in wars (my BTA map showed each embassy, so I just went down a different street.) I usually stay at Claridges which is in the same area and follow the same guidelines.
Aug 1st, 1999, 08:58 AM
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We stayed near the American Embassy in London and the thought of terrorism never occurred to me. I think I was in more danger of being hit by a bus! I didn't see all that much security around the embassy though--it definitely wasn't scary.
Aug 1st, 1999, 12:08 PM
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Sarah, I work across the street from the US Embassy in London. I go to the Embassy for lunch, I go there to pick up my dry cleaning... we've never felt threatened or in danger. I guess we are used to living with threats (IRA,
Bin Landen, etc) and maybe we have become a bit complacent (sp), but, honestly, don't worry about it - that should be bottom of your list of worrys.
Have a good time in London!

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