Cyprus - North & South

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Cyprus - North & South

I am looking for some advice regarding Cyprus. The trip is planned for this coming September and will last two weeks. The party is made up of three women aged 51, 27 and 20. The 27 year old will only spend 1 week there. The idea is to spend 1 week in Northern Cyprus and one week in the Southern part. With all three present it is proposed to move around and stay perhaps not more than 2 nights in any one place. For the other week it is proposed to be based in one nice location by the sea. The party intends to hire a car. They particularly wish to avoid rowdy hotels and boozy crowds.

1. What are you suggestions regarding North and South? Which is the one which should be chosen for moving around and which for finding a fixed base?
2. What are the “not to be missed” sites?
3. Where are the spectacular beaches? Perhaps only reachable if one has a car?
4. What hotels can you recommend in the Euro 80-100 price range per night?
5. What restaurants can you recommend where you can find genuine local cuisine rather than tourist fare?
6. Any driving recommendations? The party live in Italy so have experience of challenging traffic conditions!
7. What to avoid or to watch out for?
8. Any other suggestions?
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Just a little enquiry eh? Turkish Northern Cyprus runs right along the N coast of the island, and is a smaller area than the Greek Southern side. The only place that you can cross is in Nicosia.

I'd stay in one place in the North and then maybe choose a couple of places in the South. There's no need to move 3 times in the South, so use Larnaca or Limassol and then Paphos.

Driving is no problem in Cyprus, but remember to drive on the left as in the UK, whilst in the Greek side. Watch out for the timeshare guys and gals. See the Tomb of the Kings in Paphos and have a ride up the Troodos mountains. Go to the monastery at Kykkos.

Whilst in Paphos have a ride up to the Akamas peninsula, on dirt roads. There are beaches up there that you can only get to by car or 4x4.

You may need to check whether you can hire a car in either side of the island and then return it to the other. I think that might be a problem.

Hotels are easy to find on the net. Don't have much on the Turkish side, as I haven't spent that much time there, but the main areas are Kyrenia and Famagusta.

I'm sure others can fill in the gaps.
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1. No point in moving around every 2 nights IMO. Choose 1 place in the North and 2 in the South maximum. No idea about the North but Kyrenia and Famagusta were the places to go. In the south stay in the Paphos area and then Larnaca area (eg Ayia Napa or Protaras for the beach location). You can visit Limassol easily from Paphos.

2. Troodos, Platres, Lofou, Lysos, Curium, Tomb of the Kings, Kolossi Limassol or Paphos castle, mosaics by Paphos harbour, Akamas peninsula by boat (excursion from Latchi)

3. Cyprus is not the land of the spectacular beaches - the best are in the east which is not the prettiest area which is Ayia Napa & Protaras area. Other nice beaches are around Aphrodites rock, some beige sand beaches in Limassol eg Curium, Coral Bay outside Paphos and a lovely swimming spot called Blue Lagoon only accessible by boat at the Akamas.
There are some in the Akamas that are accessible by car as well.

4. I don't stay much in hotels in Cyprus but that budget in the South would be difficult. North might be OK. 2 bed apartments would be great to rent or check out the agrotourism website for village house suggestions.

5. Viklari (Last Castle) just inside the Akamas - although mostly the English eat there and it's only open for lunch in the summer, it is a must. The view is lovely and it is a unique place run by a Cypriot family - no menu it's pork or lamb souvla, potatoes and salad.

Kourrides in Paphos (main town not seafront) is fabulous, an old style Cypriot place, very kind owner and great menu good prices. No tourists here but alot of Cypriot families.

Syrian Arab Club in Limassol for very tasty Syrian food and interesting restaurant with fountains etc.

The Old Pantobouleion in Limassol is lovely for a shady lunch.

Restaurant at Aphrodites Baths is also very good for lunch. Their stuffed vineleaves are particularly good. You can swim there if you don't mind the steps down to the sea, its rocky but on a calm day the sea is wonderful to swim in.

Village of Peyia near Coral Bay has several good restaurants and a great bakery

Cocktails at Mare Mare in Paphos harbour as the sun sets

6. Driving is relatively easy, rental cars tend to be poor quality so check it over carefully. Some dirt track roads in the mountains or Akamas I would not venture without a jeep.

7. You cannot take a rental car across the border
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Agreed that on that budget it would be hard to get a decent hotel in the south.

An option if you stayed in the same place in the south for a week or 5 days (I would suggest Paphos as a pleasant base) would be to book a number of apartments in the same apartment complex - some friends of ours did this when they got married in Paphos and it worked very well. Sites such as ownersdirect, holidaylettings have apartment complexes rented direct from owners. It would be more difficult to coordinate as you would be dealing with a number of different owners rather than just 1 hotel but you would be able to get more bang for your buck.
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Thanks for sharing the nice post .
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I think I still disapprove of the North. It's an illegal unrecognised state; don't go there.

I've been three time each time in the west of the Greek part, although I've made it as far as Lefkara twice. Lefkara is worth a visit. So are the mountains.

The ancient ruins at Paphos are the not to be missed bits

Watch the beaches on the south coast. they can have a fierce and unpredictable undertow. We liked the beach at Latsi, but I suspect it's somewhat more overdone these days.

there was a very good taverna on the west side of the main road in Kathikas when we were last there. I think it was called Georgiou's

It's a lovely place. Chill and enjoy
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I love North Cyprus and dislike the South. My suggestions are:
Fly to Ercan and have a car rental waiting. Taxis are £25 into Kyrenia. On arrival you will be presented with an excellent map. Drive to Kyrenia and stay at the Dome hotel. Room location is important. Check before you sign in. Spend a couple of days in Kyrenia by which time you'll know what part of the North you want to see after getting advice in Kyrenia.
My personal view is avoid Famagusta and the five miles or so north of it.

It's all VERY easy to drive around (on the left) ... so little traffic; such good roads.
My favorite hotel-- just outside of Kyrenia --is The web pictures in no way "tell it like it is".
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<<<I think I still disapprove of the North. It's an illegal unrecognised state; don't go there.>>>
I agree. I find the huge Turkish flag carved into the hillside most offensive.
Although there are some interesting places in the north, there is plenty to see & do in the south. Maybe cross the border in Nicosia for a visit, but base yourself in the south.
A coupe of places should do it as others have said, the distances aren't that huge, so most places could be covered with one western base & one further east, around Larnaca. Ayia Napa/Protaras area can be visited from there.
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It is value for money in North Cyprus. You will definitely get inspired by the beauty of this place. You can embrace the wonders of the nature here in winter sun north Cyprus. View nature very closely from here or in other words unleash your inner feelings here. You will find empty sandy beaches and beautiful mountains. There is beauty on this island called North Cyprus. It is a very sunny island and you are sure to enjoy your holidays here.
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