Customs/foot and mouth

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Customs/foot and mouth

Can anyone give me a heads up on what to expect in US customs after a vacation in England? I have heard different stories, including one where they confiscate your shoes and you never get them back again. I picture masses of barefoot tourists padding off to their vehicles. We will be landing in Detroit.

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Landed at O'Hare 2 weeks ago. Standard questions asked on the customs form to fill out regarding food products, being on a farm etc. USDA officials were asking as we were standing at the luggage carousel, and over the PA system, that anyone who had been on a farm, been near animals or had stayed at a B&B please present themselves. I don't know what was done then. We did not fit any of those criteria. Our suitcases were never even opened.
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We came home to Boston from London Apr 16. There were signs up about answering questions candidly about your visit to UK. If you had not been on a farm or had contact with farm animals, and were not bringing in any prohibited items, you were not stopped by Immigration or Customs. Very smooth arrival!
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Arrived at LAX on Saturday from Heathrow. Just asked if we had been on a farm or in the countryside (we hadn't). Nothing beyond that.

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returned on april 16 to newark airport, asked if had been on a farm, bed and breakfast,and if were bring in any dairy or food products.we were waved through with no problems.
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Returned from Paris and had pretty much the same thing as other posters. One woman near us had been in the English countryside and had put her shoes in a plastic bag. They were disinfected with a bleach solution. At our airport there was an additional x-ray examination at the USDA station. We brought back cheese and tinned foie gras with no problem.

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