Crete or Rhodes?

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Never mind
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I believe we have all been very patient, and earnestly want to help you plan your trip. I think either Crete or Rhodes would be a good choice, and wouldn't like to pick between the two other than according to which best fits the itinerary.

You wrote: "...either a flight from Crete to Samos and ferry to Kusadasi OR flight from Rhodes to Samos and ferry to Kusadasi (again depending on the choice of islands)."

Yes, that is possible from Crete, since has a flight between Heraklion and Samos. Note the above link shows their winter schedule, and it's only twice per week - you will have to wait to see what is available next Autumn, or contact them directly. Also be aware that Sky Express has a 12.5 kg (27 lb) weight allowance, so you will have to pack light. If Sky Express can't meet your needs, you will have to fly back through Athens to get from either island to Samos.
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I am an unashamed Cretophile. Having said that, I've never been to Rhodes, but I've always had the impression there was much less about it than there is Crete. Anyway, you don't get Minoans on Rhodes. End of, as the young people say. Go to Crete. I guarantee you won't regret it.
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I am glad that I did not venture to reply to this OP. People on the forum have been nice and patient in their responses. I don't think their efforts were appreciated at all. Hope you have a nice trip, and finally chose where to go based on your own research. Let us know which of the two is better in your own opinion.
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I totally understand where you're coming from! There is SO much to see in Greece, it's hard to give anything up - everything sounds great, so it's nice to get advice from fellow travelers who've been there.

I made the same decision - Crete or Rhodes - for a trip I am planning this summer, and I ultimately decided on Crete, because even though Rhodes looks amazing, and I am dying to see the Old Town, I have seen other medeival old towns in Europe, but I have never seen anything Minoan before. The distance from Athens to Rhodes was also a factor in my decision, since I have specific days I have to be in Santorini and Athens.

Hope this helps a bit
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I have been to Rhodes for about 5 days and then a day trip from Marmaris. I have been to Crete several times bordering on numerous. Yes the old town of Rhodes is special. Crete has it hands down!
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Both islands are wonderful and unique. One point that I'd like to mention is the length of time you have to spend on either island. If you had a week I would say go to Crete, but since you only have a few days, I encourage you to go to Rhodes. The Old Town is spectacular and rich with history that you can really explore in a short visit. You might save Crete for the next visit and plan more time there to really get a flavor of a large island with varied regions. Since you are planning the trip for a group of four, it will be important to consider what you will spend time doing while on either island. Also, planning your connections is a key to your itinerary as you figure out how long you will be in transit. Enjoy!
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I fear that kringel went away pouting a while back.
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I also would have said Crete "hands down" but if there for three days I would plum for the smaller island.
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