Credit Card Numbers

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Credit Card Numbers

How safe do you feel sending your credit card number over the web to guarantee an overseas hotel reservation?
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Unless the hotel has a secure server form (identified by the padlock in your bottom tool bar) you should never send CC info over the web.

Use the fax to send this type of information, then confirm that they recieved it via email!
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And what does the sales clerk do with your number in a store once you leave? I don't see much of a difference between using a card in a store and using it online.
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For safety testing purposes, your name (as it appears on the card), type of card, card #, zip code and expiration date would be of help.

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I only ever use a secure server, as above ,mentioned. And my credit card company is liable for any purchases made using my number on the internet, citibank, not even the $50,00 limit. So if it does wander into cyberspace , I'm covered!
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Personally, I don't worry about sending my CC# on the web. If they steal the number, so what. No bank charges you for charges against your account when it has been compromised through no fault of your own. While they can use a stolen credit card for purchases, for the most part they can't pull an identity theft thing unless they get a little more information (such as your SS# or your birthday or your mother's maiden name). Besides which much credit card fraud goes on with store clerks stealing the numbers.

So just use your credit card and don't worry.
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I do it all the time without problems. Maybe I've just been lucky. I also review my credit card statements frequently so I'd notice right away if there were odd charges.
Old Feb 22nd, 2002, 06:11 AM
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As above.

If the company is using secure encryption I will send it without worry.

If not, and it needs to be via email I will send half the details in one email and half in another some time later, in the hope that both won't be intercepted, (unless someone is being organised about intercepting all email to a certain address).

Or I just send all other details and say I will phone with CC details.

From what I have read, most internet credit card fraud is not a case of information sent via internet to an honest supplier being intercepted or cracked but more likely to be a case of someone selling services or goods, charging on the CC and then never delivering.
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As an aside, I used my credit card online to buy tix to ballet in Paris a couple of weeks ago; the other nite I got a call from Bk of Am., questioning me about the purchase. I explained what it was about; the cust. serv. rep said they just wanted to make sure that it was a legitimate purchase. When I told her I was going to Paris next week, she said she would make a notation about that, so that there wouldn't be any difficulty when I use the credit card in Paris. I've heard of people being denied use of their credit cards in foreign countries b/c it shows up as an unusual purchase, etc.
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The last time I booked a hotel in Europe they suggested that I could send them two e mails if that would make me feel more comfortable transmitting the information. They said send the first mail with half of the digits of the credit card. Then send a second e-mail with the other half and exp. date. I didn't do this, but maybe people feel more secure using this method. I always e-mail or fax the information. I feel lucky that I never had had any problems.
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I don't think e-mail is more secure than a non-secure browser. That having been said, there is almost no risk of using your credit card online. The worst that happens is you have to call the cc company and get a new card.

If you have regular charges set up to hit one card, maybe don't use that one online to avoid the hassle of contacting the regulars if you have to get a new card.

I charge many $$$ per year on Citibank credit cards (mostly for work). I use the card online a lot. The only problem I have ever had was from a phone purchase where someone obviously lifted the number and tried to use it somewhere else. The merchant called to verify before putting the charge through. Citibank does call me frequently because my spending and limits kick their fraud early warning program into place, but I've never had a problem.

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