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Hi all. We are headed to Copenhagen for four days at the tail end of March - not the best season, but hey - we'll make the most of it. I can use any and all advice, tips, suggestions, rants, etc. on what to do, places to see and go, where to stay (especially B&B-type places), what to avoid - the works. Thanks for the help!
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Go to Tivoli Gardens and stroll through Nyhavn. Copenhagen is a nice city, although after 2-3 days, I ran out of stuff to see. I stayed at the City Public Hostel (which wasnt bad) on Absolongade 8, so I cant recommend any hotels.
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Copenhagen is a great city, but half the things worth doing can't be enjoyed in March. Tivoli is the best attraction but doesn't open 'til April.
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If you intend to use public transport, don't hesitate to get your private Copenhagen Card, so that you can enjoy bus and train service all the 7 zones, and it can be used for reduction about half of the entrance fee for many attractions. Last time i got a 3-day card,and can use it from the airport to city centre.
Enjoy your time in Kobenhavn.
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Copenhagen is wonderful. I spet 8 days in Aug 1999 and loved every minute. I would like to go back.
I always say the people make the place. The people here are so friendly and docile (where have the vikings gone?).

In addition to the Stroget area, if you are young in spirit and soul, I recommend visiting Christiania. Don't expect to find it signposted. You need to ask the cool looking young guys where this place is. It will be just rond the corner, but no-one will admit knowing where it is unless they feel they can trust you. Have a look at .
The Copenhagen card is a great idea.

Another great idea are the walks organised in the city (but I dont know if they are on in winter). Ask at the tourist office about them. It is very close to the train station. An American ex-pat does these and he is really great.

Visit the changing of the guard, and take a boat (the blue ones are MUCH cheaper and offer the same route) ride through the canals.

Best of all, I recommend you buy the Eyewitness guide to Copenhagen (Dorling Kindersley). This will show you (yes, I meant show) all there is to see and know. I believe that one has been published recently. If you have no luck at, try for the UK edition, as this might be available.
Oh...I have gone on .... but I simply love Copenhagen. BTW, do you know how to ride a bicycle ? If not, take some lessons before going there !
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You could take the S-Tog (commuter train) to Hillerød to see Fredricksbørg Palace, then take the Lillenor train from Hillerød to Helsingør to see Kronbørg castle, and then take the train back to Copenhagen from there. Your Copenhagen Card will get you on all those trains and into one of the castles (can never remember which one). Fredricksbørg is incredibly huge and ornate. King Christian IV, whose insignia is everywhere in the place, bankrupted the country building it. Kronbørg was built as a fortress to keep the Swedes out, so it is not so ornate, but an impressive castle anyway. Holgør the Dane (their version of Paul Bunyan) lives in the basement there. While in Helsingør you can also take a ferry over to Sweden. You can see them from the railroad station when you arrive. With a Copenhagen Card it is only a few dollars I think. It only takes a few minutes to get over there. Just in case you'd like to collect another stamp on your passport. You can also watch Swedes going back home with cases of Danish beer. Rosenborg Palace in town is a good place to visit. The crown jewels are there. There is a small amber museum in the Nyhavn area. Free entrance with Copenhagen Card and some interesting things made of amber. Don't know if the tower at Our Savior's church will be open, but you can climb the outside of the spire on a spiral staircase if it is. Breathtaking view of the city from there. The Danish Resistance Museum is a fascinating look at Nazi occupation and how the Danes coped with it. I believe it is free. The National Museum is excellent and has a media room with free internet access and a good cafe. Museum entrance free with Copenhagen Card. I recommend the Hotel Danmark. Reasonably priced, immaculate, ensuite rooms with good breakfast included. Walking distance to everything I mentioned and a city bus stop right out in front if you don't feel like walking. There are no B&B's per se in Copenhagen. There are tourist rooms in private homes. Rick steves mentions some in his Scandinavia in 2 to 22 Days, or you can have the Tourist Information office find you one for a fee, or visit the Use It office and they will find you one for free. The HI hostel is out by the airport and not very convenient to anything. E-mail me if you have any other questions about Copenhagen.
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I agree with the suggestion to visit Helsingor. Another nice day trip is to take the train to Roskilde to visit the Viking museum.
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Nick here. Thanks all for the great suggestions so far! It's strange - I've been all over Asia, the Caribbean etc., but when it comes to Scandinavian countries, I am at a loss as to where to begin. I will research the options mentioned above ... am thinking that exploring the countryside might be fun. Keep those tips coming! Thanks!
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Oh, almost forgot. If you're going to be there in March you should definitely order hot chocolate everywhere you go. It is so much better there than the anemic stuff we have here.
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When you get to Copenhagen, you lucky dog, get a copy of the book "Copenhagen This Week" for each member of your group. The books are free at the tourist info, airport, hotels and I don't know where else. These books or booklets have a wealth of info in them.
The title is a misnomer because they cover a month of what is going on. The only problem is, they list so much good stuff, you will never do it in only 4 days.
Have a great time.
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Joan Doyle
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Dear Nick: I couldn't help noticing that no one has mentioned visiting the Louisiana Art Museum, on the harbor just north of the city. A city bus goes there and there's a good restaurant in addition to really fine art exhibits. Enjoy. Joan

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