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I am looking for inexpensive lodging in Italy. It's been suggested that I look at convents. But I'll be traveling with a male friend. We are plationic friends and will want two beds. I know that the nuns often enforce curfews. Would they have a problem with us sharing a room? Thx
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You will need to look for something different or you may get two rooms
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Why not just say that you're a married couple, but prefer to sleep in separate beds.
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I'm not sure how that would work. Has anyone stayed at a convent that could help with this question. Maybe you should just lie about being married.
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The Sun article is about convents and even mentions that a nun said she did not need proof of marriage!

The second site generally offers monasteries that offer lodging. I think either sounds like fun.

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The nuns would neither care nor ask any question about your marital status. Simply ask for a double room with two beds. If they don't happen to have one available, in a lot of cases, the letto matrimoniale can be pulled apart to create two seperate beds. There is no need to lie or make a big deal about your relationship, the only two things the nuns will ask is your respect of the convent's atmosphere and adhere to the curfew.

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