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Which would you suggest? - Continental breakfast included in the price of our hotel or stopping at a cafe for a pastry & juice. There are 3 of us, and we prefer a light breakfast. Price isn't a huge concern, but which one is a better deal?
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A continental breakfast IS pastry and juice, plus really good coffee.
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Cheryl Z.
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Nikki- I don't know where you're going but you will find most of the time even at the smallest hotel or even a non-touristy place, that their continental breakfast is wonderful, and more than adequate. Often there are cereals, meats, cheeeses, yogurts, eggs to choose from. The European's version of a "continental brekfast" is far different from our pastry, juice and coffee version. Probably only once or twice did we ever stay at a hotel where breakfast was just pastry, coffee and juice. You will be able to check out their setup every morning (it's buffet style) and then make your decision. We've never been disappointed and we've been to many European country several times - Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Denmark. I always look forward to eating over there and am never disappointed. Have a great time.
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We had breakfast served in our room in Venice (Hotel Galleria) which included coffee, tea for me, and three types of breads with butter, jam, and cheese. This was a surprise for me because usually in the hotels I've been to they were a much smaller meal. I do enjoy eating at a cafe or picking up fresh fruits at the markets. I prefer not to have it included in my hotel charges because of the price we pay vs. what we get. And I'm like you: I don't have a big breakfast.
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Mea culpa, I applied the airline definition of a "continental breakfast" in my response.
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Cheryl Z.
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Nikki - just thought of something else. Make sure it actually is included in your room cost if you decide to eat at the hotel. I just remembered in Zurich once I believe, it wasn't included and there was a small charge.And we had assumed it was included.
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Kristin Lucas
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If by any chance you are traveling to eastern Europe, breakfast may be plainer. We consistently had rolls (not sweet, usually hard and chewy), cold cuts, cheese, and coffee or tea in Poland and (what was) eastern Germany. Sometimes hard-boiled eggs. Yearned for cold cereal and milk after awhile, but food was adequate.
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It sounds like you are making this decision solely
based on price which is not going to be that
different, in any case. You could certainly eat
breakfast cheaper than what hotels charge, but
not usually at a nice cafe, but rather if you bought
something from a bakery or grocery store--cafes
will be similar in price. I disagree with a previous
post about the definition of "continental breakfast"--
I believe by definition this term DOES mean simply
some bread product, juice and coffee. Every hotel
I've stayed at in Europe (and I've stayed in many
in various countries, also) uses that term to mean
that. It is true that breakfast may be more, like a
buffet, but they do not usu. then call it a "continental
breakfast"--they call it a buffet or full breakfast or
English/American breakfast.
If your hotel is calling it continental, I'll bet you will
only get roll/bread and coffee. In some hotels, you
will not even get this in a dining room, but they
will deliver it to you and make you eat it in your
room (I had this happen in a 3 star English hotel).
I don't care for this myself as I don't want to eat
in my room. I prefer to go out to a cafe but not for
money reasons, just because I like to get out,
see people and prefer a choice of what to eat--you
don't get this in a hotel. I do not care for the type of
breakfasts hotels seem to serve in some Eur.
countries like Holland--it included hardboiled
eggs and cold cuts. I find this unappealing and not
the type of food I want to eat for breakfast (I rarely
eat cold cuts in any case), but it seems to be
popular in some hotels in Neth. & Germany, I've heard,
because it's cheap and involves no cooking on
their part. I'd rather have a good cereal, myself.
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My decision to accept the "hotel's breakfast" was not solely based on price, but also convience. In fact, the reason I posted this question was to get your opinion on this: Considering both convenience and cost - Which type of breakfasts I mentioned would you suggest? I can always ask our hotel to deduct the cost of breakfast, so nothing is final yet. We will be getting up early to start the day before the crowds and wanted to get a quick start with breakfast. I was thinking that it would save some time from looking for a cafe. That option is not out, that is the reason I was asking your advice. Also - I used the term "continental breakfast" by accident, not the hotels - the hotels referred to it as "breakfast included" or "buffet" like you said. Thanks for all the information you have all shared with me - I will take it all into consideration when making my final decision. -Nikki
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Nikki, you sure opened a can of worms here!! When you check into your hotel, ask what they serve for breakfast and then decide. I always buy fruit at an outdoor market and keep it in the room. In Italy breakfast is usually included, in France it costs a small bit extra. I love the convenience of just going downstairs and getting done with it, but then I'm not much of a breakfast person. My best advice would be to do whatever makes you happy!!
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I think the weather or season has a great importantce, if it is winter you should take the breakfast in the hotel. If th weather is good it depends on you.
It is certainly cheaper to go out, specially if you take a simple cafe au lait, o cafe creme and a croissant or a tarrine ( which is buttered crusty bread) is hard to generalize. When I doubt I ask for a room without breakfast and then if I change my mind and go to the breakfast room and pay.
If it is a small hotel I let them know the night before
so they will have the fresh food available.

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What's included in breakfast, or continential breakfast, varies from one hotel to another. You just have to ask. Often, if you choose to have it delivered to your room, you will receive a beverage (of your choice), assortment of rolls, preserves, and butter - but, if you go to the breakfast room, there may be a larger selection including fruit, cereal, granola, meats, cheeses and so forth. After checking into your hotel, you can stroll around the neighborhood and check for nearby cafes before deciding whether or not you want breakfast at the hotel. If the weather is nice, and there is a cafe nearby (or even if it's raining and you have to be indoors), breakfast at a cafe is a lovely way to start each day. It's all a matter of personal preference. I, personally, was in heaven in Paris at a hotel where you could order your continental breakfast (included) over the TV and designate the time you wished to have it delivered. But, I'm one of those folks who reaches for the coffee first thing and can't imagine having to shower and dress and go someplace before having that first cup of coffee.

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