Cheap Hotel Rates Europe

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Cheap Hotel Rates Europe

Has anyone any good suggestions for the best place to find cheap hotel rates for Europe or are they all much the same.
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Hi Lucy,

Where are you going? Some countries have sites that are superior to others.
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EuraHo, i mean EuroHo, LucyHo

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Two ways of looking at this question:

a) hotels with low rates most or all of the time, but still worth considering (as opposed to inferior hotels or those in bad locations which are often priced low also) - - a good source for (relatively more) trusted low-cost properties is


b) more high-priced hotels with bargain offerings; this seems to be more hit and miss, with no one good web source that I know - - although individual cities or regions may have such (London, Amsterdam, for example, I think). There continue to be reports of sporadically getting very good (and surprise) deals from - - and I think it has some "work-alike" competitors.

Best wishes,

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What I typically do is narrow my search down to less than 10 hotels I think I'd really like to stay in, basically broken down the way Rex did it:

* One or two of the "best" hotels in the city - ultra luxury expensive hotels (almost always historic) that I would never pay full price for, but include just on the off chance that I find an absolutely amazing deal (this hasn't happened yet, but I still hold out hope . . . )

* A handful of hotels whose average price seems to be about $50 - $150 USD per night above my budget

* A handful of hotels under US $100 that come highly recommended

(I find these hotels by researching on Fodors - both on the forums and on their hotel guide &, then when I've narrowed a little more, just search for them on google to see if there are more reviews that can help me narrow to my final list).

Finally, I just go hotel by hotel and type the name of the hotel and "discount" in google, and see where I can find the best deal.

I consider it a good deal when I find that the vast majority of websites list the price for the type of room I want at $50 - $100 over my budget, then I find ONE site that lists it at or below my budget.

I also try and, but so far haven't found any unbeatable deals with them.

Good luck!
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Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can contact the hotel front desk directly via email or fax, to ask availability and rates. Sometimes the rates are equal and I feel confident working directly with them rather than thru a booking service.
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Your question is really too general to answer. As one other asked, where do you intend to go? If you are completely open to go wherever it's cheapest, then I suggest Bulgaria. It's a pretty country, safe as anywhere else in Europe, and not overrun by visitors. And for your purposes, it will provide cheap hotel rates.

Second choices for "cheap" would be non-urban areas of Poland, the Baltics, and Hungary. Good luck.
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Not necessarily the best place, but a very good place we used last year, already mentioned on this thread: On it, we found a wonderful, relatively</i} inexpensive locanda in Venice.
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