Cermony of the Keys

Sep 23rd, 1999, 09:20 AM
Scott K
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Cermony of the Keys

My wife and I FINALLY received tickets to the Cermony of the Keys at the Tower for December. They state VERY sternly thet there is NO recording of pictures. Does anyone know if pictures are for sale??
Sep 23rd, 1999, 12:46 PM
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We did this in April and they are very serious about no picture taking or recording etc. and to the best of my knowledge there are no pictures available for sale, not to say there are not some someplace, but we did not see any and certainly nothing was for sale at night.

I would suggest dressing warmly December is going to be cold (and maybe wet) and it gets pretty darn nippy down there by the Tower waiting to be let in! Hopefully all the people in your group will respect the ceremony and not try and talk through it as several people (adults, not children) in our group did until they were told quite frankly to shut up by a teenage girl also attending, just as I was about to tell them myself.

We found it interestsing and fun too, hope you do likewise.
Sep 23rd, 1999, 06:36 PM
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I have had the privilege of witnessing this ceremony three times and they are very serious about following the rules. I have never seen any pictures of the ceremony for sale. One time when the ceremony was over, the narrator answered questions and told us some fun"ghost" stories. Another time we were there during a bomb threat and we surrounded by 25 men in bright red uniforms, fuzzy hats holding bannets for half an hour. After which time they were full of apologies of the experience. It is indeed a treat to see the ceremony - but don't be late or you'll be locked out.
Enjoy - Joyce
Sep 23rd, 1999, 07:30 PM
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Scott: I've also written for tickets for December, but have yet to hear back. I mailed out my request on June 29. I gathered it took a while for your response based on your tone. Exactly how long did you have to wait? I've written my second letter, but haven't quite made it to the post office for my international reply coupon yet. Thanks!
Sep 27th, 1999, 07:27 AM
Scott K
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I was told by the nice young lady at British Tourism that you have to send the international postage voucher with your letter as well it helps to put SEVERAL contact places in your request.
I pesonally listed home and work phone, fax and e-mail.

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