Central Europe + Italy

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Central Europe + Italy

My wife and I are travelling to Central Europe from 7th June - 14th June. Its a budget trip and want to cover the main cities.
7th - Vienna
8th - Vienna
9th - Budapest (Take early morning Bus from Vienna to Budapest)
10th - Budapest
11th - Krakow (Take the early morning Euroline bus. Vising Krakow for the night life).
12th - Krakow
13th - Prague (Early morning Bus. Maybe TigerExpress bus. Depart : 6.10 am. Arrive Prague 12.10 pm
14th - Prague.

We were earlier planning on renting a car, but found cheaper options by travelling in bus. And we are planning to take early morning buses so that we spend the less productive time in travelling.

We are interested in history / historical places but not museums. And enjoying the culture And nightlife.

Are 2 days enough in each city?
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Are you arriving in Vienna on the 7th? What time?
When do you depart Prague? 14th or 15th?

You really do not have two days in each city.

It is about 2+ hours from Vienna to Budapest. Add in time from hotel to bus and bus to hotel, lot of the morning used up.

If I read the schedule correctly, by bus, it is over 6 hours from Budapest to Krakow.
Maybe train or plane would be better, I don't know, but whatever, 2/3 of your day will be spent getting there.

Krakow to Prague by bus is at least 5-6 hours. Add in time getting to the station and to your hotel, 2/3 of a day used up.

At the best, this is what you have, depending on arrival time and departure day.
Vienna, 1&1/2 days
Budapest, 1&3/4 days
Krakow, 1&1/3 days
Prague, 1&1/3 days, if you are not departing until the 15th. Otherwise, may be less.

If you stay up late for night life, what time will you be getting up to catch a 6:10 bus? I guess you can sleep on the bus.

Look at night trains. Have no idea how good or safe or reliable they are, but would save a night in a hotel and perhaps give you more sightseeing time.
Also, look at Ryan air or other cheap airlines. They might not save any time though, by time you go to airport, through security, etc.

I prefer more time in places, plus I hate busses. With a week, I would probably pick two cities and do a short day trip from each. However, that is personal. You are, I am certain, young and more energetic. How much of your time you want to spend on a bus from place to place versus how much time you want to spend sight seeing or experiencing a place is up to you.
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You said Central Europe + Italy. Where does Italy fit in?
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Not at all. Each has a completely different history and culture, which makes sense because they are in four different countries, had various different sets of rulers, different histories during each of the two world wars, different treatment by the Russians, speak different languages, have different currencies, etc.

Your shortest proposed bus trip is Vienna-Budapest, which is nearly 3 hours. The other two will total more than 11. That's 14 hours on the bus in eight days on the ground. And buses suck more than trains.

And if you're traveling to Europe from another continent and leaving on the 7th, you don't have a bit of that first day either due to arrival time, jet lag or both.
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And Big Russ, the OP does not even have two days in any of their cities.
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Hi Sassafrass and Bigruss,
Thanks for a quick reply. We arrive in viena at by the 6.00 am flight from Delhi. Its an 8 hour direct flight. Dont think jet leg will be an issue since we are used to travelling around.

From Prague, we leave on 15th morning, 9.30 am flight for Rome. 3 days in Rome and 2 days in Venice. My wife has already been there. So i guess not any major questions on them.

We have included Krakow just because I have heard it has a great night life. So it is not much of a porblem if we arrive krakow in afternoon of 1 pm

Opted out of flights mainly because of not much incremental time advantage. Idea of taking day bus was also too enjoy the scenic drive. Have not explored night trains. Will do that.

But from both of your suggestions, it means that I might have to drop Krakow to give enough time in the other 3 cities.
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I would definitely drop Krakow - as it is you will have really only 1 day n each city - just enough to rush around to a couple of sights.

One of the joys of european vacations is to just sit in a cafe on a charming square, have a drink and watch the world go by. You would be missing that everywhere.

And suggest that you check into walking tours in each city. We had a fantastic tour of Prague old town by an architecture student from the university - who provided wonderful historic and architectural information. (Prague is the only large city in central europe not destroyed in WWII - since Chamberlain handed it over to Hitler - so the buildings are all original/ authentic, instead of the reconstructions you find most places). We picked up the 2 hour tour at the town hall, it was practically free and there were only 7 people so it was a very personal experience.
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Drop Krakow and you have two full days in Budapest and two full days in Prague.
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If you haven't made hotel arrangements yet, perhaps consider going directly to Budapest from Vienna, then working your way toward Prague via Vienna. You arrive in Vienna early on a Sunday, when stores are closed, attractions won't open for hours; and there is not much nightlife to speak of. Eurolines has a 07:15 bus from the airport to Budapest, arriving late morning.

I, too, suggest dropping Krakow for this trip; traveling to and from take up too much of your time.
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