Carrying Passport?

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Carrying Passport?

I'm traveling to England for the first time in many years, and i'm wondering whether i need to carry my passport with me at all times? I'll be staying in little bed and breakfasts around Devon and Cornwall, so i probably feel safer leaving it in my luggage back in the room than i would staying at a big hotel in London, but what's the best idea here? Thanks.
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Make 2 copies of the 1st two pages of your passport. One to carry with you as identification which some countries require you to do and two to use as a back up if your regular passport gets lost or stolen. The majority of the time you only need to show your "real" passport at immigration or when cashing a traveler's check or cash advance at a bank. I always carry my Passport in my money belt along with my plane tickets and traveler's checks or I leave them in the Hotel's safe. You're probably safe leaving them in the rooms of the B&B's in the areas your traveling in but why take the chance.
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Ben Haines
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As Carl says, no. Indeed, I don't see why you'd carry a photocopy either.
You need the passport at the airport, and then so long as you draw cash from ATMs using a credit card you can lock it away with air tickets in the hotel safe, until you go. Or indeed, if the landlady says so, in your bag in your room. Passport theft is not a big feature of Devon.

Our police have no right to ask you to show your passport. They are entitled to ask you where it is, no more.

Like the Americans and the Dutch, we take liberty seriously.

Ben Haines, London

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i made the mistake of having my passport in my wallet in rome last month--pickpockets got it!!! Don't carry your passport with you. But do have some copies---it was very helpful in getting mine replaced.
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Hans H
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Take your driver license with you as a mean of identification. This is enough even in the countries which require you to carry an identification.
I often leave my passport etc. in the room as long as I'm in countries which haven't a bad reputation for safety. I haven't had single bad experience with it. I think that it's a better idea than carrying everything around and possibly losing it. If you are more concerned about safety, leave it in the hotel safe.
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One additional time I'm been asked for
a passport in England has been when I check into a hotel and this was not everytime.
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i dont think you need it for ID , unless as bob said some of the big hotels ask for it. you wont need it for [email protected] yes !! keep a copy of the pages, i always wear amoney belt, even in theUK,pays to safe , rather than sorry.
my money belt allows me to wear the passports, and tickets on the flat of my back, after the 1st day you dont even feel it. have a grt trip , and be safe.lorrie
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Ben Haines
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I do agree that to have a copy of key poassport pages is a comfort.

If British hotels ask a foreign treaveller to show a passport I suppose they are within their rights. It never happensto me: I'm English. And I think a word of protest would be in order. What do they think you'll do --steal the towels ? On the other hand, I always write my address in the space provided, chiefly so that if I leave my toothbrush behind they can send it to me.

Ben Haines

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Just returned from our European vacation (Germany, Austria, Italy, Switz). We needed to show our passports (one passport for the whole family) checking in the hotels. Airports/customs - as usual. Crossing borders by car (and we crossed 5 times) - we were not stopped anywhere. We've waited for about a minute on the Switz/Austria border, while previous car with Switz license plate was checked.
Agreed that this is a good idea to have a copy of your passports.

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