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Car Rentals in Ireland - the devil is in the small print!

Car Rentals in Ireland - the devil is in the small print!

Jul 1st, 2014, 09:47 AM
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Car Rentals in Ireland - the devil is in the small print!

I have read many of the posts on this site and other travel sites and find that about five or six car rental companies are recommended. Can someone tell me what their experience has been with the following sites or your rental experience?

Easytourireland.com (sells Hertz)

Several have a fully inclusive rate promoted but in some instances they also have a deductible. Confusing.

Is there truly a fully inclusive rate with no surprises at the counter?

Thank you in advance for your response
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Jul 1st, 2014, 10:20 AM
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I just rented from Dan Dooley, advertised as all costs included, and I think they were.

It's the insurance that can get you. We at first didn't accept the excess waiver, so ended up paying that when we picked the car up. If you don't accept it, you pay 1200€ deductible. We decided to take that insurance, but it was expensive and there was still a 100€ deductible.

I paid for an extra driver but when we picked up the car, they didn't notice and tried to charge me again. I think it was accidental and could happen with anyone so just double check all charges no matter who you rent from.

Now here is the good part about Dan Dooley. Our car worked great but after about 5 days, the motor started revving at the top of the tachometer even at low speeds and we couldn't get it to stop. There was a very strong burning smell when we got out - could smell it throughout the parking lot - and the dash read 'check auto gearbox'. We called the company and they asked me to call back the next morning after letting the car sit overnight. We did that and there was no revving and the dash notification was off. However, we didn't feel comfortable driving it back for an exchange for an hour so they sent out a new car for us, no questions asked. They had used 1/8 tank of gas to get it to us, but told us we could return the car at the end anywhere above the half mark to make up for it. They really stood behind their name and we appreciated their service.
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Jul 1st, 2014, 10:25 AM
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I almost never book directly with a car rental vendor, I use Autoeurope or something similar. Sometimes you see rates offered with fully refundable excess, meaning that you don't have to take the additional insurance that reduces your deductible to zero and if you have a claim, the amount you have to pay as the deductible will be refunded, up to the limit of the deductible, if that makes sense. You need to check and read the small print yourself.
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Jul 1st, 2014, 12:45 PM
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Excess waiver, or super CDW can really get you when renting a car in Ireland. The rental companies definitely command a premium for this coverage, but there are lots of companies that offer 3rd-party super CDW at a nice savings over the rental companies. That's the approach I took, and I definitely saved some money.
Also, I rented through Dan Dooley. I found that they were the most up-front with the charges, and the service was great.

hope that helps!
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Jul 3rd, 2014, 09:20 AM
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Thanks for you replies.

I spent some time get price and 'terms' comparisons and this is what I found.

I checked with Dan Dooley as you suggested and found that their” All Inclusive Rate” still had a deductible of 1200 euros for the Ford Mondeo with standard transmission.

I checked the ‘Rental Terms’ link and found a list of car types along with the additional cost required to reduce the deductible.

“All rentals that include CDI are subject to liability excess, ranging from €1,200 to €2,200 depending on the vehicle in the Republic of Ireland and ranging from £600 to £800 depending on the vehicle.” In the Republic of Ireland you may reduce the excess to €100 if you purchase Super Damage Waiver Insurance (SDW). They quote an additional 15 euros per day.

So 7 days in August for an ‘intermediate’ car with standard transmission with Dan Dooley was 658 euros plus the 15 euros a day for seven days (105 euros) and still have a 100 euro deductible. That's 763 euros.

I also checked easytourireland.com (hertz) and compared their ‘intermediate,’ a VW Jetta with standard transmission. They state that they have a ‘fully inclusive rate.’ I checked their terms and indeed they do. From what they say on their site their ‘Super Cover’ has no deductible and is included in the rate they quoted. However they do state in their ‘Terms’ that tire and wheel damage are not covered.

Their quote was 594.29 euros. No extra charges.

So far it looks like hertz through easytourireland. I looked at Avis and Budget but they were more expensive than Dan Dooley.

Anyone else out there have anything better than what I found?
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Jul 3rd, 2014, 09:40 AM
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Good to know for the future. I'll contact you for research before my next trip
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Jul 3rd, 2014, 10:50 AM
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Did you check Autoeurope?
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Jul 5th, 2014, 08:12 AM
Original Poster
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Hi Odin,

Yes, I just went in to the autoeurope site and here is what I found

Someone else mentioned autoeurope. Here is what I found for one week in August and the intermediate size car with manual transmission.

I went into their website and got a quote for the same period and their lowest rental company was Hertz but they did not offer a fully inclusive price like easytourireland.com The only thing they offered was a rate that had a deductible on both collision and theft. The airport fee was not included, the personal accident insurance was not included, the Super Cover was not included. The offered a rate in US dollars of $625. The Super Cover is $25 a day and the airport fee is $30. Personal Accident Insurance is $52 for the week. I added up all the extras that I would have to pay for when I picked up the car and it came to $882. That converts to 653 euros. They also have a cancellation penalty.

Note: I had to dig into the 'Terms' link to find out what was not included.

Easytourireland.com was the equivalent of 594 euros. Looks like they are still the least expensive. They didn't have a cancellation penalty.

I am going to make my reservation with easytourireland.com and I will let you know what I find out when I get a confirmation.
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Aug 29th, 2014, 04:23 AM
Original Poster
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Hi all, Balinaraw here!
I wish to follow up on my post from July 1st and the provide some feedback to the kind folks who answered my questions.  I am in Ireland and wanted to report on how the advice I received from Ireland Yes members has worked out.
As you know I planned my trip to Ireland for August.  I arrived in Dublin on August 18th after flying from through JFK. We had some mechanical problems with the aircraft so my arrival in Dublin was three hours late.  When I did my trip planning I read forum posts about taking the first couple of days in Dublin without a car.  That was great advice as with the delayed flight I was not able to sleep well on the plane and having a place to crash in Dublin was great.  I also booked a transfer from the airport to the hotel with Fintan Murray who met me as I came out of customs.  After being questioned by Irish Customs about bringing in electronics, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. I went through to the Arrivals Hall and was met by Fintan.  It was nice to see a smiling face and receive a warm welcome.  I asked him where the ATM was and he showed me.  About 100 feet from the customs exit door!  I drew out some euros (I was advised on one of the travel forums that this was the best way to get euros) so I would have some immediate spending money.
An aside here as I think it is worth mentioning: The Irish Customs lady was a bit rude.  I think it should have been obvious to her that I was an American tourist.  I told her I did not drink alcohol nor smoke cigarettes and only had my iPad and iPhone.  Who travels without those nowadays??? Not a warm reception by Irish Customs.  I told her I was arriving on vacation.  She said " I wouldn't have known that by looking at you!"  I didn't respond but just moved on through the doors.  
Back to Dublin.  Fintan took me to his taxi and and we proceeded into the Davenport Hotel.  He offered me a bottle of water which was greatly appreciated and told me that there was free wi-fi in the car!  I relaxed as we left the airport.  Sipping on water and firing up my iPad I could take down my emails and texts.  This felt like a private limo but at a much more affordable price.  In about 25 minutes we arrived at the hotel.  I had pre-booked his services and prepaid by credit card so I didn't have to .  He brought my bags in.  That was unexpected but he said it was all part of the service.  
For those that are curious I prepaid 39 euros for the Meet, Greet and Transfer service.  I an glad that I did!  If you want to get in touch with Fintan you can go to www.corporatetransfers.ie and click on his 'get a quote' link.  I was joking with Fintan on the way in about the www in front of his website address.  I said you should tell customers that it stands for 'with water and wi-fi.' he laughed!  Hey it's true!
The delayed flight arrival meant that when I got to the hotel they had a room read for me.  That was a blessings because I was tired.  I'll review the Davenport Hotel in another post.
I am enjoying two days in Dublin and saw quite a few sites and made a few visits.  I have a car rental booked with Hertz through EasyTourIreland.com and it is set up for tomorrow.  When I booked my airport to hotel transfer with Fintan I found that he also provided a transfer and pilot service which I will be using tomorrow.  He will pick me up at the hotel tomorrow morning, transfer me to the Hertz location on South Circular Road and then pilot me out to the N4 which is the road to the west of Ireland.  I'll continue my report including the car rental pick up experience in a couple of days.
Off to enjoy the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl this evening.  Sound likes great fun!  I read a review of it on TA and booked it.
Hi Michele,
I found out later when I talked to Fintan Murray of Corporate Transfers that the Customs folks are looking for returning nationals bringing electronics which are about half the price in the States. With 23% VAT most of those items would be cheaper.

I'll continue my report -

I went off to the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. It starts at the Duke Pub (upstairs) on Duke Street, just a five minute walk from my hotel. When all the guests are assembled two actors, one of them was Colm Quilligan who founded the company, and the other was Frank. These folks are real actors who work on TV and in some movies, and some bit parts on the stage. They start out whit a funny song about the 'waxies' or candle makers who hold their annual outing at the Dargle River. Lots of laughs. Then two beggars that perform the whole Play of Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.
More humor and then the group breaks up into two smaller groups and each led by an actor and start the walking tour to various sites within a six block radius and start talking about the famous literary figures of Dublin. I don't think any of the stories would have ended up in their memoirs or biographies! Very funny. We made stops in three pubs, one of which was the Old Stand where Michael Collins used to hold court during the War of Independence. Return back to the Davey Byrnes Pub across the street from the Duke Pub. At this point they hold a quiz and if you were listening during the tour you could win a tee shirt or a small bottle of Jameson whiskey (sponsor) which they call mouthwash or all oer body lotion. Funny through to the end. Took about 2 hours or so and well worth the nominal price. I would recommend it to any visitor.

On my next morning Fintan Murray (corporatetransfers.ie) picked me up on time at 8:30A. He took me to the Hertz location at South Circular Road, about five minutes away. I went in to the Hertz counter and gave them the confirmation number that EasyTourIreland.com gave me for my reservation. I presented my credit card and my divers license and the Hertz agent told me I have the Fully Inclusive Rate which had no deductibles. He also affirmed the other inclusion that were in the Fully Inclusive Rate. I signed my name on the rental agreement and he gave me the keys.

A feature of Hertz which I found very informative is that they had an iPad attached to the counter which showed about 6 photos of the car I was renting. The purpose of this as it was explained to me is that I could see any existing damage from wheels, tires to sidewall panels! I could even tap the photo and it would enlarge the photo. I was advised that once I signed the screen it would be emailed to me. This would allow me to determine if I had added any new dents or scratches. That wasn't really a concern for me as I had the fully inclusive rate with no deductible.

They pulled the car around and I walked around it to check the tire and wheels (not covered by Super Cover) and they were fine. Fintan Murray then took my luggage out of his car and placed them into my rental car. He took the time to go over the controls and features of the VW Golf. I was heading west to Sligo area so he told me he would 'pilot' me out to the N4 which is the road that takes me to Sligo. I followed him very easily and all the while getting more comfortable with the left hand side of the road with the steering wheel on the right hand side. It was about 15 minutes of Pilot service and when I reached the N4 turn off he waived me on.

I can tell you Fintan was incredible. Very personable, prompt, informative and reassuring. The transfer and pilot service is he best service to have to start the trip off well.

More later.
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Aug 31st, 2014, 10:02 AM
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Thanks for the info on Easytourireland as I have reservations with them for Thursday this week (in Shannon). Glad you had a good experience! Is the VW Golf really small? That's what I rented as well. My husband is 6'6" and I'm wondering if he'll be able to drive it.
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Aug 31st, 2014, 07:33 PM
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Hi, Do you think the literary pub crawl would be accessible for someone in a wheelchair? Thanks. Joan
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Sep 9th, 2014, 06:30 AM
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I've had great service and price from Dan Dooley my last two trips.
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