Car leasing in Europe

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Car leasing in Europe

I was curious to whether anyone has tried a short-term lease or long term car rental while travelling in Europe. I will be there 4 months, and figure the trains might start adding up quickly...oh to be under 26 again.
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up, up
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John Bermont
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to Aaron
You might like to look at a site named I've no idea who they are but they advertise what you are looking for, maybe. Does anyone know this firm?
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Check out Auto France. It's run by Peugeot and we do a brand new turbo-diesal 306 with power and air-conditioning. With full insurance (including no deductible and full theft) it runs about $25 a day for a two month lease; less than that for longer. They have even cheaper rates on lesser cars -- but all are brand new. There are several other companies with similar programs (a lease which really amounts to titling a new car in your name if you from outside Europe and exempt from VAT tax. It allows them to then sell the car to a European as a used car and not subject to the 20+% VAT tax).
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John H
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I haven't tried leasing a car in Europe, only because my trips always end up being 14 or 15 days, whereas 17 days are required to do a lease. Nonetheless, I believe it is a very smart thing to do. This past Sunday's SF Chronicle travel section just had an article about doing this. Copy and paste this url into your browser and it should bring up the article:

If this doesn't work, go to and do a search on "French lease" and scroll until you find articles from August 12. Alternatively, drop me an e-mail with your e-mail address and I'll e-mail the article to you (I wasn't sure if the above e-mail address was a real one or not).

Happy travels.

John H
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You might want to check into Renault Eurodrive

They have a lease program (actually a purchase/buyback) for as little as 17 days up to a maximum of 170 days. I've used them for 3-4 week "rentals" and been pleased.
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