car insurance deductible

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I'm not always opposed to reviving 4 year old threads, but with something like car insurance in Europe, I suspect four year old information really doesn't mean much.

Meanwhile, I still wonder why most people would buy any of these insurance policies. Doesn't the credit card you use for the rental cover ALL that for free so long as you decline the CDW (like the policy discussed above)?
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Oh, DUH, never mind. I see now that Always_on_Time registered here just for the purpose of posting that ad. Obviously Always_on_time is living in the past anyway. When was the last time you heard the expression "world wide web"???
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Perhaps yuou need to realize, neo, there are some very good reasons why not everybody uses the insurance offered by their credit card as absolutely amazing as that might seem to you.
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Huh? Was that a way of defending the advertiser above, or was that a serious point? Is it my imagination or was your post filled with some sort of insulting sarcasm? If so, the reason escapes me. "Absolutely amazing as that might seem to you" -- wow, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or have I done something to offend you by simply offering what I thought was worthwhile advice, Dukey?

Perhaps, Dukey, if you want to be helpful here, giving a reason or two as to the advantages of buying insurance that duplicates what your credit card already covers would be nice. You might notice that I stated my advice in the form of "I still wonder why. . ." No one should interpret that as "my way is the only way". It would certainly be more helpful to go ahead and give a reason why -- in other words answer my question --than your post which somehow just seemed like a vague personal insult when I was actually trying to be helpful.

As a person who always used to take AutoEurope's own insurance just for "simplicity" and because we figured it was really just easier if there was a problem to simply return a damaged car and say "we took your insurance so you can just deal with it", I DO understand that. But that's different from paying for an independent insurer that gives the same coverage as most people's insurance does for free but will still require the same paperwork and claims adjustment issues in the case of a claim. So I'm curious what other reasons people would have for paying extra to duplicate their "free" coverage. I'm not saying some good reasons might not exist (nor have I suggested that the reasons would be "absolutely amazing") but it surely would be nice to hear the reasons instead of just doing a sarcastic post.
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