Capri to Positano?

Feb 6th, 2011, 06:10 PM
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Capri to Positano?

Hi Everyone,

I have some questions regarding my up coming trip Easter week (2011) to Rome with a side trip to Sorrento.

We are thinking of taking 2 days to visit Pompeii Scurvi and the Blue Grotto, from Rome.

Here is what we'd like to do, can you tell me if it is feasible?

On Sunday, April 17th we are taking the am train into Naples. We will look around for a while and then venture off to Pompeii Scurvi. After going through the area, we will then head to Sorrento for the evening where we will stay for the night.

On Monday, we want to go to the Capri, Blue Grotto, Ana Capri and then ride to Positano just to see the beautiful coast line.

1. If we budget our time right, is it possible to see everything on Monday?

2. I have read many sites and am confused as to if there will be boats/ ferries available to take us to Positano from Capri. If there is, where do I find a schedule? How long of a boat ride would it be (approximately).

3. If there are no boats, what is the next best way to see the coast? We need to get back to Naples to catch the train to take us back to Rome this night, so we are trying to figure out how we can make this work. Are we being unrealistic? Is there a better order to see these things? We'd hate to be so close to the Amalfi Coast and not take in it's beauty.

4. Where do I find the current times of operation for the Blue Grotto & Pompeii Scurvi. Different sites I go to tell me different things. I am not sure which is most recent information. Everything seems to be so time sensitive for these two days.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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Feb 7th, 2011, 06:02 AM
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Hi 3C

Scurvy is a disease.

You want Pompeii Scavi.

May I suggest that you visit the Archaeological Museum in Naples before you go off to Pompeii? It is 1 metro stop from Napoli Centrale train station. See wiki for details.

You can then take the Metro back to Centrale and the Circumvesuviana commuter train to Pompei Scavi.

There is ferry service from Sorrento to Capri and then on to Positano. For current timetables between Capri/Amalfi Coast the most reliable link is:

It is going to be a long day going from Sorrento --> Capri --> Positano.

It isn't easy to get from Positano back to Rome. You take the bus to Sorrento and then the Circumvesuviana train and then the Trenitalia train.

I suggest that you take the SITA bus or the ferry from Positano to Salerno and then take the train back to Rome from there. See

You could skip Positano and take the ferry from Capri to Naples, or you could get a view of the Coast by taking the ferry to Salerno.

Enjoy your visit.

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Feb 7th, 2011, 07:13 AM
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For opening times etc at Pompei, see the new official website....

They've prepared some timed itineraries for visitors...

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Feb 7th, 2011, 08:35 AM
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Thanks so much for posting the Pompeii information! Who knew you could bike through there. Our family is going in March and I had no idea. We are now extra excited for our trip to Pompeii.
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Feb 7th, 2011, 09:13 AM
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I'm waiting for them to introduce tours by Segway before going back again!

But if you liked that, how about a few other things that may be of interest?

There are several handy maps of the area's various public transport options in (duuh) the "Maps" section here:

For lots more about the ruins, and the towns and villages around Vesuvius, that you'll be seeing, there's a very nice 100+ page leaflet "Discovering Vesuvius" (from 2009) which be downloaded, using....

And, from a year or two before that (so again do double-check any times, prices etc!), for more about the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast, you may like to download the useful 'Travel Directory' and map from the official tourism website, here...

Have a lovely visit!
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Feb 8th, 2011, 10:39 AM
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Thank you Peter for your input and most importantly for correcting me!

Thanks for the web sites! Yes, were were considering going to the museum. Please do make suggestion. We welcome it!

You mention that it will be a long day the way we have it planned. Could you recommend another way we can do it? Maybe give some sample times of things?

I do not necessarily HAVE to go to Positano (thought I hear it is beautiful). What I really want to do it see some of the Amalfi Coast. What is the best way to do that? I was thinking about taking a ferry, since I thought it would be faster than drive..and prettier too! Wouldn't a ferry to Salerno be even a longer ride for us? About how long is it?

What ferry would we have to take to get to Salarno from Capri?
Is it the Linee Marittine Partenopee? That is the only ferry I was able to find that goes on that route, thought the schedule was from 2006. I couldn't find and up dated one. How long would this trip be?

How is the view on the ferry from Capri to Naples? Is it just as pretty as the Amalfi Coast? If so, should we just skip the seeing the AC all together?
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Feb 8th, 2011, 11:56 AM
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Dear Peter, You have given me so much information in so little time. Thank you so much for the links. I will save them both and look forward to reading them. I especially enjoy the pictures - so beautiful. We do plan to hike up Mt Vesuvius - praying for a clear day so the park is open.
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Feb 9th, 2011, 01:06 AM
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3C - I'm afraid that neither the correction, nor the long day comment, were mine...

My best tip for the Archaeological Museum is not to come on Tuesdays, since - unusually - it's shut for the day! Shouldn't be a problem for you though?

The bimonthly 'Qui Napoli' magazine, from the city's tourism people, would be well worth a look and a PDF version is available by clicking on the word "download" here....

If you've bags with you, there's a Left Luggage office at the station...

And afterwards, this may help you to find where to catch the right train for the site at Pompei...

They've also an LLO, just before the turnstile at the main Porta Marina entrance - the one you go to from Pompei Scavi station....

Once you've finished there, head back to station and, on the same line, continue to Sorrento..


Can't help much with Sunday's Capri timings - however, when considering anything that might involve a queue, do bear in mind that the island can receive as many as 15,000 visitors on a busy day....

Again there's an LLO, near where you'd land at the port. See page 50 or 51 in this 2009 guide to the island, which contains lots of other useful stuff...

For more there's also....


For getting to Salerno, it would be better to wait until near your travel date and then try Alicost - who offer the route, but are likely to have few services quite that early on.

Use the PDF link here....

When you do so, you might also check to see what these people are offering...

With no expectation of things being quite the same this year, for Alicost's series of timetables through 2010, see....

As well as their relative infrequency (even if they add in an extra service or two over Easter), do also note how much longer the journey takes.... 2+ hours by boat to Salerno, as against 40 minutes or so by hydrofoil to Naples Beverello.... and also that the deepwater quay used by Alicost is a fair distance from Salerno's railway station (although the Co-op uses one that's a lot nearer).... so be sure it would fit with your train's departure time!


There's not really a lot to see on the trip from Capri back to Naples that you won't already be familiar with from Sorrento or the morning's crossing to Capri - although Vesuvius rarely fails to impress...

It's not my vacation - however if it were, and something had to go, then I'd consider dropping Capri - and instead make my way to Positano by bus, from where I'd eventually take the boat ride along the Coast to Salerno....

But I'd have a copy of the bus timetable in my pocket, just in case!


Lastly, if - rather than going to Capri - you decide you'd prefer to explore the AC ashore, there's a further alternative that you might consider fitting in somehow, the open-top buses that operate in parts of the peninsula?

Seems they'll be starting up again in April, presumably for Easter....

Today all they have on offer is last autumn's timetable....


Too many choices, as ever!

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Feb 11th, 2011, 05:24 PM
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Wow! Thank you for all that great information Peter! You are no doubt a wonderful resource! I do apologize for the confusion b/w you and ira. We plan to see the museum on Sunday. So hopefully it will be open. I can't wait to go there! Thanks for the 'Qui Napoli' magazine. It has a wealth of information in it!

I'll look through all the info and see what I can come up with. If I have any more questions, I'll let you know!

Thank you very much!!!!!
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Feb 11th, 2011, 10:02 PM
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At the risk of further complicating the choices, here are photos of a few other places in the area you might visit....

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Mar 20th, 2011, 03:04 PM
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Hello Everyone,

Here it is 5 weeks since you all have posted all this helpful information, and I am not closer to working out the details in my travel schedule.

Question: Do you know of an Italian travel agent that might be able willing to help me pull my up coming trip together? This way I can tell them what it is I am looking to do, and they can tell me if it is feasible or not.

As always, Thank you
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