Capri or Pompeii?

May 19th, 2000, 09:32 AM
Matthew Carlson
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Capri or Pompeii?

I will be in Amalfi area for two days in June and will only have enough time to see one local attraction. I am wondering whether to choose Capri or Pompeii/Vesuvius. Any advice or preferences would be greatly appreciated.

May 19th, 2000, 09:52 AM
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Both are great, but based on how you would rather spend the day, it should be easy to make a choice.

Capri is about scenery, beach and shopping. I have some of the most spectacular photos I have ever taken from the top of Capri (you take a chair lift up from Anna Capri) The middle city on Capri is all boutiques the top town is less expensive tourist shops.

Pompeii is all about history. It is amazing how well preserved the town is. It gave me a powerful feeling of connection to the past and how despite technolegy we still live very similiarly to how they lived back then.
The only negative to Pompeii is that if it is hot in the region it will be VERY hot in Pompeii - there is no escape from the sun and heat - if you go bring water.

Have fun!
May 24th, 2000, 08:06 AM
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Capri is pretty - but nothing much to
do. Mostly expensive shops geared to
tourist trade. The Blue Grotto is
not always accessible due to the tides.
I would opt for Pompeii. You will never
forget it.
May 24th, 2000, 10:10 AM
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My wife would have no doubts deciding for Capri; I would go for Pompei ... and we would have a problem

Once you're asking, I suspect you're not that much into archaeology and history. If it's a beautiful day I would bet you'd be more satisfied with Capri. Once you'll be only able to visit one of the two, though, there's no way I can loose


May 25th, 2000, 05:09 AM
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Just thought I'd add something I read in the news today which may influence your decision. The Capri waters are off limits to bathers due to finding feces levels way above the limit. Apparently it is due to a reutred underwater sewage pipe. They are "expecting it to be repaired by June". No statement on when it would be safe to go back in the water, etc...
May 26th, 2000, 06:01 PM
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Matthew, tourism! Pompeii is wonderful! But if you're on the Amalfi Coast,why not just enjoy it? Amalfi, Ravella or Ravenna, Positano. Caio
May 27th, 2000, 03:52 PM
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I agree, both are worthy and are very different, but I'll put in a plug for Capri if you'd like a bit of R&R (after the intensity of travel on the mainland). Capri during the week is not so bad. Avoid Weekends! Should you go, stay at La Punta Tragara, a wonderful hotel, beautifully placed with one of the most memorable vistas I've experienced!
Pompei is like touching the past with your own hands, and very moving. (I second --HOT).
Have fun whatever you decide!
May 30th, 2000, 10:24 AM
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Let me throw another idea out: skip Capri and Pompeii and go to Ischia or Heruleum. We just returned from Italy and our friends who live there recommended these two sites as alternatives to the "very touristy" Capri and Pompeii. Of course, you won't see the Blue Grotto, but we figured it probably wouldn't live up to our expectations anyways. We had a wonderfully relaxing time on Ischia at the Negumbo spa (22 pools, private beach, spa services). We only stayed for a morning--we had to get back to catch a train out of Naples. You may even be able to combine the two somehow?? Herculeum is supposed to be a great alternative to Pompeii. And, you are in a beautiful region. You should take a day and visit the towns on the Coast. FYI--you can catch a ferry/hydrofoil from the beach at Positano to Ischia and Capri. Have fun!
May 30th, 2000, 10:41 AM
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Hi Matthew,
I agree with Debbie about Ischia we stayed there last March and fell absolutely in love with it. However we also visited Pompeii on the way back!! I wouldn't have missed seeing Pompeii for anything in the world! I was so outstanding. Do put down the money for a guide though, they are waiting by the gates and are a little on the pricey side, but if you get another couple to go with you you can split the cost. We had the greatest guide ever, Mario and I can't say enough about him. He pointed out things that other tourists were just walking over. It was one of the most memorable days of my life, and I wouldn't miss it.
May 30th, 2000, 11:55 AM
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I would say Pompeii hands down. We were in Amalfi last August and did the day trip to Capri and wished we never did. The views are beautiful, yes, but the island itself has given away too much to tourism. The views are just as stunning from the Amalfi coast. Take a boat ride, go drive along the coast. Pompeii on the other hand was not to be missed. I didn't expect to be so moved by it and highly recommend it.

May 30th, 2000, 12:51 PM
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Pompeii is my vote. Even if you are not that into archeaology, its fascinating to walk down the actual streets of an ancient town and see the bakeries, laundries, etc. I was expecting something very touristy and was pleasantly surprised. The souvenir stands and things are outside the gates of the city. Once inside, I had the place almost entirely to myself (August two years ago) with the exception of a few particular famous sites. I've toured a lot of historical sites in Europe and this was one of the most unspoiled for me.
Sep 20th, 2000, 05:12 PM
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This is an easy one. An OVERNIGHT trip to Capri is the only way to go.
Those who don't love Capri may have found it to be touristy during day trips, and it is.
After the day trippers are gone, try walking down to Marina Piccola in the late afternoon, where locals return home from work on the bus, with not a tourist in sight, down the windy streets, and tell me Capri is all about tourism. Capri in the late afternoon, early morning, and especially at night, is magic.
Don't miss it.
Sep 21st, 2000, 03:55 AM
Betsy Thompson
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We just returned from Italy and spent three days at the Caesar Augustus hotel on Anacapri. The hotel is built on a cliff overlooking Capri, the bay of Naples, and Sorrento -- the best view on the island, in my opinion. It's very quiet on Anacapri (especially during the week) but if you want more action, you can take the bus for 80 cents to the main shopping area of Capri. We had spent a week in Rome followed by two nights in Assisi, one night in Naples, and found the hotel wonderfully relaxing. They have the most gorgeous pool with waterfall.
Sep 21st, 2000, 04:29 PM
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Another vote for Pompeii. I visited both in April and I wished I had spent more time in Pompeii. If you go get one of the tours or a good book since there are no signs to explain what you're looking at. I went to Capri and wasn't impressed, except with the San Michele church in Anacapri and the majolica tile floor which I'd wanted to see for years. Other than that there were crowds of tourists and shops selling lots of tourist ceramics. The day was cloudy and slightly rainy so the views weren't the best. But, I didn't stay overnight there and I hear that the best time is after the trippers leave, as others have stated in this post. If you can only go for the day, go early and try for one of the scenic walks. Maybe the best thing to do is wait and see what the weather is like the day you're planning to go. If it's overcast, go to Pompeii since you'll be glad you're not in the hot sun. If the day is sunny (as it's likely to be in June) then pick Capri but try to get away from the towns.

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