Can I pull this itinerary off?

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Can I pull this itinerary off?

Hi all!

So, I hate my job (I've been there a month, and I made a mistake) and another job fell into my lap. So, tomorrow or Thursday I will give my notice. And even though I'm pretty senior, I suspect they will just say take a hike, which is great. This gives me two weeks to play!

So, I looked what I could do with my FF miles. I could not go anywhere but Europe at the last min ( I know, life is rough), so I thought I might pull off off the trip below in 11 days. I don't want be too rushed, but I do want to see a lot. I have three days to plan this trip, so I'm just flying by the seat of my pants!

This is my plan so far.

-- 2 days in Paris (to see what I have not seen)
-- 3 days in Prague
-- 1 day in Athens
-- 3 days greek islands, I'm more interested in a nice island or two and a beach than really site seeing
-- 2 days Istanbul

So here are my questions.

(1) Is this too rushed? Does Istanbul or Prague really need more time?
(2) Are there cheapo airlines from Paris to Prague? Prague to Athens?
(3) How to I get to islands from Athens?
(4) If I'm just going to a greek island or two any recommendations?
(5) How do I get from islands to Istanbul
(6) Is Istanbul ok for a single woman?
(7) Is this way to rushed?

Thanks to everyone who has words of wisdom in advance. The plan is to leave Sunday, so I have little time to really research, which is why I'm full of so many questions.



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Are you serious? Do you want to really "do" a place or just say you were there? This is much too rushed for anything except a brush of each city/island/etc. But I'll bite on your itinerary by saying that if you can see the rest of Paris that you haven't seen in 2 days, then don't do Paris.

Go ahead to Prague, and consider Athens a spot to simply refer to in polite conversation. Ferries will take you to all islands from Athens. For a wonderful little island not too far away, try Ydra.

On this itinerary I'd forget Istanbul, unless again you just want to say you were there. Good luck.
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Very funny !
I would add Moscow if you have not seen it.
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I think Riga & Iceland would also be nice additions. Just take a day off the islands & a day from Prague & hit Iceland coming or going...
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Congratulations on leaving a job you hate!

Moving so many times on a 11-day trip (and these are great distances) will cut into your time. It'll take at least 1/2 day to move each time.

I'll do away with Istanbul, and just the rest. Or even skipping Athens and just do the Greek Islands.
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This is a joke, right? Or are you having some kind of mid-life crisis?
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I would also add Phuket, for 3 hours.
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You funny galaxygrrl200

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Hi G,

>Is this too rushed?


Either Paris and Prague or Greece and Turkey, but not all.

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Galaxy Girl -- If you are quitting your job, you don't want to drain your savings entirely, given the tanking dollar (I'm assuming u are US or Canadian). Also, why not stellar memories of ONE country, vs. a blur of airports and train stations. Thus -- your cheapest place in Europe -- and the best for summer bliss is -- Greece. Blue skies, golden sand, ruins, sunsets.

Get a RT to Athens, then don't leave the airport... fly immediately via domestic Aegean Air to a far island, then hop your way back on 2 more... (OR -- book an overnite LARGE ferry in a female-only cabin for 4). At the END, spend 2 days in Athens, so u don't fret about missing your int'l flight.

August (esp just before/After the big Aug 15 holiday) is tough for booking... and crowded w. European holiday-makers. But July is certainly do-able, especially if u avoid the centers of package-tour hell.
If u can drive a 4-wheeler, u can get around any isle, and some have really good bus services. U could try Milos-Sifnos-Santorini (crowds!)-Athens. Or Crete-Santorini-Naxos-Athens.

If you choose Greece get your RT flite -- come back w your EXACT flight arrival/depart dates/times... and we'll work w. you on lodging, ferries & the rest. Without the detail, no point in advising you. BUt I envy your gusto... go for it!
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wow, well nothing like a little teasing. ;-)

Yes, I am quiting my job, and no I wont be unemployed I have two offers lined up, and will tell one yes today so I'll come back to a job, so not worried about saving money.

I need to leave Sunday and come back July 4th. I have three days to plan this.

Ok, so I decided Paris was out already, I've been there three times, but my FF miles gets me into CDG which is why I just thought a day or two in Paris.

However, sanity took over my wanderlust, So, now I'm thinking

3 days in Prague, 1 in Athens, 2 or 3 on an island (I really don't want to see the islands that much, I just want to go to the beach, go diving, and sailing for a couple days - islands by yourself are really not that much fun after 2 or 3 days, but i like the beach. Then end with 3 days in Istanbul. That seems a little more reasonable.

I know things are far apart, but I'm by myself and just travel at night. I like traveling by myself, except at night and this way I have something to do.

So, thanks everyone! Good advice. Remember, I'm young and I only live once.



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Zanzibar for lunch might fit in nicely between Prague and Athens..........

"I'm young and I only live once."

No excuse for poor planning.
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I'm not one to discourage anyone from "going for it" in their travel plans.

That said, as other posters mentioned, you will use up a great deal of time travelling from one location to the next (I'm always amazed that a one hour flight can take up to six hours door-to-door with all of the check-in regulations, transport to and from the airport, etc.)

You don't seem to have accounted for all of that travel time in your plans. I think that the actual time you will wind up with on the current itinerary is 2 days Prague, several hours in Athens, 1 full day and maybe an additional partial day in the islands, and 1 day in Istanbul.

It seems a crime that you won't actually get to do much of anything other than travel from spot to spot.
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I think it's a crazy itinerary, even the later version, and even "traveling at night".

I don't care about your age or how many lives you plan to live the problem is that you will be spending almost all your time moving place to place.

I suggest you write down the places and get the *actual* times and costs of moving between them...

(1) Yes. Yes.
(2) Don't know.
(3) Ferry or flight?
(4) No.
(5) Flight?
(6) Depends how savvy you are.
(7) Yes.

You can get much better information from this forum if you do some preliminary research and come back with specific questions. Things like finding flights bewteen major cities is easy enough to research on your own.
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You know, there are some nice Med towns along the Turkish coast ...small fishing villages, beaches, small boat trips out to Lycean ruins, swimming in Med, inland ruins, nightclubs,seafood, etc..And not too $$

Perhaps a flight in/out of Istanbul, with a mix of sea and Sultanahmet.
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Here's what I'd do although I admit I'm not particularly young. I would focus on Prague and either Vienna and Budapest or all three. OR, I would go straight to the Greek islands and as one person suggested, do not go into Athens, just get on an internal flight to Santorini or Mykonos or wherever. I haven't done it in 10 years but at that time the inter-island flights weren't very expensive and saved a lot of time. Santorini has a little museum if you want a few hours of culture as well as an entire excavated village--I would butcher the spelling but it's south of the main town and worth the drive. Just a suggestion so that half your trip isn't eaten up by travel time.
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I would never attempt this schedule and two days in Istanbul is beyond ridiculous. I was there for 4 days and didn't finish my to-do list. And one day I had a friend, from Istanbul,to take me around.
And it's fine for women although men will follow you and talk to you. Just wear dark sunglasses and pretend you don't see them. It can get quite annoying especially if one is trying to get from one place to another fast and ends up being bothered.
But, I definitely wouldn't give up the place for that reason. It's a beyond magnificent place. I would put it at the top of your list.
I recommend the Hotel Empress Zoe, owned by a woman from San Francisco, and in the heart of Sultanahmet district. It's a small hotel and I met another solo female traveler there and we hung out the entire day one day. I found it easy to meet people at that hotel. Happy Travels!
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<<I think Riga..>>

Should you decide to go, do write a trip report. I was born there!

Anna Roz
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Agree with others, you are cramming so much into a short amount of time, you'll end up with most of your vacation on planes, trains & cabs. Perhaps Prague and then wrap up in Greece---which with islands or even the villages is SO restful,you'll be re-charged for your new gig. Zakynthos is a GREAT island--the one with the shipwreck in a cove---and not often visited by American tourists; so tack that on in addition to a Santorini or Mykonos or Hydra.
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I would entirely change the plan and do maybe Prague and Paris and that's it. I haven't been to Istanbul, so I could see maybe combining that with Athens. However, I just would have no real desire to go down there in the summer, it's too hot. I was in Greece in early October and it was still warm enough for swimming, but pleasant out. I can't even imagine it in July. I just wouldn't want to waste my FF miles that way (maybe you are one of those folks who travels for a living and has millions, though, I don't know but I'm just surprised you can even get these flights at this time).

YOu'd have to check the airlines yourself, but I don't think there are "cheap" airlines between Paris and Prague, but there are regular ones like Czech Air. There could be cheap ones, I am not sure.

I wouldn't waste my time going to islands when you don't have any interest in doing that, and you can go to a beach back home. Now I liked various Greek islands, but that's what you said.
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