Camera bag in Paris?

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Camera bag in Paris?

I just wondered if Cameras are a huge target for pickpockets and such...I wish to take a big bodied DSLR with a zoom lens and another lens...but perhaps just a simple little hand held is good enough and then I do not have to worry so much...and for the zoom shots I can always buy postcards...any thoughts?

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We took a small camera that I wore around my neck, tucked under the shirt. Sometimes hubby tucked in his cargo pant pockets. Also took a mini dvd recorder, the kind with internal hard drive.

You idea of leaving the large camera home seems appropriate. Don't want to make yourself a target for thieves. If you have a nice, smaller size digital camera, you can take the shots you would I took as close of pics of the gargoyles as I could....and then with the wonder of digital zooming, often you can zoom and crop to the photo you originally wanted. Make sure your digital camera is set to take the highest pixels as it makes for better images when digitally zooming/cropping.

When all else fails, postcards are about at every tabac, museum, souvenir shop, etc.
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I took my large Canon to Paris for 10 days last spring. I used a small Tumy travel bag that did not look obviously like a camera bag. I am a guy and it did not look like a purse but more like a "personal" bag. I would not use a fanny pack or back pack. Those seem to be more of a target for thieves.
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I think you should take your DSLR. I carried around an SLR for years and it was never stolen. Why have a good camera if you're not using it. You should never lay it down anywhere - that's when it will be stolen.

Also take your smaller digital for those times you won't want to carry around a large camera (dinner, strolling around in the evening).
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I agree with Adrienne. Why would you spend all the money that you must have on a DSLR and be afraid to take it on vacation with you? Don't leave it alone anywhere/don't walk away from it. But don't be afraid to use it. You may get good pictures with a smaller camera but I would imagine that you could get better ones with the DSLR.
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I agree. I splurged on a DSLR camera for my amateur interests and I am not going to hesitate to take it to Paris in 2 weeks. Where better to take pictures then in Europe? I'll wear it strapped over one shoulder and I'll hang on to it..I also have a unisex across the body bag that everything will fit into if I don't want it out. I am sure there are Parisians with nice cameras.

Have Fun. I would love to see your pictures - whatever camera you choose.

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Oh, good grief! Pickpockets want silently obtained money-laden wallets, not a big camera. If, however, you are worried that the expensive camera will be an advertisement to steal your wallet, well, that's a valid concern.

Take your camera, because your trip is just what it is for. Just use a bag that doesn't scream camera and isn't expensive looking. I used to use a nondescript small duffel bag, but inside was foam cut to hold my SLR and lenses and flash and collapsible tripod and film.

Meanwhile, use the usual paranoid wallet and valuables precautions such as a low value contents day wallet and under clothing valuables pocket, etc.

And take a small pocket digital camera for when you don't want to carry a grubby bag.

Have fun and take lots of pictures!

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My son lost his camcorder on the metro on our way to the Eiffel Tower. Very crowded on a Saturday evening and someone took it right out of the bag without us knowing. I would suggest some type of lock, safety pin, etc. on the camera bag (his was zipped but not locked in any way). YES, they steal cameras.
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I agree about taking the camera, especially if you are at all serious. I've taken only my P&S on a few weekend trips (to save sapce) and always kick myself for doing so. I have traveled with a Lowepro Nova 4, a shoulder bag which screams camera bag, in Europe quite a bit (lived in Germany to 2+ years) and never once had any problems or felt nervous. I would avoid a backpack as it might be easy for someone to take things out when in crowds.

On a recent trip to Germany & Italy I switched over to a Lowepro Slingshot and was quite happy with it. This a "sling" bag that can be carried something like a backpack (even better when using the extra strap), but it easier to flip to the front when you want to get something out or when in crowds. I have the 200 and was able to fit a smallish SLR with mounted lens, a wide-angle zoom, shoe-mount flash, and lots of odd and ends (especially when moving cities -- added in a PSD, batteries, battery chargers, books, etc.). Right now, it contains the same body/lens (which would also fit with a battery grip, but I broke this a few weeks back), a telephoto zoom, a macro lens, the flash, a 50mm lens, a set of 3 extension tubes, a few cables (remote shutter, off-camera shoe cord), a card wallet, and a few other things with a bit of room to spare.

Good luck and enjoy your trip,
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Hi B,

It is not so much that you might be robbed, but that your DSLR and lenses put on weight as the day goes on.

>I can always buy postcards.

For the main attractions, the picture postcards will be better than what you can do, because the commercial photographers get help from the city authorities.

I am very pleased with my Canon S3IS.

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