buying diamonds Amsterdam

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buying diamonds Amsterdam

My fiance and I are going to Amsterdam this summer and wanted to know if buying an engagement ring there would be a good buy. If so, any recommendations on jewelers?
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I don't remember where I got mine but my diamond was purchased in Amsterdam 30 years ago . I've had it appraised and looked at by people who "know" and it's fine. No flaws.

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Hi ID,

If you live in a large city, it's unlikely that you will get much of a bargain.

You might also have to pay duty upon your return.

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It is very unlikely that you can buy a diamond in Amsterdam that is a better bargain than what you can buy at home. First, Antwerp, Tel Aviv and New York are much larger diamond centers than Amsterdam, and most important, the manner in which diamonds are distributed worldwide makes wholesale prices pretty stable everywhere. The retail price will vary from dealer to dealer, but you are very unlikely as a tourist to score any deals that could not be made at home. At wholesale price, with no dealer mark-up, 2 diamonds of exactly the same carat weight, color and clarity can vary in price by 100%, depending on the "make" or cut of the diamond. A diamond can be colorless and flawless, but unless it is cut to proper proportions, it may not sparkle and give off the brilliance of a well-cut stone. The key to getting good value on a diamond is to find a dealer that you trust(work from referals by satisfied friends or by reputation) and look at a range of stones in a price point that meets your budget. I would also only buy from someone that offers the ability to return the purchase if you are not fully satisfied. I have bought pearls, gold, rubies and sapphires while traveling, but I don't think I would buy something as important as an engagement ring while traveling.
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Diamonds have similar prices the world over, of course jewellers - such as Graff - can make an huge markup, however, if you're talking about a fairly basic stone/setting then I doubt you'd save anything by buying it in Amsterdam.

Are you looking for a fancy (coloured) or a colourless stone? Research it carefully, and don't let yourself be ripped off by an unscrupulous jeweller. If you'd like some more specific advice, pleae feel free to ask.
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Don't know about Amsterdam, so I can't give you advice there, but I agree with Barb...CUT is key! Even if it isn't technically colorless and has SI clarity, if it is cut well and "eye clean" it will face up better than a stone with better color and clarity stats but cut like crap.

For a good forum on diamonds, is handy (just know that lots of vendors post there too, although I haven't seen any obvious solicitations for business). Also, is an online vendor which has the best diamond tutorial I've seen. It's written in plain and easy language, and I learned a lot from that site.

Yes, I am doing diamond research.
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Hi everybody. Is anybody can advice a trusted dealer? I need an engagement ring, but don't know much about diamonds.
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Wow talk about a blast from the past.

How do you find a trusted dealer? Is that the question?
1) Are you related to anyone in the business? I think this is the only certain way
2) Read up about it (plenty on internet stuff) so you buy what you want

Ask your friends about jewellers they have used.

Do not, go online to a bunch of strangers and ask for the name of a trustworthy dealer.
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I live so far from civilization (Siberia), that nobody wears big diamonds here
Nevertheless, thank you for advices!
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