Bus to St. Peters

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Betty MacInnes
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Bus to St. Peters

We plan to stay in area east of Trevi Fountain and South of Spanish Steps. Any suggestions for a bus which gets you close to entrance to St. Peters? I have heard #49 is good but don't know where it originates or where to get it. Don't really want to go to the bus station unless that's the only option.
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Richard j. vicek
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Good afternoon, Betty Many years ago
when we were staying on the Via Sistina
we would get a bus westbound on the
Del Tritone at the Pza Barberini and
tje # 62 bus would stop just south of the Pza San Pietro.
Surf these urls. might bring up the
bus routes in Rome, have seen there
www.virgilio.it/ (Italy search machine)
Good surfing, Richard of Hickory Hills, IL...
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Kirby Sanford
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Betty - I'm sorry I can't tell you which bus will take you to St. Peters but I can tell you this. My wife and I stayed recently in the same area that you described and we walked to St. Peters. We left the Hotel with plenty of time to get there as they opened and really enjoyed the walk. We later walked from the hotel to the Colloseum. The walks were longer than you would encounter in places like Florence but still easily done.
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WARNING! That bus to St. Peters is the biggest target for pickpockets in Rome. Hold very tight to your valuables! Why not walk? Its not too far and there are tons of things to see in between!
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I wish we could still walk that far; a few years ago it was not a problem; now it is, and that is why I'm seeking advice. Thanks to all for any suggestions Betty
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Betty -

At most of the bus stops along the route, you can look at the 'pole' & it lists the major stops along the way. I can't remember the nos., but do think you may be right in that #49 is one of the several that stops close to St. Peters. You probably can find out from your hotel exactly which route to take & which side of the street to catch it. I found it relatively easy to get around town. And unfortunately, as posters above have said the buses that are heavily traveled do attract the pickpockets so appropriate caution must be exercised. Another thing you need to be aware of is that there are fewer seats on Rome's city buses and more likely, you can expect to stand up for the duration of your ride. If someone does get up, then you need to be really quick to park your butt in that seat.
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Betty -

Forgot to mention a few of the basics. You need to purchase tickets for the bus at a "Tabachi" shop (usually have a big red "T" sign). You cannot buy tickets on the bus! If you'll be using daily, then it's easier to buy several, I think you can get a packet of 10 or 15. Believe an individual ticket costs 1500 lira, which depending on exchange rate is about .70 cents. A ticket is good for a certain period of time, I think it's about 75 minutes. The clock starts running whenever you get on a bus & stamp your ticket. Make sure to keep the ticket as you ride & if you transfer to another bus, as they spot check passengers. If you get caught riding without a valid ticket, you will be fined & I doubt they'll accept the "I'm a tourist & didn't know" story. In order to validate your ticket, you insert it into the machine (a small yellow box on a pole, usually at the back) - it time/date stamps your ticket.
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1. #64 bus Termini to St Peter's is the notorious one.
2. At a newsstand, where you can purchase bus tickets in addition to Tabacchi shops, look for a metro/bus map with an orange cover. They may be $3 or so; I don't remember. They are about 5"x 7", bus routes on one side, metro/underground on the other (large map folds into 5x7). Belatedly, I think I have it figured out. We got a few unintended tours of the city by getting on the right bus on the wrong side of the street (i.e., going the wrong way).
3. Tip: buy bus tix in multiples of the number of people in your party, instead of the nearest round #. You can buy any number; they come in a pad and the seller tears them off. 1500 lire each, good for 1 subway ride or 2 bus rides w/in 75 minutes.

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