British Driving Simulation Out There???

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British Driving Simulation Out There???

Anyone know if there is a british driving simulation out there online--- either free or inexpensive?

We may be going to England and are nervous about driving on the other side of the road (based on my walking out into traffic fairly consistently last visit...) and would like to practice a bit before going.

Thanks for any info on this...
sebastopol, ca
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kawh - check out Youtube. Do a search for "Driving in England (or Scotland)," and you'll see some examples of driving on the other side. There are also websites with information on traffic rules, how to do a roundabout, etc. Roundabouts are really efficient and I wish they had more of them in this country!

It's not bad at all, especially once you get past the first day. Just don't plan on any lengthy drives your first. It's difficult enough getting the hang of it without adding jet lag to the mixture!
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You may find the following helpful. Rather than think about which side of the road to drive on, try to concentrate on keeping the driver in the center of the road, along the painted line. Just as you drive at home-driver on the center line of the road. Have a great trip!
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Personally I think being a pedestrian is more dangerous than driving. I recently had to start driving on what was for me, the wrong side of the road. I have driven on the left all my life and now drive on the right. I also work in(but donīt drive) and am a pedestrian in countries some of which drive on left and others on right.

It took me a good few days before I felt OK - and for some reason my husband never has a problem swapping from one side to the other. I am now fine with it although I still concentrate more when driving on the right.

I have no idea about driving simulation but not sure that would work for me.
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If you go to

and look at the menu to the right.
It includes verbal instructions and free videos.
I think that this site has been mentioned before.
People have found it useful for things like negotiating roundabouts
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Strangly, my personal experience is that driving in Britain is much easier than walking.

The most dangerous situation is the very first minute when you leave the rental car station and in your first roundabout you look in the wrong direction.

But after you have survived this, you get quickly adapted. You will be surprised how easy it is.

Especially the British roundabouts are perfectly organized. The very best signage and guiding lines on the tarmac in the world.

IMO, a driving simulation does not make sense.
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Fear not, it's not half as difficult as you think. Although I was brought up to drive on the left here in the UK, I have spent several years living in countries that drive on the right and the change doesn't take much brain power at all.

If you hire a car it will have right-hand drive so you will be in the correct fame of mind straight away. If you are with a partner, insist that he/she shouts "Drive on the left" at you each time you move off. But beware their advice when overtaking unless you trust them a lot.

I disagree with traveller though. The most dangerous time comes after 2-3 days when you are confident, relax and will instinctively pull out on to the wrong side of the road, from a petrol station or car park. I've done this on the continent, as have others I know. Enjoy the UK.
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I passed my test way back in the dawn of time in the UK, but for the last 24 years I have been driving on the right in a LHD car. Returning to the UK in the LHD car is no problem for me, but returning and hiring a RHD car gives me problems - I change gear with the window/door handle, drift into the curb, have all sorts of little problems like that. I have to remind myself every time to keep towards the centre of the road. I do not enjoy hiring a RHD car when visiting the UK so I can quite understand how someone would like to have a bit of practice before setting off in their hire car.

Funnily enough when walking, or indeed when driving, I automatically look right then left, even after all these years. That is something so ingrained from childhood I don't think I'll ever unlearn it.
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From a Canadian who is used to huge, wide roads without any twists or turns or anything on the sides of the roads, driving in the UK is not as hard as it seems. Of course it does take a couple of days to get used to but the roundabouts are absolutely brilliant! I really wish we had them here. Navigating is different than North America, too - make sure to look at maps and exits closely.

The biggest problem I have found is the tiny narrow roads with hedgerow and/or stone walls immediately by the road without any ditches. Really hard to get used to - my husband is always sure he is scraping the car on both sides. However, these are obviously the more scenic and minor roads! We tend to get a wee bit adventurous...

I do not find walking into traffic to be difficult at all there - nothing like many other countries where lights and signs are merely a suggestion.

Have fun!
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I don't know about a real driving simulation, but there are sights that show you how the roundabout rules apply, and that is the only real novel thing about driving in the UK as opposed to driving in North America (other than the side of the road). In particular, it is only the roundabouts on multi lane roads that are tricky, as you have to make sure that you are in the correct lane when entering the roundabout, and that sometimes will sneak up on you. It helps if you know where you are going and anticipate the roundabout choices in advance--doing it on the fly, you will, at some point, probably be forced to make a wrong turn.

As far as driving on the left goes, it's mostly about turns (making sure you turn into the correct lane) and keeping near the center. As a driver, you must try to drive as close to the center stripe as possible--that is the only way to keep from drifting left. If you start trying to judge your distance from the edge, you will invariably foul up.
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Try putting a bandaid (or similar strip of removable tape) vertically in the center of your dashboard and keep it lined up with the left berm. It helps remind you visually where you need to be.
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With a left hand driver position you cannot practice here in the right hand lane - it just doesn't work - I tried it! In England you will be sitting in the opposite side of the car and driving in the left lane. It will take about two hours to adapt and the hardest thing is developing your sense of where the left side of the car is.
Rent an automatic transmission car so you don't have to worry about shifting with your left hand. That will just add to the confusion. And on major roads you will be fine but as noted above be cautious and drive slower on the small country roads. They tend to not have shoulders so if you drift too far left you will run into a wall or hedges. Good luck & enjoy!
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My sister and I have driven all over England, Wales and Ireland with no problems. We rent an automtic transmission so it is easier.

She drives and I tell her every turn to take and keep yelling LEFT. Works for us.

On the motorways it isn't so much of a problem.

We rented a car from Gatwick Airport in London and also Dublin airport. Both were easy finding your way to the motorways.
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Driving in UK is not so hard but before you drive you must know traffic signs and how to handle in different road traffic conditions. Learner drivers must pass their driving test before driving on the public places. There are a lot of study material to pass driving test. To find hazard perception test clips, search "hazard perception test" on Google and select top search result and practice your theory test with confidence.
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