BRITISH citizenship

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BRITISH citizenship

I'm 18, and really considering living/moving to London. How do I get British Citizenship? Or rather, can I? Do i need to get a work permit first? Does anyone have any info. on this?

If none of these works, I guess i could just marry a Londoner..hahaha
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Unless your parents were/are Brits the only "easy" way of getting citizenship is to marry.

But you could aplly for a student permit. This gives you a while to bum around and get to know the place; but you do have to go back afterwards.

If you have a skill someone here needs which can't be filled here, they could get a work permit for you.

Otherwise, come on a visitor visa and see if you like the place.
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I recall hearing on a talk radio program last year that it is very difficult to get permanent residency or citizenship in the UK. I don't recall the exact details but there were three possible ways of doing it. One involved starting a business that would employ a significant number of brits, the second involved just bringing a few million dollars in cash with you, and I can't remember the third but it wasn't something your average 18-year-old would have the means for either. I think getting a work permit and marrying one of them before the permit expires would be your best bet.
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Rowan, before you take any steps towards geting a British Citizenship, be aware of what impact that would have on your present American Citizenship status. I am not sure the U.S. recognizes dual citizenships, although other countries may. At your age you need to know about military service obligations (under either citizenship). I wouldn't take it lightly. Best luck.
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The US does not recognize any other nationality if you are a US citizen. That said, they don't particularly care (any more) if you do have dual citizenship. You do not have to give up your US citizenship if you take another nationality, but there is a common misperception that you do. Also, you certainly don't need to become a citizen to work in any given country! There are thousands of people working in the UK and other European countries who are not EU citizens. Getting married to get citizenship sounds a bit drastic.

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