Britain - Just Got Back II

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Britain - Just Got Back II

I must confess, I don't remember what closes Oct 3, just remember seeing it on signs. As for what I did, I spent 5 days based out of London on my own, then took a 6 day tour of England, Wales and Scotland. The weather was so great, we didn't want to spend a lot of time inside, and took three day trips. One we took to Hampton Court via a 3 hour boat cruise down the Thames, returning by train. The other two were to Windsor and Eton, and to Brighton, both by train. We used tube passes each day, purchased ahead, and took advantage of the tube as well as double decker buses to get around. We spent every evening while in London in Leciester Square, eating at outdoor cafe's and listening to the street musicians. We saw the National Art Gallery, but the weather kept us out of the museums otherwise. The tour was a great idea, as on this my first trip ever, I was really able to cover an amazing amount of ground, and all in all, I really feel I made the most of the time. It was so warm I swam in the Channel at Brighton. I climbed to the top of St. Pauls Cathedral, saw the tombs of Elizabeth 1, Henry 8 and Mary Queen of Scots during a verger guided tour of Westminster Abbey. At the Tower of London, I saw the Crown Jewels, and the place where Anne Boleyn was beheaded. I read from one of the six remaining copies of the Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral. I prayed in the private chapel of Henry 8 at Hampton Court Palace. I toured Windsor Castle, Eton and Cambridge. I was awed by Stonehenge. I heard morning matins sung in both Westminster Abbey and Salisbury Cathedral. I walked on a Roman mosaic floor, and stood on Hadrians Wall. I heard the pipes played at Edinburgh Castle,looking out over the Firth of Forth. I toured the Roman Baths and the birthplace of Shakespeare. I walked completely around the city of Chester on its walls. I discovered I like both haggis and Guiness. I stood in Trafalgar Square, and saw Big Ben and the Parliament at Westminster lit up by night. I walked on Tower Bridge, and relaxed in Kensington Gardens and St. James Park. The Cotswolds, the Highlands, and most expecially Wales took my breath away with their beauty.

I will go back, even if it is just for a day or two on my way to other European destinations. No matter what it takes, I will find a way to see more of the world.
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Sounds like you gotan awful lot out of six days. We leave in a week for London for 2 weeks. Did you have a tour package from London or do all that on your own. We would be interested in aland package of sorts after our stay in London. Any suggestions? Thanks
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I am so glad that you had a wonderful time!

So, you liked haggis? I have never tried it, but I have heard bad stories about it. What does it taste like? Is it spicy/seasoned or bland? I really want to know before we go to Scotland in a few weeks...

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Rebecca, your post was lovely and down right poetic. I hope, though, that you didn't use up all the fine weather during your stay because I leave in two days for two weeks in southern England. I have one day in Salisbury so you've got me keen to hear music there.
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Sounds like a great trip, but just for the record, Henry VIII is buried in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, along with his beloved third wife Jane Seymour.
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Haggis is made from the less desirable parts of sheep and other animals. Much like Dog food. It is my opinion that Haggis taste much like American dog food smells. Having said thst, I only had it once at one of the optional tour type dinners. It may not have been a fair taste test.
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Hi Rebecca
You did such a lot in a short time. What a pity that you couldn't get down to the West of England, ie Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Beautiful little villages nestled in valleys and overlooking wonderful coastline views. Big cities? Bah humbug. you can kep them for me.
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My mother and I are planning a trip to England the first of April and were thinking about a tour. Did you use a tour company and if so which one? Your trip sounds very exciting.
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Sue Aluck
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I booked with Trafalgar tours for late March, just received my trip pack and it looks great, all tranfers to the airport, good advice, nice tours. Good luck, so far Trafalgar is real easy to deal with.
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You must go to Cornwall on your next visit, without tour group. Get a car and have fun getting slightly lost in a very beautiflu part of Engalnd. My favorite place out of 5 visits there.

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