Biting off too much? Help with Itinerary

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Biting off too much? Help with Itinerary

Cruising from U.S. to Rome. Arrive 4/18 with planned time in Rome, Florence and Venice through 4/25. Flying back to U.S. from Paris - Paris arrival on 5/6.

Need help on itinerary and merits of itinerary from 4/26 thru 5/6.

Would like to include Salzberg and Prague on trip.


How many days in/around Salzberg and Prague?
Where in Germany (North or South?)
Is Amsterdam and Brussels too far North to include?


Love history, museums, architecture, castles and churches, unique spots, out-of-the-way places. Like to blend the countryside, scenery and little towns with some city sites.

Enjoy and engage local people well. Want to experience the culture and meet people.

Experienced auto traveler around the world. Would also like to know the merits of a train/car combination vs renting a car in Rome and dropping in Paris? Any issues with crossing mountains in late April in a car? Any border crossing issues with a car? (Understand the car will sit parked when visiting inner city areas - ok with that?

Thank you for your help in advance.
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my email ends with .net not .com as indicated in original message.

Do appreciate any help we can get.
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Here's what I would do:

On the night of the 25th, take a night train from Italy to Munich. The train from Rome leaves at 21:15 and arrives at 8:31. Or leave from Venice at 22:17 and arrive at 6:33. Spend the 26th through 28th in Munich, with a day trip to Salzburg (about 90 mins. away). Another day, you might visit the castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, near Fuessen (about 2 hrs. from Munich).

On the 28th, take a night train to Prague, leaving at 23:10 and arriving at 8:10. Spend the 29th and 30th in Prague, then take a night train to Amsterdam, leaving at 18:47 and arriving at 9:03.

Then you might want to rent a car and spend the 1st through the 6th working your way down to Paris. Others may have advice as to the most interesting route. (I'm not much of a driver, so I'd probably stick to trains myself.)

This is kind of a whirlwind tour, but if that's what you want I don't see anything wrong with it.

By the way, May 1 is a European holiday, so you should probably reserve night trains and hotel rooms as soon as you decide on an itinerary.
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wes fowler
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I think, just the way you phrased your query, you realize you're biting off too much! Here are a couple of factors to consider:
Auto rental in Italy is the most expensive in Europe due to a 20% nonrecoverable VAT and mandatory insurance. Dropping the car in another country will incur prohibitively expensive drop off charges. Parking in any major European city is nightmarish and can be costly. You can easily and economically travel from Rome to Florence to Venice by train. Both Florence and Venice are eminently walkable cities where a car is neither desirable nor, in Venice, possible.

While still on the subject of autos, you may find it difficult or at least costly to rent an auto that will permit your driving into the Czech Republic.

I'd strongly suggest that you consider dropping Prague from your itinerary; the train ride from Florence, Venice or Salzburg to Prague will eat up anywhere from 8 to 16 hours with multiple changes. To drive from Venice entails about 12 hours and 900kms. Essentially you'll lose two of your nine days after Rome just getting to Prague and back to somewhere in Germany.

Consider Rome, Florence and Venice, in that order, followed by train from Venice to Salzburg. There is a mid day train that will get you to Salzburg in under six hours. Tour Salzburg, take the train to Munich or Berchtesgaden and rent an auto in Germany.

Most German rental car agencies will allow you to drop off your car anywhere in Germany with no additional cost.

Now, tour Upper Bavaria by auto, staying in gasthausen. Drive to Frankfurt via the Romantic Road, drop off the auto and take the train to Paris.

If you'd like some suggestions for Bavarian driving itineraries, drop me an Email.

It goes without saying that attempting to include Amsterdam and Brussels in your plans is equally overly ambitious.

Having said that, a question still remains. Do you intend to spend any of your ten remaining days after Rome in Paris?
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Thank you John2 and Wes for the feedback - it is super, super, super.

Narrowing in on a doable itinerary - whirlwind as it is (I have left the 4/6 - 4/9 for Paris - but will probably extend the trip to the 4/14 for more time in Paris perhaps a bit more time to include Prague.

At the moment the following seems to make sense based on your advice:

4/18 - 4/25 Rome, Florence and Venice - all by train.

4/25 Night train to Munich

4/26 - 5/1 In and around Munich with day trip to Salzburg - Fussen (Car rental for this period)

5/1 Night train to Prague

5/2 - 5/3 Prague (my better half would not be my better half without this.)

5/4 Train back into Germany (somewhere for car pick up)

5/4 - 5/8 NEED HELP TO FILL THIS PORTION IN . . . Car trip within Germany with drop in Germany or continue on to Paris with car?

5/9 - 5/13 Paris

5/14 Depart (Will be returning to Europe in October)

Part of the purpose of this trip is to get a 'flavor' of the possibilities for spending some concentrated time in a particular area(s) on future trips.

Again, thank you for your help.

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wes fowler
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Here's an additional suggestion or two.
When you arrive in Munich and rent a car, drive to the suburbs and stay there rather than in the city. Consider staying in Furth or Holzkirchen southeast of the city. Both have suburban train stations on the S2 S-bahn line. Take the train to tour Munich and leave the car at the station. Both towns are convenient to the autobahn leading to Salzburg. Either town can be a start off point for touring Upper Bavaria as well. (I'm sending you a couple of itineraries that may be of interest.)

You might consider taking the train from Prague to Nurnberg, there's an early afternoon train leaving Prague at 13:09, arriving Nurnberg 18:17. The following morning you could re-rent a car and tour eastern Bavaria or drive about 300kms (3 hours) to Assmannshausen on the banks of the Rhine just southwest of Frankfurt for a few nights and a driving tour of the Rhine and Mosel Valleys. Turn the car in at Frankfurt and train to Paris (about 6 hours).
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Maybe also consider a train from Prague to Dresden. There are about six a day, and they take about three hours. From there it's about a 200-mile drive to Nuremberg. For Frankfurt to Paris, in addition to several direct day trains, there's a night train (22:47-6:59).
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Thanks again,

Have extended the trip to 5/14.

Have accomplished all preliminary stuff in Italy.

Have just discovered the German castle world and am on 'information overload' for the day.

My wife loves the Paradores in Spain and we will try to get to an itinerary for Germany that gets deep into 'castle country'.

Any suggestions around Munich for the Munich/Salzberg portion?

Any suggestions on the Prague to ? to Frankfort portion? Based on comments observed - we definitely want to spend some quality time in the Mosel river/valley? area.

You guys are a great help . . . any additional information is appreciated.

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