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better than a money belt (in my humble opinion)


Jul 8th, 2006, 07:42 PM
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I am inclined to agree with Dukey. A money belt works because it goes on in your hotel room, comes off in your hoel room, and is not visible 99% of your day.

Do you wear your "across-the-body-bag" when you sit at a bar? or take it off? At a sidewalk restaurant?

Any bag is something you can be separated from... more easily than you can... from a money belt.

Best wishes,

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Jul 8th, 2006, 10:08 PM
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I agree that Tumi bags are very well-designed with regard to interior pockets, and I have a backpack from them that I used to carry to work every day. However, after about a year, the zipper on it fell apart, and I don't want to take it back to Tumi to get fixed because I don't want another bad zipper on it. My DH also had a Tumi laptop bag that fell apart, and the same thing happened to two guys I know who also had Tumi laptop bags. I am not saying this will happen to everyone, but maybe their quality has gone down in recent years or something, so beware before you spend that much money on one of their bags if the money is an issue for you.

Again, I really like their designs, but my experience has made me cautious about buying another one. Everyone I know who had a bag of theirs fall apart used theirs every day as their work bag, so keep that in mind...maybe it wouldn't be an issue if you just used the bag for a few trips a year. Just wanted to throw that out there.
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Jul 8th, 2006, 10:18 PM
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It looks like a great idea, but I would still feel much safer using a money belt. I use a belt that goes around my calf under my pants (we usually travel during off-season where pants are needed), as this is more comfortable for me. I have a small purse that I keep non-valuable essentials (maps, sunglasses, small umbrella, etc) in, as well as a small amount of money so I don't have to get into my money belt all the time. Everything else stays in either my money belt or DH's, as I don't prefer to take any chances.

Thanks for sharing!
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Jul 9th, 2006, 06:31 AM
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Thanks Sunny16. I don't know if Tumi was always Chinese made, but it is now, which is why sometimes I have a hard time justifying paying so much. I guess I have it in my mind that "Made in China" means inferiority.

Not to start a political discussion or anything...
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Jul 9th, 2006, 08:37 AM
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I, too, have been looking for that perfect travel bag with tons of pockets. I went into our local REI sporting goods store and found a bag called the REI Personal Organizer. It has tons of pockets, the inside is orange so it is easy to find things, has a shoulder strap and can also be worn around the waist. We will be leaving next week so I will see how it works. I was thinking if we are in a very crowded train station, etc., i could wear both the shoulder strap and the waist belt. I am sure that would look dorkey but safer.

The only thing I don't like is it looks more "sporty" than "feminine". It is gray and black. Can find it on the REI website...it is $40.
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Jul 9th, 2006, 09:48 AM
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We were in Italy in May, and I went through the same gyrations... worrying about pickpockets in Florence (where they WILL get your money if you let them) and Venice - this from a couple starting their trip out in New Orleans (much less theft loss post-Katrina). My wife wears a nice cross-body pouch on a light string under her dress/blouse for her passport, ID & big bills. I was pretty pleased with myself with my REI purchase of a T-Lock webbing money belt - I modeled it for my wife, who took a look at the design walked over and unlocked the buckle and spun away from me... getting the belt cleanly in one movement. I wore it anyway - men are stubborn that way ;-) I did see a new line of products at REI with steel cable reinforced straps to combat the fabled strap-slicers of Rome - the OUTPAC http://www.rei.com/product/12932861.htm
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Jul 9th, 2006, 09:53 AM
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hey ronnie56 - I was looking at the picture of the bag you use and can't figure what makes it designed to wear around the body - it just looks like a purse. Is it because you can extend the strap?
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Jul 9th, 2006, 09:58 AM
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I use a normal pocketbook myself. While this Tumi one looks cool enough, I don't see that it has any more security than any type of small, close-fitting handbag.

If someone runs off with your purse, it doesn't matter about the pockets inside, etc. etc.

I also think one obvious thing to do when 2 people travel together, is divide up the loot (cards, cash, passports) so if something does happen you still have 1/2 left. Even solo, I leave part of my stash behind in the hotel room. This sounded like everything they had was in that one bag... which I don't think is a very good idea.
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Jul 9th, 2006, 10:16 AM
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i agree with rex...the valuables that require the most care (cards, passport, large sums of cash) are best stored directly on the person - in a secure pocket, money belt or whatever. on the person is much more secure than in a bag...no matter how well the bag is designed.

bags come off in restaurants/bars, must often be put through security scan machines (not just at the airport but often when entering attractions, etc.)

the only valuable that i keep in a bag is my camera which is insured and much less of a problem if stolen as compared to my docs or cards. i do think that the chance of a bag being stolen or lost is low if you are careful, however, a lost passport can easily ruin an expensive holiday.

and i have to admit that i once forgot my bag - containing my camera, when i got up to leave a cafe in italy. luckily, i discovered the mistake within minutes and returned to find the barman holding the bag. a momentary lapse perhaps caused by too much wine and being tired from travelling but once is all it takes.
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Jul 9th, 2006, 10:48 AM
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This looks like a great bag! One of my main concerns is a bag that is LIGHT, as they always seem to weigh me down. On my last trip to France I took a very lightweight Le SportSac bag, which worked out very well, and held alot of junk. Since I'm a travel accessory "junkie" also, I'm inclined to try out this Tumi, as it's quite nice looking. Maybe I'll check out at my local Nordstrom's first to see if it's on sale.

I just got back from a rather short trip to NC to visit family, and took a light leather travel bag from Orvis that has been OK in the past, and looks good. However, it drove me crazy and I could never find anything I was looking for. Maybe it was just my own disorganization - but I think I need something like the Tumi!
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Jul 9th, 2006, 07:18 PM
Original Poster
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in response to your question, the bag is worn across your body on the diagonal...picture how a "miss america" sash is worn

it is clear from this thread that everyone has their own method of securing their valuables. I liked using this bag because it was lightweight, strap seemed strong, was a super organizer, and had zipper pocket deep within another zipper pocket so I felt that valuables could be safely stashed there. I also thought it was goodlooking

sunni16: sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the manufacturer but I just wanted to tell you that my brother in law had a zipper problem on a TUMI item he bought once and they fixed it no questions asked. I like when a manufacturer stands behind their product. Maybe you shouldn't give up on the items you have with broken zipper, take it to the TUMI store and have them fix it

anyway, interesting to see what solutions people have, thanks all
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Jul 9th, 2006, 07:35 PM
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While we are talking about bags, I would like to make a suggestion.

Before you go on your trip go through your wallet and clean it out. You do not need your library card, your supermarket card, your Costco card etc etc. I always do that and although I have a very organized wallet I am always amazed as to how much I remove before taking a trip.
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