Berlin or Edinburgh?

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Berlin or Edinburgh?

I have just won a ticket from Paris to one of these cities. I can stay 2 days. Where to go? (going alone)
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I can't make the comparion because I have never been to Berlin; but it's very hard not to love Edinburgh- great views, history, art, music, culture, taditional culture, food, architecture, hotels, castles, museums, walks, gardens....I could go on.

Let me know if you decide to come and I can help.
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Been to both cities, and seem to be hard to pick one of the two. They are both capitals, and rich in history and sights. I would favour more on Berlin, but i think you rather find more informations for both cities, from books, fodors site, or and compare and have a final decision.
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Edinburgh, hands down.
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No, no, no, Berlin BY FAR. Don't get me wrong, Edinburgh is very nice, but it is just another "standard" European city with lots of history, nice buildings, etc. Not so Berlin. It is living history. There it's happening now, and so much happened this century. It's very exciting and there's LOTS to see and do. In terms of museums, there's an ample choice, it probably has the best nightlife, and it is, IMHO, very interesting.
Whatever you do, enjoy!!
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Excuse me; have I missed something?

Edinburgh has a new parliament; Scotland's first since 1707. was elected using a new electoral system. It is in the middle of the biggest architectural design compeition in Europe. It host the most famous arts festical in Europe,

And BERLIN! is the happening place?
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Ben Haines
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I'm going to sound a typical ignorant southerner, but here goes.

Edinburgh is a handsome city, indeed two handsome cities. My polite regards to Salzburg and Avignon, but as you say nowhere in Europe compares with the Festival and Fringe. Even the film festival in Edinburgh, a mere appendage to a remarkble month, is wider-ranging and less commercial than Berlin's -- and in better weather.

But the recent recalling of Parliament is of moderate interest outside these islands. The Union was a blessing to you and to me: Scots played a massive role, way out of proportion, in two centuries of learning, arts, trade and manufacture. Now they do so within the European Union, and we all continue to benefit. The Parliament is an ajustment between old friends. To one walking down the steet twenty years from now Edinburgh will feel little changed.

Contrast Berlin. Despite all the good in German history -- the work of Goethe, the Prussian welfare state -- the country went off the rails after the failed promise of the Frankfurt Parliament. Fifteen years ago nobody but Ronald Reagan thought we'd see the re-union of Germsany and of Berlin in our lifetimes, and many thought Reagan a fool.. But the Wall came down, Berlin is near neighbour to Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Sovenia., and Germany is near model of civil society, open politics, and business competition She will have back her proper weight within Europe -- but as a democracy.

Tourists can see all this. From Hitler's days remain the House of the Wannsee Confrerence (on the Final Solution), the Olympia Stadium, and the Gestapo cellars. From Stalin's and Brezhnev's the Stalinallee, the Museum at Checkpoint Charlie, and the Secret Police archives at Normannstrasse. And we can see the future, the huge blocks around the Potsdamer Platz, the railway station at Lehrter Bahnhof that is to be hub of central Europe, and (less grandiose but more moving) the decent kosher lunch at the Jewish cultural centre near Zoo station on Fassanenstrasse.

Be comforted. By 1989 Berlin needed a great deal to happen. Edinburgh need rather little to happen -- she was in fine fettle already. And that's why it is currently Berlin that is the "happening" city.

Please sort out my misconceptions.

Ben Haines, Caledoniophile, London

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Ben kindly sent me an e-mail of his comment. This was my response
come from the long chain of those who are revolting Scots; I can't help
it; as G &S would say, "I do it on compunction".

I said in my earlier message that I have not visited Berlin, although I
have been to Germany. I would like to visit. I'm sure it's a fine place. I
make no comparisons.

But Edinburgh is buzzing. partly it's just money...there are 127 new
residents with 42k minimum to spend; they each have a staff budget; there
are new civil servants and special advisors; all of them have bought
houses and flats and use restaurants and bars and want the bet in
entertainment both classical and popular.

And the lobbyists make them pale into insignificance. Edinburgh gets to
take real decisions about real lives and the marketing firms and NGOS and
professional lobbyists have rushed out of the woodwork and they too are
spending like there is no tomorrow.

There is an air of confidence about the place. Because we are Scots, of
course we temper it with a belief that we're not up to it and we are
giving the Executive a hard time in the press. But you'd expect that of
us. The National Museum is great, the galleries are doing terrific
business, and Prince William is thinking of coming to Edinburgh to
University (well, it couldn't all be good news, could it?)

The Parliament _is_ making a difference; and if its arrival has not made
waves outside the UK, it's just as well I get to remind them once in a
while. I'm not a separatist; I'm one of those who believes that this
parliament has stolen the Nationalists' thunder. Long may we be united and
vive la difference!
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Edinburgh is nice and there are things to do & take day tours. But, compared to Berlin--no comparison. Berlin is the history of the 20th century. From the Pergamon Museum with a full ancient ruin to Olympic Stadium to the Reichstag to the remaining Wall & Templehof Airfield & Checkpoint Charlie Museum--it is just amazing! The people are friendly, food good, great cultural events--symphony, opera, art museums, etc. Berlin is one of my favorite European cities.
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I've been to both cities - Edinburgh in 1992 for 2 nights and Berlin for 5 nights in 1997.

If you are looking for a lot of old buildings, go to Edinburgh since so much of Berlin has been rebuilt since 1945. If you are looking for a wide variety of experiences including theater, lots of different museums, or a newly reconstructed city with Soviet and non-Soviet architecture, go to Berlin. Two days in Berlin is not enough, but you can cover Edinburgh in two days.

If you have only have two days in Berlin, see the Pergamon museum, the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag at a minium.

If you go to Edinburgh, see the Castle, Holyrood Palace, St Giles Cathedral, and the Royal Mile.
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topping for Patsy

and does anyone know where Gustavo went?

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