Apr 5th, 1999, 02:34 PM
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Elvira and Richard,
Thank you for keeping to the point and the facts.

Martha Fright,
Thank you for the weak attempt at humiliating me OR trying to get a rise out of me (OR whatever, deary, speaking of stuffy). If all you want to do is insult people, why not e-mail them personally.

Thanks for correcting my type-o's...I am an attrochious(?) typester/speller, huh? Are you looking for a Technical Writing position? I think I need to hire someone FAST!!! PLEASE let me know how I do here.

I joked at this thread because I did not think anyone (especially whom knew the answer) was going to respond and I wanted to 'move it to the top' to give it another shot (and someone else had made a joke, I thought). AND, what is couth? I bet I can drink MORE bellini's than a couth man or woman and still have well...couth. Really though, I cannot wait to try one. Does anyone have 'drink recipies' for my favorite...Brandy? I hear it is a Normandy favorite. Thank you and sorry again.
Apr 5th, 1999, 03:09 PM
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Thanks for the idea about freezing the puree; hey, if it's good enough for Harry, it's good enough for me.... now, I just have to find someplace that sells those #$*&^% white peaches (I live in a hamlet, so I'll have to pack up the conestoga wagon and trek to that there big city for summa them white peaches..)
Apr 5th, 1999, 08:10 PM
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Whilst we're all being picky, there are TWO Venetian artists called Bellini - Giovanni, as mentioned above, and Gentile. As the drink was invented at Harry's Bar in Venice it could possibly have been named after either or both of them.
Apr 5th, 1999, 08:27 PM
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Forgot to add that the two Bellinis were brothers. Someone above said a Bellini was a sculpture?? Think they may have meant Bernini, who sculpted many of Rome's fountains, the Vatican baldaccino, the Ecstasy of St. Teresa and much more. Don't know of any sculptures by the Bellinis - can anyone enlighten me?
Apr 5th, 1999, 09:07 PM
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Now I'm craving one...
Apr 6th, 1999, 04:47 AM
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Sorry, I can hold my peace no longer: there were at least three Bellinis who were early Renaissance painters: Jacopo the father and Gentile and Giovanni his sons.
Apr 6th, 1999, 04:54 AM
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Dear Dave,
I am sorry you felt humiliated or insulted. That was not my intention.
I readily concede your superior capacity for alcohol, a concession I hope wil smooth your ruffled feathers.

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